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The Manual of the First Church, Dover, N.H. By N. E. Stiles' Job Print
eBook (PDF): $2.00
Printed March 1893. Organized December 1638. This manual gives some history of this church. A very interesting read. 59 pages.
My First Job Memories By Dawn Lucan
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Searching for a job is not an easy task. When you are searching for your first job, it is even more difficult. What are some of the resources out there to help me with my job search? What do I wear... More > to my first job interview? Is it normal to be nervous at my first job interview? What are some good career resources out there? I will cover this and much more in this book.< Less
Manual of Job-Related Thinking Skills By U.S. Department of Homeland Security
Paperback: $21.51
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The first skills in this manual are the basic thinking skills, which can be called deduction and induction. These are the two types of skills that are used in drawing conclusions from given... More > information. Deduction and induction are very similar. They differ in only two ways-- the completeness of the available information and the degree of certainty of the conclusion, as indicated below: • Deduction: The individual has all the information necessary to draw a conclusion. The conclusion is certain; it is true if the evidence is true. • Induction: The individual does not have complete evidence. He or she draws a conclusion based on the information available. The conclusion is uncertain, that is to say, probabilistic; it may not be true even if the evidence is true. In the work of DHS, deduction is typically used in applying laws and rules to specific situations. Induction is used in situations in which officers need to make on-the-spot probabilistic judgments, sometimes in life-threatening situations.< Less
Life After College - The Modern Guide for Millennials Looking for a Job After Graduation By Joe Wang
eBook (PDF): $5.99
Are you currently in your last year or semester of college and still have no idea on how to obtain a job? Have you already graduated college but still have a tough time finding a job? Do you want the... More > secret to and quick how to manual on how to land your first job out of college? If you answered yes to any of the above, then this book is for you! Life after graduation can be daunting for many college students, especially for modern millennials. This guideline is catered towards the modern college student or recently graduated student who is looking to land their first job upon graduation. In this guideline, it offers a top-down approach on the job-hunting world from step A all the way to the final process, including salary negotiation, perfecting your resume as well as job tracking. These secrets will give you the confidence and knowledge expertise to break into the job market and obtain that job you always dreamed of!< Less
Playing Samba and Bossa Nova: A Field Manual for Drummers By Todd Bishop
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Playing Samba and Bossa Nova: A Field Manual for Drummers Written by Todd Bishop, author of the popular drumming blog, Cruise Ship Drummer!, this is the first in a series of style manuals focused... More > on the musical essentials you really need in the field, playing professionally. With this book the subject is the Brazilian styles Samba and Bossa Nova, and how to play them in a jazz band/lounge band setting. Topics include: your job as drummer, how to build your own grooves, how to play with a band, how to play creatively and authentically, and more! Level: high school, through college, through professional. An excellent resource for teachers and band directors, as well. Visit for more information.< Less
Assyrian Speech Lessons Book 1 Foundation Level Student Manual By Madeleine Davis
Paperback: $13.00
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This book is the first of four foundation books to teach Assyrian speech to students who have already followed a beginners’ reading course and are able to read a little. The method adopted in... More > this course is based on the fact that we learn our mother tongue by hearing and repeating what we have heard. Thus the exercises are focused on listening and repeating sentences formed by the present tense of the verb to be. The students who follow this course diligently will be able to describe themselves and other people by giving their name, place of birth, nationality, job or occupation, personality traits and physical appearance. The student manual is intended to be used with the speech videos that are available online. In the second edition misspellings and other errors have been rectified, a few exercises have been extended, and the Mini Dictionary has been updated and enhanced with some additions.< Less
The CEO Effect: The Survival Manual Toward Reaching The Top Of Your Field By Lorenzo L. Sellers
Hardcover: $24.99
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The first year is crucial to success and you just don't become successful within the "trial" year. What this book will has is what you need to know and what you need to do the year prior to... More > see massive results in the following year. The CEO Effect is a real momentum builder for anyone who would like to see more success within the workplace or business. This book will show you how to... - Build a network of by using the power of LinkedIn and other social media networks - Be one step ahead of your competitors in the workcenter, office, or marketplace - Incorporate habits that will propel your job, career, or business to the next level - Recognize opportunities within "problems" at work - Become the center of attention in within any organization - Build massive momentum for maximum results in any task - Raise your annual income without stepping on people to do it Become a self-made success story that will inspire others to do the same. It all starts with The CEO Effect.< Less
3 Paths to Internet Wealth: Start Making Your First $1000 Online in 30 Days or Less By Robert B. Ingalls
eBook (ePub): $1.99
The Internet has absolutely changed the whole world's business landscape since its inception, especially the employment market, which has never been stable lately. As a matter of fact, one cannot... More > guarantee his own job security in such fast moving economic condition. It has never been easier than now to start a low-cost but high-return online business that can bring sustainable long-term income. "3 Paths To Internet Wealth" is the action guideline for existing and potential online entrepreneurs who are pursuing their dream of achieving financial freedom. With the 3 proven business model presented in the manual, readers will find ample of useful information and inspiration for their online business venture. In 2010 alone, the approximate value of US ecommerce sales alone was $228 billion, not to mention other emerging economies of the world. There are more money out there to be made. If you want to unlock the door to financial freedom, start today and gain the early mover advantages.< Less
New Zealand TWI: Appreciation, Operating and Follow Up Programs By Mark Warren
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The New Zealand Appreciation, Organizing and Follow Up materials are the result of more than 30 years of continual development. One of the first projects for the New Zealand TWI Service was to... More > establish a research group to validate and improve the TWI programs to improve the outcomes for their enterprises. In 1947 New Zealand had only 6 companies with more than 500 employees. The best examples of TWI use in the USA and England were with the larger companies. Elizabeth (Betty) Huntington was the first trainer, having been trained in England from 1944-1946, made an immediate effort get in touch with the American founders of TWI. She corresponded with the TWI Foundation for more than 20 years, using them as mentors and a resource for further development. The Americans developed internal “Staff Only” training manuals to standardize how the TWI Staff approached prospective companies and what commitment was needed to ensure a successful implementation.< Less
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