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The Same as You By Kelly-Ann Graydon
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Having depression and anxiety isn't like being sad or nervous. Some people don’t believe DAS is actually a mental illness but it is. My DAS (Depression, Anxiety, and Stress) started during my... More > time of illness. I lost all meaning to my life. I couldn't smile or laugh or enjoy myself because the negative thoughts in my head wouldn't let me. I saw everything wrong with me and I felt like everyone around me was just out to get me. If I was hurting inside I would cry myself to sleep. I didn't know what I was doing, which direction to turn, what decisions to make; I just wanted to curl up and die. But times did get better and even though I am still fighting to be positive in any way I can, I have come through it. I’m also thankful that my family was there for me through my hard times, taking care of me when I was unwell. Without them I wouldn't be the more positive person I am today. "This is the tale of a young girl's survival against DAS and questions about her sexuality."< Less
Dire: Under Siege - Prologue/Chapter 1 By Wednesday Eclipse
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Fifteen year old Rose Morning-Star, is no ordinary girl. In fact, she's a half-breed of fallen angel and fairy. Due to no wings and only magic to help nature, she can heal quicker than the average... More > human and has the strength to go on. Though vulnerable to holy objects from her fallen side, she can handle hallowed ground for a short amount of time. Rose has been in search for her father since he left and never returned a year ago, and her mother died when she was a baby. Alone and superhuman, she fends for herself with the help of a group of vampires. The enemy were the werewolf pack and the kingdom of the dark fae. In this chapter, the town is under threat by the dark fae. Rose and her group of vampires send someone to convince them to stop the attacks. But it seems they weren't giving up that easy. Dire is an action fantasy of a young teen who will fight to the end.< Less
Halfway to Penwellard By Claire Collard
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The third in the trilogy of the Penwellard Adventures. The pisky & fairy kingdoms are threatened by the evil mirror magician Newa who has captured the island of Miragia, where he has created a... More > laboratory of mirrors through which he is trying to gain control of the pisky & fairy kingdoms. Now his sorcery has reached has reached a new level of evil, as he tries to capture his victims through the mirrors & turn them into their evil twins. Dewi & the Poet have been captured by Newa. While Nell, Louisa & Shona are attending the wedding of Ellica the Fairy Queen & Glesin the Pisky Prince. Ellica takes the girls to Miragia in the flying chariot, where Louisa glimpses Dewi in a mirror; but then he disappears from view & Ellica realises that Mirror Magic is at work. Can Nell, Louisa Shona, Ellica & the Pisky Princes save Dewi and the Poet from the evil Newa? Sherbet the magical cat & Arachnia the wise & ancient spider are also on hand to help to fight against the powers of evil.< Less
Magical Autumn By Valéria Schmitt
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Caroline Garden is a teenager who is quiet happy with her life and her school, and does not understand why her mother insists on celebrating her sixteenth birthday with a big party, by sending... More > invitations to all her classmates and relatives. Of course the news of the party and the popular band hired to play changes the way her classmates relate to her, including Bernard, the young man she has a crush on. During the party Carrie meets the handsome but enigmatic Erick Thatcher, son of one of her mother’s friends. She also meets a mysterious woman, the venerable Ambrosina. In the party, there was a revelation. They were all witches including Carrie. She also finds out she has an enemy to fight and defeat – Hypollitus.Carrie is the only one who can defeat this monster in a fierce battle. Carrie matures from a socially awkward and shy girl into a young woman who loves intensely and who faces her mission with courage. Will Carrie defeat Hyppolitus and find out Erick’s real heritage at last?< Less
Memoirs Of My Existence By Lauren Nicolaus
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Jakob Reiderman has vowed to kill himself. After discovering he has a rare form of dementia that is progressively killing off his memory cells, Jakob is convinced ending his life is the best... More > solution-that is, until he meets Ellie, a quirky yet deeply young girl who makes him question everything. Their first awkward encounter on the subway only fuels their curiousity about each other and leads to them spending more time together. Eventually Jakob and Ellie develop a seemingly unbreakable bond. But, their relationship isn't without trial. They both share a similiar dark past and are constantly fighting off their demons. Whether it's a diagnosed disease or a constant fear of the unknown, they both have their share to endure. However, despite all their tribulation and frequent denial, the two need each other. This necessary dependence is something Jakob and Ellie must learn to accept before it's too late.< Less
