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The Male Mail Sleuth By Kathryn Gerbert
eBook (ePub): $1.25
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The Male Mail Sleuth is humorous romantic fiction. This contemporary, traditional male/female story is sweet with no explicit love scenes and short at 4,636 words.
Daring Dames: Slinky Sleuths By Mini Komix
eBook (PDF): $2.00
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Delve deep into some darling detectives and other sexy snoops from the Golden Age of Comics. We've got two tales of Sally the Sleuth(the original female detective of comics!), two of the sultry Sky... More > Girl, the bodacious Blonde Bomber, and the stupendous Seniorita Rio. Dangerous deals and curvy crimefighters take on the toughest cases in this amazing anthology.< Less
The Mom Sqaud By Christine Weiser
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The Mom Squad is a mystery about a former up-and-coming rock star turned reluctant stay-at-home mom who stumbles upon a case of citywide corruption in Philadelphia. Enlisting the help of her... More > playgroup moms, she juggles a toddler, a cantankerous stepdaughter, and an absentee husband in order to solve the murder that seems tied to the mayoral election – and possibly the husbands of her playgroup moms.< Less
Just Out of Reach By Lee Darling
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After a painful divorce, Jessie Lochwood retreats to her hometown on the Oregon Coast. Her plans for a week of quiet reflection are blown apart when she finds a leather jacket on a lonely beach. A... More > letter in the pocket swirls her into her past and into a dangerous search for the missing brother of a childhood chum. Recovering alcoholic, Jessie comes face-to-face with ghosts from her past as she pursues a violent, abusive man and the woman he controls.< Less
You Know What They Say About Lightning By Tanya Carlylse
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Laura Jessop is a successful Headmistress running a large girls’ independent day school in England on the edge of Newcastle. She and her husband, Robert, celebrate their tenth wedding... More > anniversary in St Lucia, and try to forget the dramatic and unsettling events of the summer term, which began with a body being discovered Under Mary’s Oak. In the first Laura Jessop novel, Laura finds herself working with Detective Inspector Dave Jenkins to solve the crime. Little did she think she would meet him again so soon, but when she returns home she is told a second body has been discovered. Hardly believing the coincidence, Laura turns detective again in this, the second in the series. Show More Show Less< Less
The Mystery Club and the Dead Doctor By Harley L. Sachs
Paperback: $14.95
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Second in the popular Mystery Club series. The elderly ladies of the Rose Plaza retirement home's Mystery Club stumble onto a case of Medicare fraud. Their investigation puts them in danger and... More > causes a death.< Less
Sugar And Spice And Not So Nice By Janet McNulty
Paperback: $15.00
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Mellow Summers just wanted to go to college and get her film degree. She moved into a furnished apartment with her friend Jackie only to find that it already had a tenant: the ghost of a girl who was... More > murdered a year earlier. Now it is up to Mellow to not only discover who the murderer is, but to prove it as well. With the help of the ghost Rachel, Mellow sets out to solve the year old mystery. She soon finds out that she may have taken on more than she can handle. Pursued by someone who wants the identity of the killer to remain a secret, Mellow will have to use all her resources to outwit him and help the spirit of Rachel move on.< Less
In the Bear Cave By michael micchelli
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A story of cops, robbers and corrupt officials bent on restoring Pax Americana. Set in a small New Jersey town, it walks the ancient Silk Road, horse packs the mountains of Afghanistan, flies... More > pristine lakes of Northern Quebec, and motors posh neighborhoods of Washington DC. A disgraced FBI Agent seeks justice, confronts an Afghan Warlord, stymies her corrupt bosses only to discover that the truth does not set her free. In the Bear Cave is the second in a four part saga of personal journeys that keeps you intent to discover rest of the story. The Bear Cave Saga is a tale of ordinary folks seeking redemption in extraordinary times. It chronicles that adventure in thrilling mystery fiction that keeps the pages turning while you hold on to the edge of your seat.< Less
The Birthday Party By Bridget A. B. Halfaker
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Beatrice LaCroix is back in a thrilling sequel of conspiracy and intrigue. In her latest adventure "The Birthday Party" Bea celebrates the day of her birth with a voyage across the waters... More > to a foreign land: Canada. Along the way she encounters several unique characters including the son of cricus performers and a music sensation who is popular in the music scene of the Middle East. With the inimitable new friends comes mayhem as one of the party falls victim to a homicide. Parker and Kacie aid Bea once more in solving the crime, using crime scene techniques from the past in lieu of an actual crime lab.< Less
She Hunts Down the Worst of the Worst Offenders By Tiffani Mae
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How a normal call would go, would be the man would be drunk, or high, heavy breathing, and begging to just hear her. He didn't care what she was wearing, what she looked like, what she did for a... More > living, he just wanted to hear her. The woman on the other end though, had a much harder job. Their bosses are breathing down their neck to keep the callers on the line as long as possible. Many guys had a fight with their wives, or girlfriends, and all they want to do is abuse a woman with their voice. Many times the woman gets yelled at and screamed at, even sometimes to tears. That was many of the calls these woman deal with. Then there are the hard ones. The very first call that Linda got that upset her had her trembling afterwards. Let’s just say, as she was talking to the man, he said he was a father. He was doing things that a father should not be doing. His daughter, who could be heard in the background, was much too young to defend herself, let’s just say that.< Less