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You Don't Realize By John C. