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Sin! By Berit Helberg
eBook (PDF): $8.99
The year is 1531 and the place is Nidaros (Trondheim) in Norway. It’s not long since the Black Death ravaged the country, and the fear for God is huge. Everybody who is not obeying the word of... More > God and the strict demands of the church is being ruthlessly persecuted. August is a young priest who one day is being summoned to the archbishop Olav Engelbrektsson together with other priests from the diocese. They are being warned against a witch that has been seen in the area. Luna Gurosdaughter with hair touched by the devil. On the way back to his rectory, August is having an accident and when he wakes up from the battle against the fever, he wakes up with his wounds well taken care of and bandaged. Now a battle against his own soul starts for the young priest, a battle that makes the foundation in his belief shiver. This sends the young priest head over hills into hot days in pleasure and agony. Can August manage to keep his wove to celibacy or does he chose to receive the gift called pleasure?< Less
The Big Little Rainbow: The Little Rainbow With the Big Heart By Gordon D. Tucker
eBook (ePub): $0.00
Mark's happiness turns to fear when he is approached by two bullies. That changes when a new friend arrives to help Mark...and to help the bullies? A children's book for all ages. A story about a... More > special little rainbow who speaks to the child in all of us. It helps us to understand that when we embrace and value our differences, we have the magic to stop senseless acts like bullying and discrimination. The Big Little Rainbow encourages all of us to imagine a world without war and a world filled with acceptance and inclusion. The story's message is heart-warming and inspiring. It helps us realize that just as different colors come together to create a beautiful rainbow, we can work side by side and embrace our differences to create a happier world. Snuggle up with your little ones tonight and make The Big Little Rainbow your special bedtime story. Let them bring the positive, inspiring message of the Big Little Rainbow into their dreams. Acts of kindness today makes a happier world tomorrow.< Less
If the Foundations be Destroyed By Dr John McElhaney
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This book reveals the problems that we have today that are destroying the things that God has established. The picture of the family has been so distorted because of divorce, living together without... More > marriage, homosexual marriage and lifestyle, transvestites, and many other things, that it does not resemble what God established at all. The government has been corrupt ever since it has been in place. Look at the horrible things the government has sanctioned down through the years. The treatment of the native Americans, by killing them and taking their land through trickery or force. Look at slavery, the most horrendous thing this country has ever done is enslaving black folks for two hundred fifty years, and after they received freedom they were still treated as inferior and not welcome by white folks. The church in America does not resemble the early church at all, weak preachers, who fear man more than God. The church is totally segregated in American, the white church still is so prejudice in the south.< Less
Funhouse of Horrors : Carnival of Horrors By Jazan Wild
eBook (ePub): $2.99
The 4th book in the Funhouse Of Horrors Series. It's Halloween again my friends, the Funhouse has once again opened its door. Jake Stone is all alone, except for the ghouls crawling beneath the... More > floor. So many scares, so many haunts, so many unearthed fears. No wonder there's no light on, no candy in the bowl this year. Stone's sick of the horrors, he's sick of the ghosts, he's tired of penning them all down. So what's left to do, when you hate Halloween? Why, you send in the clown!!!! That's right Kiddos... in this final issue of the Funhouse of Horrors, the clown is sent in indeed. When Jake Stone "Ghost Writer" gets a mysterious letter (postmarked a lifetime ago) inviting our favorite paranormal investigator to look into strange happenings at a Carnival... suddenly a familiar painted face appears. You got it! Jexter and his entire Carnival of Souls make a surprise appearance! Trick or Treat! Two spooky worlds are about to meet... in this Carnival of Souls / Funhouse of Horrors cross-over!< Less
"OMEGA, The Human COMET." By Sears L Barnett Jr.
