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Extraordinary Journey By Michelle Hatcher
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Have you been left in the dark, alone since your child's Autism diagnosis? Have you felt the world turn against you and your child? Have the birthday party invitations dried up and no more sleep... More > overs? Are you frightened to go out in public in fear of meltdowns and pointed fingers? Have you tried to find the right support and found only red tape and barriers? Michelle Hatcher discovered that in 2011 when Jon was diagnosed, the world suddenly was a lonely place. With no help, an out of date support list and a school who wasn't trained to deal with Jon's needs, she embarked on a journey of questioning self-discovery through studying the alternative route. Taking matters into her own hands, she steered Jon, who later developed PDA and Scoliosis, through the myriad of primary and secondary education. This is the story of one woman's battle against single parenting, abuse, unemployment, chronic illness, violence against their home, negative local authorities and a system who simply could not and would not care.< Less
Install Now By Marc Spear
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There has never been a more insecure parenting generation than the one we have today. The reason? We are asking the wrong questions. We are discussing the wrong things. And we are... More > adapting in the wrong ways. Though we can’t stop the evolution of the teenager society, we can adapt and outsmart it.  We can become relevant in the lives of our kids. We can become their primary influence. And we can experience peace and joy with our kids while facing the intimidating nuances of the modern generation. But success won’t be found in becoming social media stalkers or bringing in more rules. It will be found in tapping into the God-given skills we all have within us as parents. It’s time to replace anxiety with hope; fear with confidence. It’s time to install a parenting update that will bring peace and joy to the family. Let’s do this.< Less
Spiritual Teachings for Young Souls By Craig Howell
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These are beginner spiritual teachings that explain some core metaphysical concepts in a simple way so they that can be easily understood. Created for ages around 12-15. This can also serve as a... More > guide to parents who wish to start approaching their children about spiritual practice. This is a guide book for young ones to give them a better footing. They need to know that there is so much more to life than what you see and that they have the creative power to change thier lives and others lives; to contribute a positive impact on the world.By reading this, my hope is that they will start to see things differntly, they will be able to handle what comes at them more easily, and they will gain a poise and an inner balance that will reduce the fear, anger, judgment and criticism in the world. And maybe they will pass on these teachings to their peers in some way, if only by demonstration.For more information about the author and samples of chapters, please go to< Less
Daddycool Is My Name By Victor Pana
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These are the amazing adventures of a not so normal dad and his extraordinary baby girl. It is a book about love. About everything the dad did to keep his daughter close to his heart. It's a book... More > about how he succeeded to create an indestructible relationship between him and his daughter, who is now 20 years old. A so beautiful relationship that people stop him on the street and tell him that they admire and envy him at the same time. It's a book about what not to tell your child, but especially about ... What? When? How? and Why?... to tell everything to whom you'd give everything. It's a book about how to grow up your child as you would grow up yourself. A mother who already read this book said: "Your book should be a schoolbook and it must be read by all the people who give birth to children and then terrorize them with stupid fears and prohibitions. Then, they must be tested and if they pass they will be allowed to model a human spirit."< Less
When Tomorrow Starts Without Me By Lori Plegge
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Have you ever wanted to know what NOT to be when you grow up? Well this book is a prime example of that. They say once you are in a drug gang you never get out, this is true. Anthony was 19 years... More > old when he passed away. When Anthony was 17 years old he came to me and told me we needed to plan his funeral. I didn't bat an eye because at that age he had already been shot at and stabbed. He told me he didn't think he would live to be 18 years old and I agreed with him. That day we sat down and planned his funeral. He told me the song he wanted played at his funeral so I burned it to a CD and put it up until the day I would need it. Your child should NEVER come to you at such a young age and tell you that the two of you need to plan their funeral based on the choices they are making in life. My biggest fear was that when Anthony died his body would never be found and I would never get to tell him bye. My son ended up dying in my arms and that was such a blessing to me.< Less
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WAIT! You Can’t See It Yet - How To Wait On God: The Promise Keeper By Susie Pagan
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Wait! You Can’t See It Yet will lead you to understand why the season of wait is worth the process. In this book the writer describes the path as “a life script” we all must follow,... More > with God as the director. But in search of our own path, if we ignore the Director, then we have deviated from the original script. If only Susie had listened, blocked the lies of the enemy, and recognized who she was in the eyes of her Heavenly Father. Perhaps she would not have become a prisoner of her past. Instead, what if she had been bold enough to look the enemy in the face and confront the spirit of fear that took residence when she was a child? One day God, in his bountiful grace, made Susie a promise. The only requirement was she had to wait. Therein she discovered the sad reality of who she’d become—a girl hidden behind a mask that she had designed herself as a cover-up. Was it too late? Would she trust God to direct her life? What was the promise she held onto? Would God “The Promise Keeper” keep his word?< Less
Dark Matters: Delusions, Illusions, Lost Causes and Absurdities In Modern America By David Bouchier
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“The twenty-first century was never supposed to look like this. The second half of the twentieth century was a self-conscious advertisement for the wonderful twenty-first, when America would... More > lead the rest of the world into an affluent, peaceful technological Utopia. Scientists, futurologists and visionaries promised a future without hunger or want, without fear of illness or pain or even death, where the human race would spread its genius out to the stars, and science would bring Utopia to earth. In the twenty-first century, we were promised a leisure society of short work weeks and long vacations, pollution-free transportation, an end to world food shortages, population problems, nationalism and war. The twenty-first century was held out as the glittering prize for surviving the tribulations of the twentieth. Now we have arrived in the second decade of this twenty-first-century paradise. How does it look so far? It looks like hell.”< Less
The Pain Killer "Journey to Loving Yourself" First Men's Editon By Uganda TheGoddess
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This book gives YOU the ability to write your story while healing the deep rooted pain that's housed within. Some times it's scary to self check yourself and seek healing. It's a lot of mental... More > illness and hurt men are going through without real help. "The doctor prescribes you medicine but the Inner Being prescribes you love." Men often say they do not have a real outlet to talk about their feelings and things they are dealing with within their thoughts, this sets a place to free your mind. This is a journey you take by writing your way to true freedom and loving yourself first. It's time to rescue the little boy inside to rise up and allow the adult you to truly live free. We've been HACKED from childhood throughout our adult hood walking around with corrupt files. It's time to reprogram the mind with new files.The Pain Killer helps guide you on a journey to download new files. It's time to let fear go, negative thoughts go & opinions of outsiders go and live as the powerful Being you are.< Less
The Legacy of the Communist Party of China (CPC) – A Study of Civil Unrest, Civilian Suffering and Violations of Human Rights in the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region of the People's Republic of China By Dr. Mark O'Doherty
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There is a saying in China that ‘power comes out of the barrel of a gun' – a policy practiced by hardliners of the CPC during the Tiananmen Square Massacre of 1989; and even today in... More > China, as outlined in this evidenced based study – also in view of increased violent clashes between police and pro-democracy activists in Hong Kong and Mainland China; with Chinese military commanders stoking fears of Chinese military intervention, which could lead to a repeat of the Tiananmen Square Massacre of 4. June 1989… President Xi of China could quickly and humanely solve the political crisis in China – President Xi being a very powerful, but also a very kind and gentle leader; by finally implementing democracy and universal suffrage in China – since the Spirit of Democracy is here to stay, and will remain in the hearts of the brave people of China forever. The brave and courageous people of Hong Kong taking the vanguard; so that democracy and civil rights can finally be manifested for all 1.4 billion people in China!< Less

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