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Something Familiar By S.N. Arly
eBook (ePub): $2.99
Brigitte is a teen witch who is desperately ready to find her familiar. Jacque was an internationally-known teen model, but he's spent the last four months living as a stray cat on the streets of... More > Paris. What could possibly happen when these two cross paths?< Less
Familiar Spirits By
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Many people have Familiar Spirits and do not know nor understand what or who they are. We hear Para-psychologist, Witches, and Clairvoyants speaking of spirits that help them. We see blockbuster... More > movies, like the Sixth Sense. We hear Pastors, Priests, and Deliverance Ministers using the name. Sight and sound of the phrase have inundated our society; the broad identity of an entity called the Familiar Spirit. The people are transfixed, spell-bound in seeking that which they do not know. This very short book is not for the “religious” for their theology will be opened. This very short book is not for the “witches” for their evil is revealed. It is for those who seek truth, knowledge, and understanding.< Less
Familiar Place By Mike Finlay
Paperback: $5.86
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Commissioned for St. Mary’s and The Parish Church of Ascension in Easington, Familiar Place is the result of a 2 day artwork, involving collaborative meditation, discussion and writing. This... More > book contains haiku, couplet, renga and nijuin renga poems resulting from the collaborations which took place on and around a renga platform located on Easington Village green and inside The Parish Church of the Ascension.< Less
Familiar Convergence By Kadoya Gallery
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The artists are committed to visualizing the odd, yet entirely familiar, relationships and juxtapositions of converging elements; noting conversations that occur when people, places, the natural, and... More > artificial meet in time. Benvenuto's constructed images are surreal depictions of our world of appearances, seen through a veil of perceptive conjecture and contrivance. By placing environments, objects, and people in an orchestrated context, Benvenuto evokes a personal and reflective narrative. Malella's photographs examine the harmony or dissonance of Our relationship to the land. He is interested in the marks we make, physically and psychologically, onto our planet and how those alterations shift geological, ecological, and sociological patterns during our tenure. He finds solace in nature's ability to adapt and reclaim its boundaries, but warns of the time it may take to do so.< Less
A Familiar Fate By Tom Rhinelander
eBook (ePub): $4.99
Stance Gillis doesn't know what to make of her present. The blue stone looks like something from a cheap jewelry store, but her eccentric aunt insists that "interesting things" will happen... More > now that she has it. Soon, Stance realizes her aunt isn't as crazy as the family thinks. While middle school life had once seemed complex and filled with drama, it doesn't compare to near drownings, visions of ancient treachery, and broken limbs. Stance tries to conceal her growing secrets, but the lies can't cover the bruises and hide the bizarre behavior. To make things worse, her nosy sister and mother's boyfriend ask too many questions. Seeking information, Stance unwittingly attracts the attention of people who have been searching for the stone for years. With danger closing in on her and her family, she must choose who to trust and what to do to survive. In New England towns, Caribbean beaches, secret society halls, and ancient European forests, the mystery of the blue stone unravels in A Familiar Fate.< Less
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A Familiar Continent By Jai Kumaran
Paperback: $152.90
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Thirteen months abroad.
A Familiar Continent By Jai Kumaran
Paperback: $140.50
Prints in 3-5 business days
Thirteen months.
Familiar Scars By Christy Leigh Stewart
Paperback: $15.65
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Orphaned, throat slit and left for dead as a child, Orabella struggles to survive with her fellow victim, Rosalyn. She'll grasp at any bit of luck, until it becomes too good to be true. Mr. Satine... More > is willing to offer his home, heart, and riches over to the beautiful Rosalyn the moment he lays eyes on her. His intentions seem obvious, but become less so when he shows no romantic interest in her, and pure animosity toward Orabella. Both Orabella and Satine live in their pasts, but what happens when they actually have to confront it?< Less
eBook (PDF): $2.64
An examination the personhood of time.

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Cardboard Cardboard By Patrick G. Redford
Paperback: $40.00