Hardcover: $24.64
Prints in 3-5 business days
A Comic Book ? Yasss. I wrote and illustrated 30+ of these original comic books before I turned 18 years old, while my family was homeless, living in the back of a slimy after hours joint. I gave... More > most of them away to my first cousin, MICHAEL 'Verril' JACKSON. It's a story of bravery, about a Black Bookworm, Hacker, Chess-Player, & Nerd that overcomes his inner doubts, repetitive nightmares, and fears; As a result, he shape-shifts his outer world into a multi-dimensional rose garden. I created, wrote the words, illustrations, pencils, inks, colours, letters, and edited this all by my self as a young teen back in 1977. I've been writing for over 44+ years. Been creating my own made up stories since I was SeVeN years-old. As with all my Books, I did it all by my self, from imagination, to creative dreamscape, to fusion, to flow; I do everything, except print the damn thing. This third Book also includes a Blog of mine entitled, THE BLOG: OMEGA THE HUMAN COMET. ― Thank You For Reading !< Less
My Bike Sucks By R. Ellis Orrall
eBook (ePub): $6.99
"Have you ever been absolutely, positively sure that you were getting a Sting Ray for Christmas Me too!" R. Ellis Orrall has created a "children's book for grownups" with this... More > memory of Christmas 1963 of a little boy who does NOT get his dream bicycle. R. Ellis Orrall is a self-taught artist in Nashville, Tennessee. When he was a child, a well meaning but misguided art teacher told him repeatedly that he "would never be an artist", which led him to his self-proclaimed "fear of art", and he did not paint for 31 years. He paints stories drawn from his own bittersweet childhood memories, sometimes laid out in comic book style, often both painful and humorous. His paintings have now found themselves in the homes of kind folks everywhere from Boston, MA to Oslo, Norway to Zurich, Switzerland, and owned by famous recording artists and former Vice Presidents! In his spare time he writes songs and makes records< Less
How To Set Up A Family Budget! By kingsley Uduaghan
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Are you ready to start planning for tomorrow? The Amazing Secret To Creating A Family Budget That Leads You Out Of Debt, Fills Your Savings Accounts, And Escorts You To Your Next Vacation! Listen.... More > It hits families all over the world like a punch to the stomach. You don’t notice it at first, but soon you find yourself living in a paycheck to paycheck world. What you make one month is gone before you have any time to add it to your savings account… Before you have time to fill your cupboards just one last time (while you wait for your next paycheck)… And definitely before you make any dent on your credit card balance. Families all over are enslaved by their debt racked up over the years. The burden is immense. You don’t want anyone to know you’re having a hard time making ends meet – especially any kids that might be involved. You’re afraid to answer the phone. It’s tough to sleep the night through. Life in debt is now a never-ending cycle of anxiety and fear......< Less
The Wall By gloria lee
Paperback: $27.00
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The Wall was written to provide food for your thoughts, to allow you to feast on God’s word, to inspire you to think, to give you strength, to help you when the hour is dark, and to let you... More > know that the God you serve is the God of the impossible. God is with you. No matter who you are or where you are, God is with you. God wants you to believe in Him. When God calls, your deliverance is at hand. You must recognize the time when God comes to save you. If you can’t sleep, if you are confused, if you can’t keep a job, if your wife has left you, if your children hate you, if you lie awake at night, if you just lost your house, if you are tired and hungry, if you are looking for a wife, if you are alone and unhappy, if you can’t make up your mind, if you think people don’t like you, if you are looking for a soul mate, if your life is filled with anger and fear, if you are fighting sickness and disease, or if you can’t get along with your neighbor, you need to try God.< Less
Sex On The Wrong Brain By Ard Falten
Paperback: $15.00
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In 'Sex On The Wrong Brain', Ard Falten wraps zany science fiction around the theory that humanity is doomed because we're sending impatient satisfaction-demanding sex energy to the mathematical,... More > logical parts of the brain, where it creates greed, fear, and authoritarianism. Within days of finding an alien supertool Lulu Lopez is on the run and up to her ears in sex zombies, alien hunters, and the king of talk radio, her nemesis since the third grade. He's convinced half the country Lulu's the witch who's causing the world-wide epidemic of nose and elbow mutations and it's time to bring back public exorcisms. Meanwhile, with global warming getting bad fast, an intergalactic maintenance man struggles to find the ancient alien 'transmitter' that will reestablish true human nature and end thousands of years of greed, patriarchy, and environmental destruction. He'll take any help he can get, from prairie dogs to the Pope, but he and Earth are running out of time. What he really needs is a date with Lulu.< Less
23-Tom Swift and the Martian Moon Re-Placement By Victor Appleton II
Paperback: $9.99
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In this 23 novel in this series, Tom must travel to Mars to find out just why the small moon, Phobos, has suddenly begun coming close to the surface. In fact it is coming down to lower and lower... More > orbits that could, within months, endanger the colonists on the planet below. He first tries to use brute force and to push it back into higher orbit, but nearly loses several spacecraft in the attempt. So, he now is faced with finding out the why of it all before he can find a solution that won't mean simply destroying the moon. That, he fears, might backfire and do damage to the colony and the planet. He tries to find some answers with the aid of his Space Friends, but they seem to have disappeared from his life. Without their help he mounts an expedition of Phobos and finds about the last thing he might have considered, or wanted. Now it is a race against time to see if he can rectify the situation and re-place Phobos in its correct orbit.< Less