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Faster Than Light And Other Bagatelles By Wojciech Plocharski
eBook (PDF): $2.18
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"Plocharski is always lifted up with the vigour of his own style. This is visible in the energy and passion of his flawless phraseology and precision of language in Faster Than Light And Other... More > Bagatelles..."< Less
Faster than Light and the Relativity of Matter By Fahad Shihab
eBook (ePub): $0.00
This Book describes about How sound behaves relative to velocity. This book changes the entire perspective of Physics and can even explain the origin of Time! It is a type of research paper which... More > can explain the most fundamental physics in the Universe!< Less
Faster Than Light Travel: The Basic Mechanics By Richard Lighthouse
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This short paper presents the first practical technology solution for traveling faster than the speed of light. Most of the hardware & technology necessary for the first tests has already been... More > developed, although faster processors than what is currently available may be required for synchronization. Light-years of distance can be traversed through millions of “hops,” while the entire distance traveled requires only a fraction of a second. An explanation of the basic mathematics involved is provided. Each reader must comprehend that our universe literally blinks off and on, more than 1 trillion times every second. - - - Also, see YouTube: Colonel Philip Corso's, THE DAY AFTER ROSWELL; author interviews regarding the Army's investigation of the 1947 Roswell vehicle, "We were never able to figure out how the propulsion system works...We only know it has something to do with blinking."< Less
Hypothetical Faster-than-light Particles: A Philosophical Examination By Daniel Deleanu
Paperback: $18.75
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A logosophistic look at the hypothetical worlds proposed by theoretical physics where particles could travel faster than light...
Faster Than Light Travel & How to Destroy A Dwarf Star By Alan Peter Garfoot
Paperback: $17.64
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Good Book!!!
Our Universe Has 3 Additional Complex Space Dimensions .The Neutrino Moves Faster Than Light Because Is a Tachyon . By Dumitru Viorel Spanu
eBook (ePub): $9.13
The book is about the fact that the elusive neutrino is a tachyon.The OPERA experiment just discovered the tachyons .In this book we show that the Universe has 3 additional complex space... More > dimensions.The Universe has 7 dimensions.Three are complex and that is why we can not feel it . Our book shows that the OPERA experiment makes no mistakes in the measurements . The text shows why the neutrino , which is a tachyon , is moving with a speed greater than light and it not becomes a black hole : because it has imaginary mass . Any particle with real mass when is accelerated to the speed of light becomes a black hole,according to the Theory of General Relativity.The lenght of paths of neutrino and the lenght of the path of the photon are different in our Universe, because the photon has a real mass movement and the elusive neutrino has imaginary movement mass .Different lenght of geodesics of the photon and of neutrino.Different equations for the distance between events.Text is the work of Spanu Dumitru Viorel .< Less
Light, Gravity, Magnetism, and Dots By R.A. Besse
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This book discusses light, gravity, magnetism, black holes, space travel, time travel, and more in a practical way and brings in a new theory to explain them. It is meant for all that want to know... More > more about the world around us. The book is without any formulas to help the reader understand the concepts discussed without losing them in the math. It is the new theory that bridges the gaps in the understandings of Physics and Chemistry. A missing component necessary to bring it all together. This is a short book meant to get to the point without the extra fill of a text book.< Less
Energy, Gravity, Light and the Dynamic Aether By Ian Atkinson
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A discussion of the dynamic aether and how it causes gravity. An estimation of te speed of gravity as 70,000 faster than light. Proof of Newton's law of gravity from first principles. Gravity cannot... More > be infinite and discussion of galaxies, black holes and quasars.< Less
Eat & Live Well with Clean Eating : 230 Recipes to Cook Light Whole & Real Food for Healthy Weight Loss & Lean & Sheen Body By Lauren Bush
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Clean Eating Diet is a diet with an abundance of fresh, local, organic fruits and vegetables, free-range and grass-fed meats and dairy. To make the choice to eat "clean" simply means... More > choosing to eliminate all processed foods and extra additives & focusing on whole foods, which are more nutrient dense, lower in calories, that helps to keep off from bingeing getting fuller faster with the same amount of calories. If you’re fighting a weight loss battle than simply adopt the new age concept of Clean Eating, spread out your nutrition and calories for the day into 5-6 mini meals, promote the growth of lean muscle mass; while at the same time minimising fat storage. Enjoy nutrient packed, hearty, balanced, calorie controlled, and easy recipes to reap the benefits like fat loss, weight loss, increased energy, clearer skin, shinier hair, better sleep, increased mental well –being.< Less
StarCluster 4 - FTL Now RPG By clash bowley et al.
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FTL Now RPG - Faster Than Light Now! FTL Now is the sequel to Cold Space. The back story begins in 1990, with the fall of the Soviet Union, and ends when you want it to. The colonies settled in... More > Cold Space now have to deal with the Interplanetary War on Terrorism, beginning with the horror of what happened on September 11, 2001. The search is on for the terrorists - the American Rocket Corps poking its pointed, suspicious, space-pitted nose into everyone's business. The dozens of micro colonies that were founded by special interest groups, corporations, and private interests have to survive with Mother Earth turning her back on them. Things have changed a lot in 16 years. This isn't your father's Cold Space. Now powered by the StarCluster 4 System< Less