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Dreamcatchers - After Darkness Light - A dark fantasy ebook for young adults By Tom Sarega
eBook (ePub): $8.03
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Imagine, for a moment, Super 8 crossed with Apocalypto, and you have a hint of an idea of this novel. .....It’s September 2012 and five school friends, all suffering similar horrific... More > nightmares, decide to investigate why – only to become embroiled in an apocalyptic feud between two Mayan brothers. Their investigation leads them to the sudden disappearance of a former school teacher and to the source of their nightmares - a dreamcatcher, hidden in the depths of a parallel universe, saturated with evil. Its guardian is the immortal Anunaki, a murderous Mayan warrior. The Mayan prophecies are nigh and Anunaki will fulfil them. He will unleash the dreamcatcher and shroud the world in such darkness that none will survive. And if by a miracle some do, they will pray every night that they had perished also. The only person who can stop him is his younger brother, Iktaniki, a spirit guide - but not without the help of the five. There’s just one problem. They don’t trust him....or his motives.< Less
The Underground - eBook By K. M. Hipkins
eBook (ePub): $2.99
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A college student is thrust into an underground bunker filled with people being led by someone who is holding them there under false pretenses. Will she risk her own life to free them or go along... More > with his plan to save herself?< Less
The Wanderjots (Ebook) By Wm. S. Barry
eBook (PDF): $5.99
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JOIN RAIN ON A QUEST THAT WILL CHANGE HIM FOREVER... A QUEST THAT WILL CHANGE MORE THAN HE EVER COULD HAVE IMAGINED. Although readers express disapproval of the beginnings of this young epic, the... More > author hopes extreme happiness to all who find enjoyment herein. Please forgive any grammatical/spelling errors.< Less
Grow eBook By Abigail Shorter
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Rania was living an ordinary life. That is, until her foster mother dropped her off at a school for "special kids." But the kids aren't weird. They're supernatural!
Godhunter EBook. By Donnie Rust
eBook (ePub): $4.56
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In a world where everyone seems to have a reason Rayne Ensley feels like she is lost until she manages to capture an elusive and ferocious vigilante on camera. Overnight she becomes an internet... More > sensation and her world is irrefutably changed. However, while enjoying superstardom in the adult film industry and being romanced by the wealthiest of men she is also hunted by an immortal responsible for a long series of grizzly justice killings< Less
Bloodshed eBook By Jordan Clay
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Set in an otherworld , Talia is just one of many young girls in a small village. Talia is sweet and innocent, so when an evil unknown to her enters her home, she, and the other villagers, don't know... More > what to do. They assign blame, and their fingers are pointed at Talia. Her home and family destroyed by monsters, Talia sets out to avenge their deaths. Secluding herself from the world, she never considers that with six years of hate filling her heart, she may not stay the innocent little girl she once was. During her journey's, Talia finds a new home, with a new family. This time, when life threatens to strip her away from those she loves once again, she refuses to go down without a fight. Plunged headfirst into a world of murderers, charmers, and demons in disguise, Talia will do whatever it takes to stay with the ones she loves, no matter how much blood she has to spill to do it.< Less
RAEDWALD Ebook By Lee Reynoldson
eBook (PDF): $12.99
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REQUIRES HEROES & OTHER WORLDS RULEBOOK TO PLAY! Rædwald is a world where the bond of the warband, the oath of loyalty between warrior and king, your word, your honour and your status... More > means everything. It is a world where family, community, and the king's laws are a shield against misfortune. Unfortunately for the characters the world of Rædwald is one in which they have none of these things. Instead, they are outsiders: Wolfshead outlaws. Tired of merely surviving they take coin from a lord, and now serve as his Wolfpack, a band of ruthless, expendable outlaw scum.< Less
Chimera - Ebook By Brendan Cunningham
eBook (ePub): $4.35
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Leo hates his island home and everything on it. In a few weeks he would finally be free, free from his backwards and isolated paradise and mother’s watchful eye. Finding himself suspicious of... More > the adults suddenly secretive behaviour, Leo recruits his closest friends for a foolhardy trip outside their safe haven in the middle of the vast open ocean in search of answers, a trip that ultimately saves their lives. Returning home, the hapless teenagers find their homes destroyed, their families taken, and their lives turned upside down, as they embark on a quest to find and free their families from a cruel enemy they had never known until now. Passing through the rough ocean and harsh deserts, the teens come quickly face to face with those hunting them, and a Federation scientist determined to eliminate or control them, any way possible.< Less
Date eBook By Tom Leighton
eBook (ePub): $9.95
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Richard was on the rebound, they said. The love of his life had just died of AIDS. And he was skeptical that lightening could strike twice. But he wasn't ready to give up, despite his age: at least... More > there was sex. And his friend Pieter in Amsterdam was sympathetic and provided a route out of his New York life, too full of old memories. And then lightening did strike twice. "All the wrong places" was where it happened or seemed to. And the guy? A young blond out of his dream book? It seemed insane. But love works in two directions, and René was more than a blond fantasy. He saw things differently. And his life, both of their lives, would change.< Less
Inside & Out : Fantasy & Dream Edition By Jamal Williams
eBook (PDF): $8.75
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E-Book version of dream and fantasy themed poems by Yamaliel.