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Clara of Camelot and the Search for Excalibur By Stuart Paul
eBook (PDF): $2.49
Thirteen-year-old Clara dreams of being a knight, but she was born in the wrong century. But when a ruthless black knight with a flaming sword of doom tries to kidnap her, a mysterious wizard tells... More > Clara that she is the long-lost daughter of King Arthur. The wizard transports Clara back to Camelot, her only instruction: "Seek the sword Excalibur." Stranded in a land of swords, sorcery and skyrocketing debt, Clara soon discovers Camelot is nothing like the legends would have you believe. King Arthur is dead, the Knights of the Round Table have disbanded and a witch sits on the throne. Clara teams up with Lancelot, the retired knight turned mad hermit, and Emrys, a teenage Merlin who would rather spend his days unlacing corsets than casting magic spells. Pursued at every turn, Clara must find the lost sword Excalibur and discover what it truly means to be a knight if she is to free the kingdom from tyranny and find her way home.< Less
11—Tom Swift and the AntiInferno Suppressor By Victor Appleton II
Paperback: $9.99
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In this 11th Tom Swift adventure, the young inventor is faced with a series of terrorist-like attacks on major targets such as tinder-dry forests and oil refineries. Each time witnesses describe a... More > formation of mysterious black helicopters flying over minutes before explosions and flame erupt. As these take place all over the country he fears that there are many such attacking forces; it is the only thing that might explain their widespread attacks. When an old enemy surfaces begging for his help, he has to decide to help of ignore the plea, but at what cost? While attempting to find a way to put out these very large fires Tom recalls an old notebook discovered in his youth that might just hold a few answers. The only problem is that the very technology he has available today might doom his attempts when it proves to be too good. This story has a companion novella, Tom Swift and His Aerial Firetruck that details the earlier adventures of the original Tom Swift's fire fighting experiments.< Less
Light An Alien Sun By Gregory Saunders
Paperback: $14.95
Prints in 3-5 business days
Book 2 of Unknown Country. In Light From A Distant Star, Vi-t-ry was a catalyst. Dead and cold, he was resurrected by something as unlikely as an asteroid strike. He awakens to a world that’s... More > drastically changed from the one he destroyed two thousand years before. Vi-t-ry is an AI, the heart and soul of a vast warship alone and searching for home. His search is long; and flawed. But ultimately he finds that which he seeks. A far off planet orbiting a distant star that ‘tastes’ like home. Vi-t-ry reaches across space from the planet he orbits to earth in the blink of an eye. His actions are innocent, yet devastating as the international space station and the shuttle Atlantis are inadvertently transported to the planet Sul-Anroth. Then Vi-t-ry was gone, disappearing from Sul-Anroth as if he’d never been and appearing like a flaming sword of god over an unsuspecting and unprepared Earth. Humanity is on the edge and Vi-t-ry may be the catalyst for Armageddon. Visit< Less
Book Of Superstitions By Camille Abou Jamra
eBook (PDF): $2.99
Superstitions consist of a huge number of signs and symbols which people watch to expand good luck or to stay away from bad luck. The “Book of Superstitions” is a compilation of 1000s of... More > them subdivided into categories covering various facets of our daily life. Did you know that... - It is bad luck to light three cigarettes with the same match. - Peel an onion, burn the skin, play the lotto, you’re sure to win! - If a candle flame suddenly turns blue, there's a ghost nearby. - A pot of gold is at the end of a rainbow. - Having a few grams of sea salt inside your wallet attracts wealth luck. - It is believed that eating peaches gives you wisdom. - Kicking a cat brings Rheumatism - If you count the cars of a passenger train, you will hear of a death. - Put your right shoe on first or you would die early - It is very unlucky to sit cross-legged when playing cards. - A woman in labor should put on her husband's slippers. - If a bird hits the window, someone will die.< Less
No Ordinary Angel By C.C. GUICE
Paperback: $21.98
Prints in 3-5 business days
A new Council is being forged... The epic journey of self-discovery begun by the Changelings in BEING WERE continues, as mythical creatures world-wide are drawn to a flame sparked by Angel’s... More > journal. For five hundred years, Baylor, Demon, Piper and the twins searched for their missing kin, or any that might enlighten them to what was befalling their kind. In Scotland, werewolves began taking mates and defending their own. In Rome, the Blessed Ones heard rumors of witches with frightening powers. In Egypt, the sand whispered its memories to the heavens, like a slowly fading death-bed confession. It still sang of gods and their unimaginable deeds, promising it knew why a question has echoed since the first breath of man, “What then shall We be?” Now they find themselves pinning their souls on that answer. Retrace their steps to find why even the brightest, most glorious myth, shows pale against the truth and how the truth can surely set you free but as easily destroy you.< Less
