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Inside My Troubled Mind: By Angelica Powers
eBook (ePub): $10.00
Angelica Powers shares details of her bipolar disorder as it impacts her life and those who love her. This book is encouraging for those with mental illness and those seeking to improve psychiatric... More > treatment outcomes. There's an urgent need in the USA to prioritize, improve quality and efficiency of the psychiatric care delivery system. Had quality of psychiatric care been prioritized decades ago, the 2014 execution of two New York City police officers sitting in their car, by a mentally ill man with criminal history, may not have happened. Susan Kaiser PMHCMS, CARN-AP, CADC. This book gives a glimpse into Angelica Power's bipolar disorder struggle to find clarity and meaning in a world flipping in an instant. I would recommend it to anyone struggling with mental illness. Too often people with this illness are marginalized and live on the fringes of society. It gives us hope that people who suffer from mental illness can fight back and take control of their lives! Tony Lombardo, AUD MS, F-AAA< Less
The Stork By Nancy Wood
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Shelby McDougall’s past is behind her. Almost. It’s been five and a half years since Shelby put her infant twins up for adoption, and she’s finally on track. Back in Santa Cruz,... More > California, she’s sharing an apartment with her brother and in her second year of criminal justice studies. She’s landed her dream job as an intern to a local P.I.. And her stone-cold love life is heating up. Then a late-night phone call puts Shelby’s perfectly ordered life into a tailspin. One of the twins has been kidnapped, snatched from home in the middle of the night. There are no witnesses — no clues, no trails to follow. The adoptive parents tell her the children don’t sleep, they eat constantly, and their IQs are off the charts. Against her better judgment, Shelby agrees to help. By the time she realizes she’s up against something powerful, something evil, it’s almost too late. As Shelby fights for her life, and that of the kidnapped child, she discovers shocking truths about herself and the children.< Less
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NRS 410V GRAND CANYON WEEK 2 COMPLETE WORK Just Click on Below Link to Download This Course: URL= Contact... More > US HELP@TUTORIALSEXPERTS.US NRS 410V Grand Canyon Week 2 Complete Work NRS410V NRS 410 Grand Canyon Week 2 Discussion The American Cancer Society (ACS) is a nationwide, community-based, voluntary health organization dedicated to eliminating cancer as a major health problem. Together with its supporters, ACS is committed to helping people stay well and get well by finding cures and by fighting back. Critical Thinking Questions: 1. Imagine that a family friend or colleague has just been diagnosed with cancer. Explain how the American Cancer Society might provide education and support. What ACS services would you recommend and why?< Less
The Paradox War Omnibus By CJ Moseley
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When Desi, a twenty-something sci­ence gradu­ate, can’t get to sleep one night, the last thing she expec­ted was for the TV to explode, for her to get abduc­ted by ali­ens,... More > or to get drawn into a tem­poral war that, some­how, is prob­ably her fault. Dur­ing her adven­tures we also fol­low the pro­gress of two other, com­batants also drawn into this war: One is Garner a half-fey, half-human wiz­ard work­ing for a mad machine-god, and the other is a mem­ber of a spir­itu­ally rich spe­cies of shape-shifting trav­el­lers, that call them­selves the Bul­mäs, but that Desi knows by a host of other names. We follow our three adventurers stories as they weave their way through Time and Space, through alternate histories, into the realms of the inner-world of Faery and the outer abyss, and finally right back to the beginning, fighting a war that holds the fate of Universes in the balance. Combining Humour, Science-Fiction, Fantasy, Time-Travel, Pop-culture, and Mythology into a spell-binding roller-coaster.< Less
Lo que dios no ve By Pablo Fernández
Paperback: $9.76
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You fell down, you felt pain, you lost sight of your life. How to stand up again and fight back.
tales of the night By Giorgos Kroustalis
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35 small strange mystery stories,of love and imagination,How we said? Stories night huh!... Mmmmm so that I can say that my nights out there when you sleep, or fun, I'm fighting with the nightmares... More > of a lifetime, one year lost, I want him back, I need it for the next century...< Less
Nanomagic By Aleksandr Kavokin
Paperback: $29.26
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Irina, a rich girl, and her friends smart and inventive Sasha and shy Masha are going for a vacation to an elite resort in suburban Moscow. Suddenly they get into magic underworld, where the magic is... More > controlled by Nano-robots. Children meet strange outlawed wizards, who teach Irina to use magic. However, there are enemies named Fubas who attack the adventurers and try to kidnap them in order to control the transition points. Fights with monsters, wild dwarfs, mad jerboas. Travel through the underworld, deserts. Getting into the Kingdom of Crystal Lake. Ritual dances. Fight with battle moth. First attempt to return is unsuccessful. Court trial. Will ever Irina and friends get back home? Ира, девочка из богатой семьи, и ее друзья – отличник Саша и скромная подруга Маша отправляются на отдых. Из-за сумасбродства Иры друзья попадают в загадочный мир, где господствует магия, основанная на нано-роботах. Маги-отщепенцы обучают детей. Им противостоят коварные фубасы. Сумеют ли дети выбраться обратно в наш мир?< Less
STOP ISIS By Vittorio Di Iorio
Paperback: $15.66
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Stop the world sacking. Give back part of the stolen richness. Of the one you show off as well as of the one hidden in tax havens. Money essential to all countries to get out of the crisis and to put... More > an end to the third world war. This is the only way to put an end to fights and hate between people of various religions and races. Your fault is to have permitted the evolution of an economic crisis into the third world war. One day God will save his people. However I have to remember that HIS mercy is often granted after tremendous events like Auschwitz, Hiroshima and Nagasaki. Therefore please cooperate with HIM in the hope that the worst can be avoided. I hope you realize it should had been your institutional task to avoid the present situation and now get out of it without additional guilty delay.< Less
Candada por error By Mara Pastor
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"Mara Pastor’s work traces a lyrical map full of travels and displacements. Her poetic subject is born from the liminal space between the “here and there”, and embraces this... More > constant “traveling” or travesía as an inescapable Caribbean condition. Her literary journey presents a personal struggle, where the poetic voice demands it’s life back, from the literature that holds it hostage: “La literatura/me ha podrido la vida que soñé de niña/ y le ha hecho una casa sin ventanas,/ la literatura me tiene de rehén mirando/ hacia la casa, lamentándome.” The poetic subject fights against isolation by creating a universe that allows her to escape spatial confinement. Pastor takes the reader through an intimate journey into the past, which always seems to find its way back into the present, defying lineal perception of time. The travesía takes multiple forms; sometimes as the artistic route between the idea and the written verse, and other times as a flight from the past, people, and the self.” Lorna Torrado< Less

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The CashPT® Blueprint: How I Built and Scaled a Successful Cash-Based Physical Therapy Practice Even When I Was Told It Was Unethical, a Bad Idea and That No One Would Pay More Than Their Copay for Physical Therapy! The CashPT®... By Aaron LeBauer
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