Dark Side of the World: Golden Silence By Lee Jerrard
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GOLDEN SILENCE: A story of isolation, the effects and a retaliating war surrounding it. Future Earth has a new face of blue. Across the ocean, the new circular island of Pervil is congested with... More > impressive towers and giant TV screens in every direction, but crime and terror wander the streets with a violent race of disfigured mutants. As for one man, the greatest thing to ever happen to him was to fall in love and have a baby girl, but against his line of work it was also his biggest mistake. Forced to live an anonymous life in Pervil, he is entrapped, living on borrowed time and desperate to escape to the other side for the safety of his family. When officially offered his chance to escape to the other side, he has no choice but to take on an operation far from his control. On a journey with a band of hopefuls he becomes tangled up in a war. Fighting to survive with the horrors that await him he must face his own conscience when he learns the awful truths outside of Pervil.< Less
ReCollection-ReCalling Your Future By Jim Hunter
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Aldo is like many boys you may know today: he loves his family, crushes on girls and digs playing the newest video games. The differences are that he has no body, his family is only memories and the... More > games he plays may kill him. Aldo lives where almost everybody lives, in the massive machine called HEAVEn. His Soul uploaded when he was 16; that was over 30 years ago. Now, because humans keep making the same stupid mistakes they always have, he is joining his closest friends in a fight to save themselves, the machine and the entire human race. But they can't do it alone. They don't know who to trust, and are having a hard time even trusting themselves. So, Aldo is reaching back to someone he can trust. You. He is streaming his memories to the past to let you know what is coming - so that you will be ready, when your time comes. You may be mankind's last best hope to survive the future.< Less
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The Life of Mimi Cai By Isabella Becksted
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This story is about the reality of high school. This book portrays the life of Mimi Cai as the average high school student. Mimi Cai is forced to go to a boarding school called Makenna High but gets... More > expelled by the mean girl after her first two years, Sabrina Kyle. She struggles in Her her new school called Camilie High when she finds out Sabrina attends there. Although she does makes a few friends, Mia, Sara, Matt and Rae. Can she stay away from Ryan Birkes, the bad boy from Makenna High? Mimi gets into a car accident when she and her mom get into a fight. She is hospitalized and gets visits from all her friends including Rae, whom she hasn't seen in over two years after leaving Makenna High. She doesn't know how to tell her friends her biggest secret of all time. Both she and Rae plan to see each other in private, and Mimi can't seem to find the words to tell Rae her secret. Would they still remain friends?< Less
Summary: The Great Alone - Summarized for Busy People: A Novel: Based on the Book by Kristin Hannah By Goldmine Reads
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Ernt Allbright comes home from a war in Vietnam different from whom he was before and when he receives a letter from the father of his friend who died in the war and he brings his family up... More > north—to Alaska, where they would live off the grid in America’s last true frontier. Thirteen-year-old Leni Allbright is a girl growing up in a tumultuous time, caught in between her parents’ stormy relationship, who grows up hoping that moving to a new land will change their lives for the better—desperate to feel like she belongs somewhere. Her mother, Cora, would do anything to make the man she loves happy, even if it meant following him into the unknown. In this story reflecting the human frailty and resilience, Kristin Hannah shares the resolute character of American pioneer and the spirit of vanishing Alaska—a wilderness full of beauty and danger. The Great Alone is a daring and touching tale about the fight for survival, love and loss, and the beauty of the great Alaskan wilderness.< Less

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