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Five Golden Rings and a Diamond By Marie Seltenrych
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Director's cut! This edition of Five Golden Rings and a Diamond, dedicated to Keith Martin Rafferty, the author's dear brother, is spiced up with more emotional and subtle sexual encounters by our... More > protagonist, Niamh Murphy, a tinker who is despised by her own tribe, forced to commit crimes to survive, and to succumb to love in order to gain sustenance for her children. At sixteen, romance and love are sweet, snatched away and replaced by lust, abuse and a life of subjugation. Lust tracks her down in Ireland, on the Atlantic Ocean and in Australia, but can this ever replace the fantasy love she has experienced early? Niamh, strong willed, somewhat level headed, fights to keep her children and her job as a nanny in a Sugarcane farm; finding passion, lust and love with Luigi, this seems like her new fantasy life. Tragedy strikes and life deals a deadly card... can love still find her broken heart and take her into a zone reserved for those who are willing to take a risk and give more than they receive...< Less
Golden Agers: Strange Enough By Mini Komix
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Golden Agers makes things Strange Enough! Bizarre but funny science fiction, fantasy, and horror comic book stories! Take a trip to Monsterville, witness the Battle for Alana on an alien world, a... More > murderous couple get married in Kiss and Kill, Snarzan the Ape stops a monkey dictator, a private eye helps a mutant maiden, The Rift of the Maggis celebrate a lethal anniversary, Spookie reads the news, Wildman meets Rubberoy, an insane date makes dinner Hell for Garcon, Death Lies Ahead for a deranged duo, The Ol' Skipper frightens cannibals with a pussycat, Slug-Nutty Sam goes berserk, Timmy the Timid Ghost meets Maxie Ghost, Powerhouse Pepper has a nightmare, an Idle Dreamer goes to another dimension, Goosey the Ghost geeks out, the Skull Scavenger seeks a cure for immortality, humans fight for survival in The Lost World, space dragons attack The Planet That Vanished, all this and a jungle thriller! Paranormal sagas of silliness and funny fantasy!< Less
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Zane Cameron Thomas was just an ordinary college student on a scholarship at the London College of Music until he accidentally bumped into the wrong person; an evil gorgeous vampiress Amelia... More > Brightwood on the hunt for someone to bring into her Master Vampire's empire. Zane fit the profile perfectly since he was drop-dead gorgeous at 6'1", ebony black hair, sapphire blue eyes and the fantasy lover of any girl's dream. Amelia turns him immortal and when he discovers what she's done to him; there is nothing that can compare to Zane Cameron’s immortal fury that explodes as he breaks every rule that is enforced upon him as his sweet loving soul fights to remain inside of him. Will he remain the same sweet loving compassionate Zane once his training is over or will he become as evil as Amelia?< Less
Love 101: Mistaken Identity Part Deux By Sylvia Hubbard
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Prudish school teacher, Cheyenne, loses a bet with her students and is forced to wear her student's uniform. On the same day, she meets the devilishly gorgeous Evan Crane who is desperately lost... More > and needs "assistance" getting home. Fighting his attraction to who is think is just a high school student, Evan finds he needs her help. Deciding to take advantage of his weakness and her own mounting attraction to him, Cheyenne kisses Evan. That's when her plan to just tease the stranger becomes a chance for her to live out her own reckless fantasy. Yet, when the tables are turned and she reaps what she has sown, Cheyenne has to make a choice to forgive Evan and overcome her own fears or miss out on the most perfect love any woman could ever have. Sequel to Love 101 (included in Prologue) and the continuing saga of Mistaken Identity series.< Less
The Chronicles of Koradai - The Dawning of a New Age By Daniel K, Kennedy
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The death of a King heralds a new era in the world of Koradai. It is written by the legendary visionary that after a King’s death, the King’s faithful servant must read from the ancient... More > text in order to call upon the new ruler, however when Koradai’s most treasured possession is stolen by a traitor of the palace it is up to the towns people to take action. Will the visionary start to adapt to the dark evil that holds it or will good fight back and claim the land once more? Julian Somers misses the last bus home after a night out with his best friend Steph. Deciding to take a short cut, Julian does not realise that he is about to be sucked into a world of which he knows nothing. The visionary is calling its new master and the messenger is just about to arrive. Join Julian Somers on his journey in The Chronicles of Koradai. Teenage Gay Themed Fantasy Fiction< Less
