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What Is Happiness By Robert D. Greco Jr.
eBook (ePub): $8.99
Why are so many people frustrated with life so much of the time? While there are times we experience moments of true joy, true love, true happiness, why don’t they last? Why are they the... More > exception rather than the rule? Unlike wealth, happiness cannot be inherited. We have all heard the well-worn axiom, “Money can’t buy you happiness”. If it could, only the wealthy would be happy, and this we certainly know is not true. Throughout the journey of this book, we will explore common sense reasons why so many other books on finding happiness do not work. You read them, and for a day or so they help, but soon after you have forgotten their quotes and exercises and find yourself in even deeper despair. While we cannot always cause events outside ourselves to come together to produce the right circumstances for continuous happiness, we can attempt change the way we react to them. Only this creates a deep and emotional foundation on which this book is based.< Less
Happiness Overflow By Declan Emery
eBook (ePub): $11.30
Be happy and relax your mind... “Discover How To Live In Peace And Harmony In A World Full Of Uncertainty And Dramatically Improve Your Quality Of Life Today Through Happiness!” Finally... More > You Can Fully Equip Yourself With These “Must Know ” Secret For Finding Happiness And Achieving Calmness To Live A Life Of Comfort That You Deserve! But here’s the good news: Finding happiness is not as hard as you thought! You just need to have the right tools and strategies! But before we go into that, ask yourself, have you ever faced any of these problems in your life? tick Feeling helpless and Anxiety. tick Having back pain, stiff neck or jaw, trouble to sleep, or insomnia. tick Having high blood pressure or occasional shortness of breath. tick You lack the tools and strategies needed for helping you overcome your Stress and hence Depression. tick You don’t have a proper support system needed to help you deal with your Stress. Introducing…Happiness Overflow< Less
Happy At Last By Nicole Marie
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After struggling for years to get her life back on track after a debilitating loss, Dany Simons thinks her luck is finally turning around. She's settled into a comfortable routine and is genuinely... More > happy for the first time in ages. She has a faithful companion in her cat, a steady job to pay her bills, and a wonderful apartment where she can shut the world out if she chooses to do so. One glance from a mysterious stranger named Finn, however, sends her perfectly ordered world into a tailspin. Suddenly Dany's every thought revolves around the green-eyed man whose stare sends shivers down her spine. Her friends warn her to stay away from him; she's told he is bad news. Something in her brain tells her otherwise, and she sets out to find out what makes him tick. Drama, tension, and long-kept secrets eventually come to a head as Dany's life becomes entangled with Finn's. Will they find a happy ending, or will the rumors and never-ending struggles keep them apart?< Less
Family Happiness By Leo Tolstoy
eBook (ePub): $3.99
Family Happiness is an 1859 novella written by Leo Tolstoy, first published in The Russian Messenger. The story concerns the love and marriage of a young girl, Mashechka (17 years old), and the much... More > older Sergey Mikhaylych (36), an old family friend. This maybe echoes Tolstoy's own marriage to a woman of 18 when he was 34. After a somewhat awkward courtship, the two are married and move to Mikhaylych's home. Over the course of the 100-page story, Mashechka finds that married life and her feelings for Mikhaylych are much more complex than she had thought and have little to do with her previous, slightly naive, notions of marriage, hence the ironic overtones of the title, "Family Happiness".< Less
Happy Slumbers By Tom Lichtenberg
Paperback: $7.95
Prints in 3-5 business days
When his brother Argus disappears, Alex Kirkham finds himself once again involved in the mystery of the place once known as Snapdragon Alley, an empty lot on the edge of the city where people have... More > been seen to walk into thin air and simply vanish. Some say there is a creature there, an invisible intergalactic dragon that comes back now and then and takes what it wants, or maybe it's a black hole, or a place where aliens do their abducting. Nobody knows, certainly not Alex who, with nothing to go on, decides to visit the site, and hope for the best. In this, the fourth and final installment of the Dragon City series, all questions are answered, and all ends are tied.< Less
A World of Happiness By Luigi Savagnone
eBook (ePub): $3.69
Plot: the protagonist decides to make himself a small boat to be able to find solace to his ailments in the sea, but receives a letter in which he was told that he was hired at the bank. In his new... More > job he is very bad, and for that pretends to be sick to take a vacation in the Sahara. After many misadventures, which threatens the life, is able to return and resume work. But yet another insult suffered by superiors, convince him to resign, take the small boat and venture out into the sea. Here he meets a mermaid who invites him in her amazing underwater world, but .. This book is dedicated to the men humble, not arrogant, but strong and sure of themselves.< Less
Happiness Reclaim By Chris Powell
eBook (ePub): $8.99
As little children most of us had the happiness nothing in this world could buy. We were happy no matter what! Then what happened? Most find ourselves: hurt, sad, depressed, broken, cheated on,... More > stuck and even vengeful. Life truly does not have to be this way. There is something we can do, no one has the power to change think for us. We can begin to let go when we decide. This books shows reader how to reclaim their happiness by being the free self they which they are and always will be. Happiness is your birthright, you can reclaim it when you want to. You can choose another way to reach the child like state of happiness when you felt free, light and happy. By learning to let go of unwanted circumstances in life, you too can achieve an inner happiness that is untouchable by others or life circumstances.< Less
The Happy Couple By Christopher Smith
eBook (ePub): $6.22
Relationships are fickle. Think back to your childhood, and how easily you or the kids around you could make new best friends or 'fire' their current best friend. You cannot, however, afford to be... More > that way if you'd like to have a long-term, happy romantic relationship with someone. This is where The Happy Couple comes in. I'm neither a therapist nor a psychiatrist of any sort; my only qualification is 25 years of being happily married to the same person, and the reason why I wrote this book, is because so many people have asked us through the years: "How do you do it? What's your secret?" In this book, I tried to keep things practical - I want you to be able to read it, easily understand it, then find some practical application in your life right away. I want both you and your partner to be happy - very happy. I mean: Why not? Isn't that what romance is all about?< Less
The Happy Bus By Louisa Campbell
Paperback: $7.26
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(2 Ratings)
Louisa Campbell, a former mental health nurse, grew up coping with her childhood by dissociating: splitting off difficult experiences into different parts of her personality. She writes as adult and... More > child, therapist and patient, and even as a dog, as she charts the bumpy ride from dissociation, through anger, depression and anxiety to clarity, peace and joy. She hopes anyone who has had to lock away painful emotions might find something useful within the lines of her poems. She lives in Kent, England. * "Louisa Campbell's poetry is wild and daring. It crackles with giant passions and relentless, surging energy. By turns poignant, terrifying and exuberant, The Happy Bus steers the reader through a landscape of dazzling colours." - John McCullough "A great ear, her words link to each other for sound and affirmation; zany and there for us; a new voice negotiating with poetry, rather than someone trying to make poems in the style of." - Ira Lightman< Less
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