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Firstborn By Jessica Barker
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The most powerful of the dragonborn, Seamus Cathaírian is heir to the throne, but while he has the respect of the border lords he fights beside, he fights another war in the Citadel itself. In... More > the silent, deadly game of politics, Seamus is forced to learn that everything you love can be used as a weapon against you. Mirasïth Cathaírian is the King's only daughter. She is largely ignored by the family's enemies, except as a pawn to keep her older brother in check. Her main focus in the Citadel is on trying to prevent the rivalry between her siblings from igniting into open bloodshed, a feat that grows ever more difficult as the years pass. King Ben Cathaírian's youngest son, Simon is spoiled and impulsive, raised to despise the magical birthright that has somehow passed him by. As the Empire tests the weakening border, spies and assassins haunt the night, and influential nobles vie for supremacy, the members of the Farlani royal family must unite to survive - if they don't turn on each other first.< Less
Dilemma and Redemption of the Firstborns By Peter O Adenmosun
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Firstborns occupy a very significant position in God’s agenda and are born to lead and rule. They are sent to pioneer and champion godly causes that will bring about godly changes among humans.... More > Firstborns are blessed people but they have some problems that are peculiar to them and are often the target of attacks by enemies who desire to destroy their family-lines when a curse runs through from one generation to another. Therefore, Reverend Peter Adenmosun, in his book, The Dilemma and Redemption of the Firstborn, confirms and discusses the common challenges faced by firstborns and the solution to such challenges.< Less
The Hope Called Night: Firstborn By Shaelyn Green
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Ever want to know what happened to ThunderClan, the land of Equestria, or the Guardians of Ga'hoole after reading all three book series? You will experience triple the adventure by following... More > Nightkit's travels throughout all three worlds as she seeks to fulfill her destiny.< Less
Overcoming Procrastination, The Thief of Time By Peter O Adenmosun
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Procrastination, The Thief of Time, is a very timely book for the current period in which we live. We live in a period that is supposed to be the busiest time for the body of Christ and therefore... More > going by the limited time we have before the Master returns, time is not really on our side. The principles for overcoming the "thief" called procrastination, outlined in this book, are recommended for every one who desires to accomplish his or her mission on earth.< Less
Before the Throne of God By Charles Vogan
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When the Lord sent Moses into Egypt to confront Pharaoh and bring his people out of slavery, he called Israel “My Firstborn Son.” Hidden in an obscure passage in the book of Numbers... More > lies a minor historical event that later proved to be of tremendous spiritual consequence for the life of Israel. The direct correlation of the Levites with the firstborn sons of Israel in Numbers 3 meant that their God planned to bring the Heirs of Abraham into such close fellowship with him as only exists between a Father and his Son.< Less
A Day as Dark as Night By JT Adeline
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A Prophecy Is Written On a day as dark as night three will be born with powers that will surpass all others, with unique names to remind them of their passage. These three will be born of Dracula... More > with traits as black as night, identical in face, but individual in appearance. The firstborn will be able to travel undetected; the second-born will be able to hear all but not be heard; the third-born will be able to detect danger from miles away. On the hour of the three’s seventeenth birthday, only when the fourth with unknown and unsurpassed powers is linked, their powers, passed down from Dracula and Merlin, will combine to make them as one. A Quest Has Begun If you think being a teenager is hard, try being told you were born to stop immortality and save mankind. A Fight to Win Rove, Roam and Rune Gustavo, with the help of their friend Maya Stewart, find they have no choice but to race against time to find the fourth to fulfill their destiny. But do they have what it takes to beat the odds and win?< Less
Life From On High By Fred Fishburne
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Life From On High, explains in detail why God became a man in the Son of Man. The book discusses the difference between the first Adam and the last Adam. Also discussed is the difference between... More > the fall of angels, and the fall of man. An angel asked the question in Psalms 8:4, What is man that that art mindful of him, or the son of man that thou visited (to consider) him. Learn from which ancient writing the term, Son of Man, was taken. Jesus referred to Himself as the "Son of Man" over eighty times in the gospels. Once He asked His disciples, Who do men say, I the Son of Man am? Peter replied, "Thou art the Christ, the son of the living God." The book discusses the blessing of the firstborn and His responsibilities to the rest of the family of God. Learn what it means to be married to Christ, through a marriage covenant, and as Adam and Eve were one, so is Christ and His body. As the woman was created in the man (not from the man), so is the Church created in Christ.< Less
I Love You, My Little Yet Tall and Beautiful Bunny By Jemila Kwon
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A story for firstborn baby bunnies who have forgotten how sweet and wonderful they are in the course of competing with a younger sibling for attention. A story filled with humor, love and healing for... More > first born baby bunny hearts, written by one mom for her firstborn baby bunny.< Less
The Book of Exodus - Deliverance By Kenneth B. Alexander J.D.
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Exodus is the story of the deliverance of God’s people from Egypt. For hundreds of years the Israelites had prospered in Goshen where they had settled since the time of Joseph. They had... More > prospered in Goshen and become very fruitful and had increased in population. However the scripture says a new King arose over Egypt, who did not know [the legacy of] Joseph. The Israelites cried to the Lord and he sent Moses as their deliverer. Through a series of miracles he delivered the people from Egypt.< Less
Jesus' Resurrection, Our Inheritance By Donald Peart
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This book is a detailed teaching about the resurrection of Jesus Christ and the two phases associated with each of the four resurrections. First: There is the resurrection of Jesus,... More > Himself,approximately two thousand years ago. Second: There will be what the Bible calls resurrection of the “the first-fruits Christ,” also known as “the first resurrection.” Third: There will be the resurrection of “those who are Christ at His coming.” Fourth: There is also the resurrection at the “finish” or “conclusion.” The resurrection at the “finish” or “conclusion” is synonymous with the resurrection of eternal judgment.< Less