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Witches of Venus: The Elemental Illumination (Book 3) By Genevieve Lilith Vesta
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Five people have a gift, the power of an element; Fire, Air, Water, Earth and the fifth element of Spirit. They must remain united so to save the human race from mass destruction. In 1348, the Black... More > Death swept through Europe killing millions of people. A sorcerer with the power of the Egyptian god, Khepri created the plague to have power over the human race. A beautiful sorceress banished him before Death could reach the entire earth. In the present, a child with the special gift of all five elementals unconsciously brings back the sorcerer who again attempts to finish what he began centuries ago, to bring back the Black Plague for world-wide domination. The only way to stop the spread of death now, is that all the elementals must work together as one to rid the world once again of the malevolent sorcery that is trying to take control of all humans.< Less
5-Element Fundamentals and Muscle Test Basics By Dr Bruce Dewe & Joan Dewe
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This workshop contains K-Power®’s basic tool-box. The ‘must-have’ skills: using the fundamental concepts of Five-Element theory, the ‘great-8’ muscles; the CV and GV... More > energy reservoirs; six basic balancers - NLs, NEs, NVs, meridians, VRs, nutrition; four fundamental techniques - ESR, origin and insertion, spindles, golgi; circuit locating and how to shift blocked energy using a powerful goal-oriented balancing process. The International College of Professional Kinesiology Practice (ICPKP),, offers a 4 year Diploma in Kinesiology that is accredited by NZQA. This is for people wanting to become professional Registered Kinesiologists. The K-Power® series has been developed from these teaching modules, created by Dr. and Mrs. Dewe. These workshops are available for CEUs to professionals who want some muscle testing knowledge to apply to their own specialty.< Less
Tuning Fork Therapy® Level Five Manual By Francine Milford
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Fifth in a series of manuals using Tuning Forks in a Sound Therapy session. This book deals with using specific tuning forks in various layers of the aura to elicit specific responses in the... More > body. Included is a chapter on using tuning forks on specific points of the face for a tuning fork acupressure massage. New techniques such as the 'twist' and 'vertical technique will be demonstrated and covered in the level on instruction. This book will cover the Otto tuning fork set and in particular, the 128 Hz tuning fork, and how you can use it in some very unusual and effective ways on the skin. These techniques are great for people who are suffering from varicose veins, circulation problems in their limbs, lymph stagnation, and more.< Less
Tuning Fork Therapy: Level Five Manual By Francine Milford
eBook (PDF): $25.00
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Fifth in a series of using Tuning Forks in a Sound Therapy session. This book deals with using specific tuning forks in various layers of the aura to elicit specific responses in the body.
Ten Little Ninja: Divisible By Five: Chapter 2 By Henry Livingston
eBook (ePub): $1.99
Once upon a time long before the Sun knew the Moon, there was The Balance. So while the world was young five humans were chosen to shape the new Age of Man. These individuals known as the Five... More > Elements were promised immortality for their contributions toward Man’s tomorrow as long as balance was maintained in their decisions. Each Element was chosen at the same time and allowed one-thousand years to reign as an Element, then when the stars aligned in the shape of the moon east of the north star, they would relinquish their powers by transferring them into the next five chosen – two women, two men and one true neutral human. This task had to be completed before the setting of the sun on the eve of the aligning of the stars or all things made by the power of the Five Elements would be undone ending existence as it is known. This is the second chapter of how that all came to be.< Less
Tomb of Terror Five Issue Jumbo Comic By Warren Kremer
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Tomb of Terror published by Harvey was one of many Popular Horror Comics reaching their Zenith in the 1950's. Due to their exceptionally bloody and gory stories; they eventually were banned by the... More > United States Congress under pressure from certain elements of the Public. Now back in Print for your Viewing and Reading Pleasure. This wonderful Work contains Stories in all their Fright from the First Five Isues.< Less
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Earth, Wind, Fire, and Rain: Real Tales of Temperamental Elements By Judy Dodge Cummings
eBook (PDF): $7.99
We might think humans have control over our environment, but Mother Nature has proven us wrong again and again. Earth, Wind, Fire, and Rain: Real Tales of Temperamental Elements tells the story of... More > five of America’s deadliest natural disasters that were made worse by human error, ignorance, and greed. Wildfires, dust storms, blizzards, and earthquakes show that sometimes, humans serve as their own worst enemies when it comes to preparing for and dealing with sudden destruction.< Less
An Element of Controversy: The Life of Chlorine in Science, Medicine, Technology and War By Hasok Chang
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This collection is the product of a highly innovative pedagogical experiment. Five successive cohorts of undergraduate students, each building on the work inherited from the previous year, produced... More > an academic monograph. The outcome is an engaging history of the chemical element chlorine from its first isolation in the 1770s to the late 20th century. With a methodological focus on controversies, this rich collection includes studies on the history and philosophy of chemistry, the history and ethics of chemical warfare, the medical and technological developments of disinfection and bleaching, and the environmental impacts of organo-chlorine compounds from the Vietnam War to Silent Spring.< Less
Elemental Moves: Simple Yoga and Qigong Practices Inspired by Nature By Lori Furbush
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Elemental Moves offers five short, simple wellness routines that draw from the healing systems of Yoga and Qigong, woven together with ancient Chinese wisdom. In 25 minutes or less each day, you can... More > target your specific health needs with mindful movements and postures designed to enhance your energy flow and bring you back into balance—within yourself and with life and nature all around you. In this book, you will learn the foundations of Chinese medicine and Daoist philosophy, for a better understanding of how the Elemental Moves system can help you learn to release chronic stress and move with peace and tranquility throughout your day. These ancient sources honor the healing power of nature. Nature is filled with vibrant energy, and we are energy beings. Tap into the rhythms of nature and discover the abundance of energy medicine waiting for you. Foreword by Dr. Roger Jahnke, author of The Healer Within and The Healing Promise of Qi.< Less

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API Security API Security By Lee Brandt et al.
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