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The Fixer Upper By Fiona Wilde
eBook (PDF): $9.95 (excl. taxes)
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But her apparent surrender was just a show. As soon as he was finished, Melinda vaulted off his lap. Carlisle looked at her, surveying the tear-streaked face framed by tousled blonde hair and waited... More > for her to make a dash for the phone. Instead she made a dash for him. Quentin Carlisle caught his wife’s wrists and spun around, pinning her to the bed with his long body. She responded with an animalistic growl as she pulled her wrists from his clutch and reached for his face, drawing it down to hers. She kissed him hungrily as she guided his hands between her legs. Frustrated that he had not yet tamed his partner, Quentin released his member himself, thrusting into her harder than he ever had. Melinda screamed again, this time with pleasure and met him thrust for thrust. Later, she rolled over, reaching for a cigarette even though she knew he hated the habit, and announced that the encounter made for the best sex they’d ever had.< Less
Fixer Upper Fortunes - How to Make Big Profits from Fixer-Upper Properties Quickly! By Sal Vannutini
eBook (ePub): $2.99 (excl. taxes)
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The solution is to do what Sal Vannutini has done. Buy "Fixer-Upper" properties, do some basic "rehab" and sell at a profit. It's really quite simple if you know how. Sal teaches... More > you exactly what he did to turn around a $43,969. profit in just 3 weeks time even if you've never used a paintbrush! Here's a taste of what you will learn: •The nine costliest mistakes you can make and how to avoid them •How to carry out quick rehabs that will add 10% - 20% (or more) instant value to your fixer-upper. •How to develop a "game plan" that guarantees your success •How to assemble a team of experts that will make you rich •The best way to finance your fixer-upper. •How to use contractors to do the work and still make a handsome profit. Hey, if you are looking for some kind of "get rich quick" scheme, then look somewhere else. But, if you are looking for a solid, secure business venture, then by all means you owe to yourself to take a look at "Fixer-Upper Fortunes."< Less
Spooky Manner By Karen Dawson
eBook (ePub): $2.99 (excl. taxes)
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Rising-star reporter Letha Benjamin had it all: beauty, brains, and a loving family. Everything was going right in her perfect life. Then a false accusation and scandal left her career in shambles.... More > Letha was left with only one choice to keep her career-now in a death-spiral-alive: paranormal investigator for a third-rate television station covering imaginary creatures. All hype or hoax. Swallowing her journalistic pride, she teams up with a wisecracking cameraman to take on her first assignment, a haunted house. He hopes for thrills and chills while Letha just hopes she doesn’t look too silly. But in her new world of the fake paranormal things can go from silly to downright dangerous in a heartbeat. A lesson the investigators are about to learn the hard way when “the ghost” turns its “haunting” on them.< Less
Ooops! Memoirs of a Cat Lovin' Home-Repair Addict By Kathy Kish
eBook (ePub): $2.50 (excl. taxes)
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About the Book: In the winter of 1996 Kathy bought her first house, a little fixer-upper on a steep but ideally remote hill in Bluefield, WV for a little over $18,000. She has spent the last 15 years... More > renovating it on a shoe-string budget. Combined in this series are humorous essays about specific events, successes and mishaps, stories of innovation, frustration, hope, learning, addiction to the process, and just plain fun, as well as some philosophical speculations on how it all relates to the greater scheme of things. Kathy Kish was a features writer and columnist for The Bluefield Daily Telegraph (Bluefield, WV) for 16 years. During that time she wrote her popular columns “Ask Kathy” and “My View” (for a while titled “My World” due an editorial fluke).< Less
Buying and Selling Real Estate By R Shelby
eBook (ePub): $1.99 (excl. taxes)
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When starting out in a fixer-upper business, you will first have to consider many things. It is never indicative to success to jump into any business venture prematurely and without proper planning.... More > You will first have to learn as much as you can about the business before jumping on the bandwagon.< Less
Grittleton Towers By J.V. Forbes
Paperback: $16.14 (excl. taxes)
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On the surface Grittleton Towers is a quiet English country house in the 1920s -- a privileged world of the upper classes and their servants. Every house guest has a shady past, so when a valuable... More > painting is stolen there are suspects galore. Jamie Fordyce tries to save the situation but causes complications worthy of a P.G. Wodehouse plot. The police become involved. Reputations are in danger. Jamie's valet, Smythe, a fixer par excellence, discovers that nothing at Grittleton Towers is what it appears to be.< Less
How to Love a Loser - Someone's Gotta Do It, It Might As Well Be You By M Osterhoudt
eBook (ePub): $1.25 (excl. taxes)
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Where have all the good men gone? Are they really gone or is simply in the choices that we make? This is a comical outlook on the dating choices we constantly make and tips on how to love your loser... More > with such chapters as “The Bad Boy”, “The Fixer Upper”, “The Player”, “The Movie Moment”, “The Down on his Luck” and “The Rules of the Boy Toy. You already know how to love a loser; maybe it is time to learn how not to!< Less
Under The Neem Tree By James Paul aka Pablo
Paperback: $17.95 (excl. taxes)
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Pablo's creative, adventurous and unpredictably engaging writing style comes alive in his first collection of short stories and essays. From the explosive narrative, "The Hijacking of PanAir... More > Flight PA 101" , to the heart-warming "My Dad The Fixer-Upper", Pablo takes the reader on an emotional roller-coaster culminating with three (3) didactic essays, one of which (The Black American Dream can now be Televised) was inspired by President Barack Obama's historic victory in the 2008 US presidential elections. WARNING: This book contains psychological nudity and adult language. FOR MATURE READERS ONLY!< Less
Coming Around Again By Alicia Mayes Moore
Paperback: $15.00 (excl. taxes)
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Jess Kelly has just walked away from her dream job and a 10-year romance to retreat home to the Florida Panhandle under the guise of helping her parents with a do-it-yourself project. While... More > attempting to repair all the damage wrought upon her childhood home, Jess’ family also tries to help her rehab her life. She sometimes gets more help than she needs from her loving mother who has waited long enough for grandchildren and a younger sister happy to have the spotlight off her own life. Though they mean well, their hands-on help is more appreciated with the house than Jess’ love life. That love life gets an unexpected shot to the heart when Jess runs into some old, almost forgotten, friends, including Mac. He volunteers to give up part of his vacation to lend a hand with her renovation project in exchange for personal tour guide services. Her fixer-upper may be just the project she needs and when Mac lends a hand with the renovation, he might just manage to fix more than just the house.< Less
Wings of Love, Book 1 of the Cowboy Fever Series By Karen Wiesner
Paperback: $4.99 (excl. taxes)
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Return to cowboy country in Fever, Texas, where the heat isn't the only thing causing a fever! See if you can find the heirloom wedding band! When Wings "Mac" Mackenzie falls in love, it's... More > for life, and interior designer Amanda Grant is the woman he has his heart set on. When he asked her to move in with him at his fixer-upper ranch in Fever, Texas--the dinky little cattle town he and his brother grew up in—he'd expected to be there with her often. Unfortunately, as co-owner of a family-owned engineering firm, Mac finds himself spending more time than ever overseeing projects after his younger brother becomes a family man. With Amanda making the house a home for them, he struggles to get his business matters in hand so he can settle down with her, the way he longs to. An on-the-job injury puts his life in perspective. Eager to become a full-time rancher, he returns home at Christmas-time, ready to make the ultimate commitment to Amanda—only to find her long gone.< Less

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