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Windswept (Part II Wherever the Wind May Blow) By Michael Verrett
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In the series WHEREVER THE WIND MAY BLOW, WINDSWEPT is the sequel to HOMECOMING. The romance, humor, and adventure continues for Anne and Jules Allan. Anne aspires to be a writer but though an avid... More > reader of 19th Century literature she realizes she has little imagination. She decides to forgo thoughts of romance and adventure and live a practical, well-ordered life. She is suddenly swept into a fantastic adventure in the land of Homecoming by the mysterious, Jules Allan. She is mistaken for Alice of Wonderland, attacked by flying pirates and creature known as Enuffs. She encounter jealous pixies, a vindictive Gray Queen and has troubles in babysitting. As Anne tries to make sense of it all as she finds that her real conflict is internal. She struggles to cope with clumsiness and emotional outburst. All the while she is haunted by the mystery of spiral staircases and the need to protect her inner child of unconditional love.< Less
The Seize Book 1 By Sai Bhujbal
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An asteroid struck Manly, Australia. Right, after three days, the human population started draining due to a deadly virus, specifically known as, 'The Zombie Infection'. This infection directly... More > attacks the brain and the neuro system of a person, making him go crazy and converting him into a deadly, rotten creature. Rorke and his friends are the only survivors alive. Can they survive?< Less
The Truth Behind Lavender, Vol. 1 - The Forgotten Prince By Justin Illges
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A pall of darkness has surfaced. A coursing, malevolent evil is seeking to crush the world of Vandor under its controlling fist. Within the cold steel of an ancient dagger, it has been freed by an... More > unlikely thief trapped in his own prison - trapped behind the impenetrable walls of his amnesia. Born of a feared Elven race known as the Vordain, a midnight-skinned Elf lost within the world of man is desperately seeking his heritage, a past that is in itself a veiled lie, while the Dagger of Shal-Terran bides its time awaiting a proper host it can control. An unknowing being through which it can unleash its seething hatred for all that is pure, or pretends to be. Welcome to the world of Vandor, where the tentative peace will soon be ripped usunder by the guile of the blade and its wicked power as it seeks control over Elves and men alike. An evil only one can control, one who has no history, a dark elf known only as Silverwrath.< Less
Bärarens bok By Stina Nilsson
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According to history Albrid was once, a long time ago, a continent with many kingdoms that for centuries were at war with eachother. It was at that time, during the 1000-year old war between Lumina... More > and Ivalla, when a star fell from the heavens. It shattered Albrid in two and separated the fighting nations from eachother. The one who found the star, became the first Bearer, she who holds the ultimate power that people called; the heart of the star. Her heirs ruled in the kingdom of Irmadin for 5000 years, until the last Queen, Memnora, betrayed her people and put herself in a deep sleep, inside the great city of Viarna. The heart was lost for 500 years of fear. Then, one day, a child was found, who wielded the power of the heart. Her name was Sera.< Less
RAZAR "II The Dark Ages" By RAZAR Productions
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With over 200 pages packed full of horror, fantasy and science fiction stories as well as interviews, book reviews, movie reviews, game reviews, non fiction articles and much more, there’s... More > something for everyone to read here. Not to mention the eye candy. RAZAR Magazine is one of the most highly illustrated books/magazines on the small press market today!< Less
Genesis Project: After the End, Comes the Beginning 1: Legacy of Sorrows By Aaron Michael Smith
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Thirty years after his first misadventure, George Brown must travel through the mystical Archway again. His destination is a world called Etar; his quest is to save the children of an old friend from... More > the evil of P'Xayer Ravyn and the Planetary Empire.< Less
Per le vie della vita e della morte By Anna Piediscalzi
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Questa Antologia sa di vita e morte. La mia vita. Ma anche tutte le sfumature dell'animo umano che tutti noi viviamo e sentiamo. Possano esse tenervi compagnia come ne hanno fatto a me scrivendole.

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