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Defiant The Guinea Pig: Firefighter! By Rachel and Henry Gee
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Defiant the Guinea Pig is a lazy lump who spends all day in bed eating carrot pies and reading his Captain Extraordinary comics. When Defiant's mother tells him to leave home and find a job, he... More > becomes the smallest and unlikeliest new recruit in the City Fire Service. But Defiant's new life as a firefighter begins just as a new wave of fires sweep the city. Can Defiant and his firefighting friend Vermifuge the Armadillo find the firestarter? Can they save the city from going up in smoke? And will Defiant make his Mum proud?< Less
The UNICUS HEAT Training System for Firefighters By Frank Nunez
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The UNICUS H.E.A.T. Training System is the first comprehensive training program designed specifically for firefighters and the job they perform. With 12 fully detailed workouts, you now have a years... More > worth of programming that is both biomechanically and functionally correct for your body and the job of firefighting.< Less
Many Women Strong: A Handbook for Women Firefighters By U.S. Department of Homeland Security, Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA)
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Women have a long history as firefighters, yet only recently have significant numbers of women begun to choose the fire service as a career. While some volunteer fire departments have included women... More > for years, many others are beginning to do so only now. A woman considering volunteer service or a career as a firefighter often has many questions. What does the work involve? How can I best prepare myself for it? What are the challenges and rewards of firefighting? How will the fire department and the other firefighters accept me? This handbook was created to help women who would like to become career, volunteer, or seasonal firefighters, as well as those who have just started on the job and are seeking guidance. It offers insights and suggestions from women who have been there: female firefighters, officers, and chiefs from all across the country. It attempts to present firefighting as it really is--neither glamorized nor trivialized--and to share answers to questions women commonly have...< Less
The “People Power” Job Superbook: Book 15. Outdoor - Green - Eco - Environmental Job Guide (Natural Resources, Conservation, Parks, Forestry - Lumber, Recreation, Firefighter, Green Energy - Building) By Tony Kelbrat
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Outdoor jobs generally go in five categories: 1.) Outdoor recreation and outdoor guides. 2.) Environmental and ecology. 3.) Agriculture. 4.) Parks and government natural resources. 5.) Other... More > jobs where being outdoors is incidental to the job. The pay is not extremely high in any of these jobs but if you get to be outdoors and you get paid for doing something you love doing then an outdoor job is way better than any office job. Many local vocational schools offer technician type courses for outdoor work. General outdoor recreation books are at #796 to #799 at the library. Books about agriculture are at: 630. Agriculture. 631. Farming. 632. Plant science. 633. Field crops. 634. Orchards, small fruit, forestry. 635. Horticulture, garden crops. 636. Livestock and domestic animals. 637. Dairy and related industries. 638. Insect culture. 639. Nondomesticated animals.< Less
Firefighter War Stories II: More Memories from the Firehouse Years By Lew LeBlanc
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A retired Fire Captain from a Boston suburb shares over 150 stories from his 33-year career. Get a glimpse into a life that few outside of the profession ever see—that of a firefighter—by... More > a man who has lived it. LeBlanc brings you along as he shares his experiences: the camaraderie—and conflict—within the firehouse; the feeling of satisfaction in a job well done (perhaps...saving a life); and the agony of loss. Expect a roller coaster ride. The book continuously transitions from the ridiculous to the sublime; one story will be incredibly amusing, the next will leave you experiencing the same sense of loss as Mr. LeBlanc obviously felt. No matter what size department you work on, people are people and you can't make this stuff up. Perfect for those who dream of a career as firefighter, or those who would like to learn (and be entertained) more about the behind-the-scenes, day-to-day situations encountered by these brave heroes.< Less
A Guide to Becoming a Firefighter in Australia: All You Need to Know About: Applying & Testing, Assessments & Selection, Training & Working, In the Fire and Rescue Service: Covers All Australian State and Territory Fire and Rescue Services By Renato Rossi
eBook (ePub): $4.99
All you need to know about applying and testing, assessments and selection, & training and working and in the Fire and Rescue Service. Covers all Australian State and Territory Fire and Rescue... More > Services in individual sections. A Guide to Becoming a Firefighter will tell you all you need to know about your state fire service to help you make an informed decision about a career, and prepare you to be more competitive in the application and recruitment process. It also covers material on what to expect and how to prepare for training and life on the job. This guide is a must read for all general entry candidates, as well as their friends and families. It covers detailed information on how to become a firefighter, axillary firefighter, aviation firefighter, volunteer firefighter, or support worker, and all about - ENTRY ELEGIBILITY, APPLICATION AND TESTING, ASSESMENTS AND INTERVEIWS, MEDICAL AND HEALTH CRITERA, FITNESS PREPARATION, RECRUIT TRAINING AND LIFE ON THE JOB< Less
The Cavalry Is Coming By John Broyles
eBook (ePub): $2.00
Firefighters have a very difficult job. Sam Bracznyck and his crew with the 108th Fire Department know this very well. These are a few of his adventures.
First Response - Fire Service Recruitment Preparation Guide By Joachim Matthews
Paperback: $39.95
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If you're serious about joining the fire service in Australia or New Zealand, First Response is the ultimate exam preparation guide. It's written by a full time firefighter and takes you through the... More > entrance process from independent study and physical training all the way to final interviews.< Less
War Stories: Some Memories from the Firehouse Years By Lew LeBlanc
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A Captain from a suburban Fire Department shares over 100 stories from his 30-year career in this collection of anecdotes. It’s not all guts and glory and running into burning buildings.... More > There’s also downtime, station life, and side jobs. He has seen people at their best and at their worst and everything in between. Just when you think you’ve seen it all, what looks like a routine call turns out to be anything but routine. Put it all together and you have an interesting study of human nature. Many of these stories will make you laugh, some will make you cry, and others will just make you stop and think. See life through his eyes, that of a career firefighter. This book is not just for firefighters. A glossary ensures that everyone can enjoy the stories, including those who may not be familiar with Fire Department jargon.< Less
Fifty Ways to Kill Your Brother - PowerPoint Presentation Outline By Richard B. Gasaway, Ph.D.
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This is the POWER POINT PRESENTATION OUTLINE - from my doctoral research on fireground command decision making under stress and the barriers that impact commander situation awareness. This work... More > represents four years of effort to improve the understanding of fireground command decision making. I hope this program will help you see things in new and different ways. As fireground commanders, it is your job to make sure you are making good decisions and protecting the lives of your firefighters. The foundation of fireground command decision making is situation awareness. This includes being able to efficiently and effectively gather cues and clues about what is going on, comprehending those cues and clues into an understanding of what is going on, and then being able to predict where the incident is heading. I have thoroughly enjoyed conducting this research and I sincerely hope you enjoyed my program and this outline helps you improve fireground command decision making under stress.< Less