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Dragon By Bryn Jones
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Dragon is an epic action fantasy novel full of mystery, death and destruction. The story begins from the point of view of Red, a near-ordinary young man troubled with nightmares. As the story begins,... More > his whole world is flipped upside down, and Red begins to discover the horrifying truth about the history of our world. He is thrown into an ever-changing environment, desperately trying to make sense of his life, whilst finding out the truth about his past, and the extraordinary powers he possesses. With the fate of the world in his hands, Red has the choice to fight or flee. But will he be able to stop the onslaught that awaits, and if so, at what cost?< Less
Dragons By Tharren Blood
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Well that’s the end of my book. Those are all the kinds of fantasy dragons and real dragons I learned and know about. All of the dragons are very interesting and, all are very unique. I hope... More > you enjoyed learning about dragons and what they do. You’re welcome.< Less
D12 Fantasy Demons and Dragons By Richard Dufault
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D12 Fantasy Demons and Dragons is a skirmish-based miniatures game for 2 or more players aged 10 or more. You control a party of characters fighting for Battle Honors in the Emperor's arena. Spend... More > your Battle Honors to improve your characters. D12F has two core books, each of which contains all the rules you need to play, plus the two races in the book's title.< Less
Dragon Treasure - Fantasy Artwork by Ella Richards By Ella Richards
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Dragon Treasure is a definitive collection of fantasy artwork by UK artist Ella Richards. Throughout the book you will find beautiful watercolour paintings and drawings of faeries, mermaids and... More > creatures from her imagination. The book consists of 86 full colour pages including over 50 high quality reproductions of her finished artwork, alongside a range of 'work-in-progress' images and selection of her favourite sketches and drawings. Dragon Treasure is a unique and visually delicious journey into Ella's artistic daydreams. A must-have for any fantasy and faery fan.< Less
A children's dragon fantasy: WHERE DRAGONS FLY - Night of the Drackin By Robert Ghent
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A youngling Tonk falls through a magic hole and into the modern lives of 13 year-old-twins Cirra and Jace. The hole is 200 miles straight up and far out of reach. It closes in 24 hours and Tonk must... More > return home through it or die. The twins take on the impossible job of returning the little dragon, but they must outsmart a brutal sheriff and defeat a seven foot giant who will kill to get Tonk. Racing through the surprising twist and turns of their quest, they will each face death alone and in the dark. Without loyalty and bravery, death will win. Cirra flies into the final battle on the back of a strong-hearted dragon. They fight high in the night sky against a massive drackin that has already killed. The stakes are her life, her hometown and Tonk’s planet. She is playing for keeps but in a unwinnable duel that sends her plunging to the cold waters of an unforgiving lake.< Less
Visions Of Fantasy By Fantasy Art By Steve A Roberts
Calendar: $18.97
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The 2009 fantasy art calendar of magical illustrator Steve A Roberts. Steve's artwork can be seen on the covers of some of your favorite fantasy novels, puzzles, cards, and prints.
Fantasy Art By Michelle J.A. McIntyre
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Fantasy art creations by animal/fantasy artist Michelle J.A. McIntyre. Featuring unicorns, dragons, pegasus, fairies, and other magical beings.
Fantasies and Dreams By D. H Reid, Ginger Reid-Parker
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In the book called Fantasies and Dreams, stories of enchantment for young minds comes to life. Children enjoy hearing about being a princess in an ivory tower, meeting their prince that saves them... More > from giants and wizards, which is based on their imaginations. The greatest nation in the world is called the imagination and it is there that many of their dreams come to life. In this compilation of bedtime stories, the children learn important lessons on faith, being true to themselves, virtue, honesty, and protecting the world where we live. They learn that their parents will watch over them always and keep them from harm, they are there to teach them each day, and if they use common sense, it enables them to reach their full potential in life. These stories are written for children to explore their own dreams and fantasies, so they grow and prosper in wisdom.< Less
Dragon Half: Dragon Quarter By Jason Ricker
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Volume 3 - It was once said that there is nothing wrong with knowing your future as long as you don’t run from it. This is the horror that Aimee’s been dealing with for the last five... More > years. On the surface everything looks like it’s going good. Aimee’s dreams, on the other hand, hint at something completely different. She constantly dreams of the horrors of old enemies returning but this time she has a daughter to protect. The kingdom has been peaceful for years, but peace is relative. When a wagon carrying royalty is attacked leaving everyone kidnapped, wounded or worse; one question remains. What’s more potent, a mother’s love or a mother’s wrath?< Less
Dragon In the Hole By Sharon Fenton
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A little boy named Ty digs too deep and finds a watery world and a very large dragon. Maybe he should have listened to his mother after all when she said, "Don't dig too deep,Ty. You never... More > know what you'll find!"< Less