A Scruffian Primer By Hal Duncan
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Meet the Scruffians, workhouse tykes and street arabs scrobbled by the Waiftaker General, dragged to the Institute and put to the Stamp, Fixed ageless, imperishable... the perfect child labour. Meet... More > the scruffs escaped to live free & fight back: Flashjack and Puckerscruff; Squirlet Nicely and Vermintrude Toerag; Yapper, the Scruffian what speaks Dog; Whelp, the dog Fixed as a scruff; and Rake Jake Scallion, not a scruff, but the finest friend a scruff ever had. Park yer arse, stray, and we'll learn yer the ABCs of being a scruff. We'll learn yer how us Scruffians STAMP. Praise for A Scruffian Survival Guide: “The post- post- modern Victorian fables that comprise Hal Duncan’s A Scruffian Survival Guide inhabit a unique dark fantasy world – a feral dream. The language is mad genius.” -- Jeffrey Ford "Hal Duncan's cheeky and charming Scruffian stories hide a steely shiv of inspection..." -- Neil Williamson< Less
A Scruffian Feastiary By Hal Duncan
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Fixed imperishable by the Stamp, sold as slaves, escaped to run wild, fight dirty and plot revenge, Scruffians might look no more'n filthy guttersnipes, but it's a daft groanhuff who crosses em. From... More > the Children's Crusades to the chimney sweeps of Ripper Vicky's London, from Jack Scallywag to the Beast of Buskerville, Scruffians have learnt the hard way to carry a shiv and mind yer mate's back. We'll learn you too, scamp, with these fabbles of Liberatings and Come-Uppances, carnival carnage and Christmas feasts. So cosy in and grab some grub. It's stew tonight, and if yer finds a finger... that's good luck! Praise for A Scruffian Survival Guide: “The post- post- modern Victorian fables that comprise Hal Duncan’s A Scruffian Survival Guide inhabit a unique dark fantasy world – a feral dream. The language is mad genius.” — Jeffrey Ford< Less
Meli's Journal - Belac By Melissa Poteat
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Traveling to many different lands, Melinda took time to jot down different things that she saw at different occasions that she was able to experience. She felt that this would be a good way of... More > documenting what she saw. She never intended anyone of reading her journals. It was just something that she enjoyed doing after her adventures. Writing of her experiences, doodling scenes, and making up poems was a way of her bringing her fantasy lands into her reality world. Belac was her land of darkness and evil. It was the land where demons were born and innocent souls were trapped. Her travels through the land put her in the homeland of the demons she battled. This land was not one of her favorites to visit, but it was one of her favorites to battle. The gruesome decor or the land and the stench made her fight harder and quicker, which made her better at battle.< Less
City Builder Volume 11: Underworld Places By Jim Clunie et al.
eBook (PDF): $1.99
City Builder Volume 11: Underworld Places is the final volume in a series of 11 complementary books designed to help guide Game Masters create exciting and compelling urban areas and places within... More > them for their campaigns. It is a universal game resource that is not specific to any particular system and is intended to be compatible with the needs of almost any ancient, Dark Ages, Middle Ages, Renaissance, or fantasy milieu. Its contents include: * An Introduction that describes the series and how to use the material in this volume; * Sections devoted to Brothels, Gambling Dens, Pit-Fighting Rings, and Thieves’, Assassins’, and Beggars’ Guilds; and, * Two or more Adventure Hooks tying in with each described sort of place. This download includes low-resolution screen-friendly and high-resolution printer-friendly versions of its cover surfaces, low- and high-resolution versions of its interior pages, and a text-only version of its interior pages.< Less
Belladonna -- The Beginning By MD Moffitt
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In a world on top of our own, a world of magic and power, a war is about to begin. In a corrupted kingdom, where only one may rule, three must fight for the throne. When Indigo Cohors gets thrust... More > into another dimension where things such as fairies and vampires are ruling, her life gets turned upside down. Her name changes, she meets her long lost sisters and becomes a princess of a magical race. However, it's not all fun and games in the Fae World. Lies are told, blood is drawn and loyalties are tested as the three sisters are forced into a battle they never asked for. The first in a series of young adult novels by an up and coming author. MD Moffitt blends reality and fantasy in a unique combination of vampires, faries and intense action scenes for a book you just can't put down. The twists and turns will keep you on the edge of your seat wondering if you are rooting for the right side.< Less

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