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Undying Fire By Tom Howard
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A chance encounter leads to lasting love. Jim Cage met the love of his life, Veronica, while in high school. Though after hitting it off right away, and falling madly in love, they were soon parted... More > when a tragedy struck Jim’s family. The two lovers never knew if they would see one another again, however, the raging fire of their love, never ceased. Becoming a firefighter, Jim had never given up on his dream of returning to his home town, to rekindle the romance with the one to whom his heart belonged. However, upon arriving back home, many years later, Jim found things were not the way he had once known. Reuniting with his best friend, State Police Detective Frank Cross, Jim enlists his aide to find Veronica, and soon discovers a dark shroud of secrets surrounding the life he once knew…one of which hit closer to home than he ever thought possible.< Less
Signs of Life By Mark Mosier
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Come ride along with the crew from Station 4. You’ll respond to heart attacks, gunshot victims, and major car crashes all in a non-stop heart pounding pace. Lives will be changed, lives will be... More > lost and lives will be saved. You have the front row seat to it all. Experience the emotion and drama that plays out in this world we call EMS. Can the men and women who dedicate their lives to this endeavor really make a difference? The answer is yes, and it happens day in and day out, all over the world. Mark Mosier began his paramedic career in 1982. With over 30 years of Advanced Life Support transport experience, he is uniquely qualified to share these incredible stories. He has worked in both the private ambulance sector and as a firefighter paramedic. This career has also included teaching in all areas of pre-hospital care. He is currently working in southern Iraq as a paramedic...but that’s a whole other story.< Less
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The Sergeant's Daughter By Jud Sage
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Marine Corps PFC Owen Callahan, fresh out of boot camp at Parris Island, finds himself in a firefight in a Vietnam jungle. His platoon is in trouble, and he charges into action with little regard for... More > his own safety to help get his mates out of danger. Badly wounded, he survives and is eventually awarded the Medal of Honor. Later, when Owen is a staff sergeant at Marine Barracks Washington, DC, his wife suffers a traumatic advance in childbirth, and he turns to Lieutenant Daniel Tucker for assistance in getting a transfer. Lieutenant Tucker helps the young sergeant and his family, who are ever grateful, and the two families stay connected over the years. Later, Owen and Dan are in combat together; Dan is wounded and Owen helps save his life. Owen's daughter Katy matures into a beautiful young woman, and she and Dan begin a romantic relationship. When Dan commands a regiment with Owen as his sergeant major, the romance threatens both Dan's career and their friendship. Will Dan and Katy ever find happiness?< Less
Valley of the Purple Hearts By Rick DeStefanis
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When young Buck Marino first meets Rolley Zwyrkowski, he little realizes how much their next year together in Vietnam will change his life forever. The months following the 1968 Tet Offensive and the... More > battles of the 101st Airborne between Hue and Phu Bai, and westward into the A Shau Valley, provide the backdrop for a story about boys becoming men in a paradoxical war. And when he meets Army nurse Janie Jorgensen, Buck believes he has found true love only to discover that the war has left his heart and soul lost in a futureless void. Valley of The Purple Hearts follows the men of 2nd Squad through the shadowy jungles and mountains of I-Corps as they fight main force Viet Cong and NVA regulars. With constant enemy contact, booby-traps, sniper fire and all-out firefights, Buck and his buddies follow their squad leader, Rolley, who puts the lives of his men first. When the young sergeant sacrifices his safety for that of his men, Buck must step up in the heat of battle.< Less
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How to naturally reduce pain By Fallon
eBook (PDF): $4.00
Afraid of really bad pain? Think you need to find ways to reduce it? Here's the guide. Lots of Americans take pain very seriously, that's why we all must know what to do when there is pain. If you... More > know what to do about pain, you'll find yourself much less afraid of it. I think this guide is very important to those who want to fulfill their dreams, but there dreams have so much to do with physical pain. Dreams such as being in a dangerous sport, or having a baby, or being a firefighter, or anything like that. I care about those people and I don't want them to be afraid of the physical pain their dreams have in store for them. Since nobody loves horrible physical pain *and* because I myself had a lot of questions about pain, I went right ahead and put this ebook together. I hope this book prepares you for any pain that is ahead. I believe there is very deep, useful, needed, helpful information in this thing, and I want those of you who fear/dread pain to definitely read it. Look at the preview.< Less
REMF "War Stories" 17TH CAG - Nha Trang, Vietnam - 1969 By Dean Muehlberg
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Not a tale of firefights and blood, this book should be read by anyone who lived through the Vietnam era that was not directly involved and did not go to Vietnam. It provides a sense of what went... More > through their minds, the conflicts and confusion and related fears. In a self-deprecating style, the author comes of age, examining these emotions and the guilts of being assigned to a secure area, of leaving a job before it was completed, and abandoning faithful Vietnamese friends. It should be read by anyone who cares about those who went and who want to understand more about them and their era. Forty photos provide a flavor of the year and the place. RAPID CITY JOURNAL 8-21-05 SAYS "MORE THAN OTHER STORIES ABOUT VIETNAM, THIS ONE IS REFLECTIVE, AND THANKFULLY SO. MUEHLBERG SORTS THROUGH THE MORASS TO FIND ENOUGH GOOD TO GIVE HIMSELF AND READERS THE FEELING THAT VIETNAM WAS NOT ENTIRELY AN INSTANCE OF MINDLESS OBLIVION THAT IT SOMETIMES SEEMS." ***Meridian/Boise area may contact author for copies (605-389-1341).***< Less
Slingshot By Tom Kovach
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NON-FICTION. Topics: terrorism, politics, illegal aliens, military, and more. Tom Kovach examined a Nashville vehicle bombing, and found evidence missed by police, firefighters, and Federal... More > agents. WAS it domestic terrorism? WHY can’t Wesley Clark become president? WHY are the Islamist terrorists so dedicated to their cause? DID the Brown Berets shoot down a police helicopter? The answers, and many more, are in Slingshot. This book contains hard-hitting facts and opinions, "inside" notes, and surprise material. There’s no book like Slingshot. REVIEWS "This book should be required reading for every American, age 16 and older...." -- Charles Jones III (Brigadier General, USAF, Retired; chairman, National Veterans Coalition) "If you want to straighten out America, think of it as a compass." -- Jack Cashill, Ph.D. (author, columnist, documentary producer) "... this guy is like Charlie Daniels with a pen instead of a fiddle." -- Mark Rose (columnist and blogger)< Less
Hamilton Fire Department - A Historical Look Back By John Verbeek
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Rising from the ashes of a major fire in the downtown core on November 16, 1832, the Hamilton Fire Department has evolved from a citizens bucket brigade into a firefighting force of over 750... More > personnel. Take a look back at those early days starting in 1833 when the first Central Fire Station was constructed to the beginnings of a full time Department on January 14, 1879. Read about several of this City's most devastating fires including the Fisher and McQuesten Foundry fire, the human tragedies at the Moose Hall fire in 1944 and the Wentworth Arms Hotel in 1976 and re-visit one of Hamilton's most notorious fires which occurred in 1997. On a more personal note, read about Hamilton firemen who gave their lives in World War 1 while serving their country and those who died in the line of duty while serving the citizens of Hamilton. This book captures 187 years of history, a story of people, places and events that together tell the story of the Hamilton Fire Department< Less

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