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The Pied Piper of Hamelin At the Crossroads Of History, Religion and Literature By Julian Scutts
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Even if we were to discover the historical truth about the origin of the legend of the Pied Piper of Hamelin, we still would not explain why its appeal to the imagination of artists and poets has... More > been so extensive and the span of interpretations placed on the figure so divergent. The author of this book believes that the principle of reciprocity must be taken into account and this reflects the duality of the mind with its conscious and subconscious aspects. Can we align the Pied Piper with Ulysses and Gilgamesh on the basis of the mythology of the sun and its wandering surrogates as they journey through the night in quest of the anima, the eternal female?< Less
FRUITION By The Strange Fruits
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The Strange Fruits use our words and voice as a vehicle to spread our positively potent message(s) to the masses, and aims to produce and aid young female artists by providing a means of reliable... More > artistic expression for the youth. Unable and unwilling to ignore the violence, drugs, teen pregnancy, anger, and injustices displayed in our communities, we decided to broaden the SF vision from not only a group of poets, but a movement dedicated to the uplifting of youth, in the form of a non profit organization. ALL PROCEEDS FROM THIS BOOK WILL GO TOWARDS THAT ORGANIZATION. "FRUITION" can only be described as a labor of love, the fruit of our collective womb. Poetry from our soul(s) to yours. PEACE.< Less
Poems that I felt like Writing By Keith Lee Stone Junior
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Poems that I felt like Writing, I'm glad that these poems came to me. At a time of our loss as Star Wars fans who love Star Wars Carrie Fisher. So upon my deepest heartache that I have been going... More > though as a man with a broken heart of not having a female to love me for who I am as a Poet. I wrote this new poetry book on 12/30/2016. Happy New Year 2017 to everyone. And thank you to all of my Poetry Readers for supporting me Mr. Poetry. And may God with you all.< Less
Poems: Complete By Emily Dickinson
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Poems has Three Series (Complete) written by Emily Dickinson. She was an American poet. Born in Amherst, Massachusetts, to a successful family with strong community ties, she lived a mostly... More > introverted and reclusive life. After she studied at the Amherst Academy for seven years in her youth, she spent a short time at Mount Holyoke Female Seminary before returning to her family's house in Amherst. Thought of as an eccentric by the locals, she became known for her penchant for white clothing and her reluctance to greet guests or, later in life, even leave her room. Most of her friendships were therefore carried out by correspondence.< Less
I Am Black I Am White By Natalie Jones-McNeil
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In her free verse poetry book, “I Am Black I Am White,” Natty Jones-McNeil uses her words to create imagery, also to show how a young mixed race females, grow up in a world of innocence... More > and uneducated council estate. However, the poems grow in strength, understanding about racism and self-identity. While people see the poems as unfortunate and sad experiences, as the poet wants to convert her experience into words, to share and to make others, aware of difficult situations that young people face, on a daily basis.< Less
Notes of an Overland Journey Through France and Egypt to Bombay 1839 By Emma Roberts
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Emma Roberts (1794–1840), often referred to as "Miss Emma Roberts", was an English travel writer and poet known for her memoirs about India. In her own time, she was well regarded,... More > and William Jerdan considered her "a very successful cultivator of the belles lettres But by 1839 she decided to return to India, not simply by sailing directly, but by crossing overland from France, through Egypt to Suez, and then by ship to Bombay. She went with only a female friend and took only two months to complete her journey, arriving at the end of October. She wrote this book about tthe journey. she died suddenly in September 1840 and was buried in India. Kean Guides have been developed to provide great travel books at a reasonable price.< Less
Call Me They By Teejay LeCapois
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Lawrence Jean-Noel has the perfect life. As an NCAA Division One football player at UMass-Amherst, he has the love of campus goddess Nadia Monroe and is admired by many. In fact, he's a shoo-in for... More > the NFL Draft. All is well until Lawrence gets involved with the seductive, hunky Lucien Etienne, who exposes his secret life to the world. That's when Lawrence starts to lose everything. His father Lionel disowns him. After graduation, Lawrence heads to Winnipeg, Manitoba, to stay with his openly gay aunt Jacqueline. Enrolling at the University of Manitoba Law School, Lawrence meets Deanna "Dee" Neekonnisiwin, a beautiful, spirited young Ojibwe poet transitioning from female to male. The two of them initially butt heads and a mutual attraction grows. The question is, is the world ready for such a unique couple ?< Less
The Lie In The Mouth By Jaap Stijl
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Gorelov wakes up in an alleyway in the middle of the London riots suffering from a dissociative fugue. Unaware of his identity and having lost his memory, he is rescued by a stranger who guides him... More > out of the riot and on to a journey to help him recover his identity. Is consciousness possible in the absence of memory? The journey ahead is an examination of memory and consciousness told through the allegory of alcoholism using Dante’s circles of hell; every door that is opened in order to escape an unending London night of bars and pubs leads not to freedom but to another bar, another circle of hell, and another level of personal crisis, weakness and addiction. The bars and pubs feature cameo appearances by various dead poets and writers, mass murderers, living oligarchs, terrorists, goddesses, Victorian Imperialists, North Korean female soldiers, punk rockers and armed paramilitary thugs among many others and all along the path, Gorelov is haunted by a woman who he may or may not have murdered.< Less
Hysteria 3 By Linda Parkinson-Hardman
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Hysteria 3 is an anthology of winning stories, flash fiction and poetry from the 2014 Hysteria Writing Competition. Each contribution is designed by the authors, writers and poets to entertain,... More > stimulate and provoke the reader. The competition’s theme is Women and each winner has reflected a very different aspect of the glorious, touching and amazing female experience. As well as revealing key moments in women’s lives and relationships this anthology paints a rich and vivid picture of life as we experience it. The writers tell us of the big issues and life events; love, hate, abuse, betrayal, birth, marriage and death. Equally, the smaller, more intimate moments are also beautifully observed, often shedding light on the inner landscape of both women and writer. Many of the entries examine the cultural and social encounters we take for granted, and in their telling perhaps encourage us to review our own life events in new ways and with fresh eyes.< Less
Night and Day By Virginia Woolf
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Night and Day, Woolf’s second novel, was published in 1919 and for the most part is conventional, dealing with current issues including women’s suffrage, marriage and not-marriage through... More > the lives of a few principal characters. Katherine Hilbery represents the autobiographical element, the grand-daughter of a famous poet and with a mother who, combined with the past, exercises a significant impression on her life. Another of the principal characters, Mary Datchett, chooses to work even though, with a private income, she had no need to. In Mary, there are elements of the emancipated female found in A Room of One’s Own, a woman, with a secure financial footing, stepping out with her own agenda. Yet Mary also shows sign of that ‘Angel in the Room’, mode in that she serves as a sounding board for troubles hoisted upon her by the other characters. Though she loves Ralph Denham, the third of the main characters, she rejects him finally because she sees through his insincerity.< Less

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