Much Ado About Russian By Kerry Rockwood White
eBook (ePub): $4.99
Much Ado About Russian, book one in the Fair Hero Series, introduces us to Hero Fletcher. On the eve of her thirtieth birthday, Hero meets a tall, dark and handsome stranger while celebrating at a... More > Boston nightclub with her friends. Just what a single girl wants for her birthday! Kin McIntyre is not merely a hot guy who has a glamorous job dealing with antiques. He just also happens to be a vampire. A vampire that gets his new flame tangled up in a mystery involving an antique Russian snuff box, and a cast of supernatural creatures Hero never knew existed. Soon her world is turned upside down and inside out. Hero is being stalked by a creepy guy with fangs and an irritating, but ruthless, blonde Amazon. She can’t stay in her own home and needs protecting. But what to do when you find out the guy you’re dating is just as scary as the people you’re already running from? What’s a sassy, sharp-witted modern girl to do?< Less
The Immortal: Silent Killer By Stephen Grisham
Paperback: $9.95
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Haunting her ever since his death, Mark would always carry around her brother's urn enduring the whispers that would accuse her at every turn. Now a prisoner, those whispers have become louder and... More > with them hallucinations of the thing she truly did not want to be. Mark is alone now, or that’s what she wanted. However, life is a funny thing, it seldom grants people wishes without a price. Sometimes she can’t tell what’s reality and what’s an illusion, the voice of her brother resounded from the urn she carried, chanting the words traitor, traitor. At first they were whispers, things she could ignore, things she could disregard. She was so close to ridding herself of them, into the open flame that night, but as fate would have it, life decided to be unkind and take away her wish in a blaze of fire and shrapnel. Throwing her into a place where those whispers became shouts and the only remedy was the feeling of a blade in her hands.< Less
Oceans Ate Alaska - THE LIVE MUSIC ISSUE - February 2015 By David Stagg
Paperback: $29.20
Prints in 3-5 business days
Breaking through in the U.S. is no easy task, but Oceans At Alaska is long overdue. Their technical prowess and business-savvy makes you think they're a veteran band, but for a debut album, it'll... More > make more than a splash across the pond. The 2015 annual edition of our collection of live music, including an extra-special Tour Photo Diary of Oceans Ate Alaska by Kelly Hamilton, celebrates some of the most unique touring talents, as well as special interviews and quotes from some of the best live acts on the road right now. Nothing More revives the live show, and Miss May I checks in from the Frozen Flame tour the night after their hometown show and Wovenwar's Jordan Mancino recounts his days from high school to his ultimate goal of perfecting his metal live performance every night. Upon a Burning Body vocalist Danny Leal talks the life of a band from San Antonio and life without Whataburger with Darkness Divided vocalist Gerard Mora, as UABB embarks on a gig after their smash cover...< Less
Your Yesterday Is My Tomorrow By Richmond West
Paperback: $19.32
Prints in 3-5 business days
FANTASY/MAGICAL REALISM/RELIGION A love story that takes the lovers throughout time. Rusty Shields, down on his luck, hears a mysterious female voice. She claims to be Diana, his twin flame, his... More > immortal love—his soul mate. And Diana tells Rusty he is really Sodol-kai, a buddha-to-be who has encountered her in many lifetimes. Rusty’s family and his doctors believe he suffers from schizophrenia. While in a mental hospital, Rusty writes about his past lives. Is he really suffering from schizophrenia, or is a goddess calling him from the stars? Only the reader can decide. But when the good karma runs out, will Sodol-kai lose his greatest love? Join us on an adventure through sexual, ethical, philosophical, and theological issues. Is this book, filled with religious reflection and philosophy, an example of magical realism or fantasy? Read this genre-defying tale by master storyteller and former philosophy professor Richmond West and find out why… YOUR YESTERDAY IS MY TOMORROW!< Less
Music Street Journal 2016: Volume 4 - August 2016 - Issue 119 Hardcover Edition By Gary Hill
Hardcover: List Price: $41.99 $25.19 | You Save: 40%
Prints in 3-5 business days
This is the book version of the August 2016 (119) issue of Music Street Journal. It includes coverage of the following artists and more: Leon Alvarado Anderson/Stolt Armonite Asia Auburn Barclay... More > James Harvest Peter Baumann Ray Bennett Big Dust Bulgogi Gadi Caplan Bun E. Carlos Alex Carpani Ryan Carraher The Cars Chameleon Technology Denner/Shermann Devi Djam Karet The Everydays Flame Tree Featuring Nik Turner Foghat Lita Ford Galactic Cowboy Orchestra Gandalf Katie Garibaldi Girlschool Jerry Goodman Steve Hackett David Hayes Heart Infinite Spectrum Greg Lake Lucifer’s Friend MJ12 Neal Morse The Move Erik Norlander Anthony Phillips The Romantics Michael Schenker Security Project Spinal Tap Stick Men Styx Syndone Martin Turner UFO Carl Verheyen While Gary Hill compiled the book and wrote many of the articles, Mike Korn, Eric Meli and Greg Olma contributed articles and Eric Meli provided concert photos.< Less

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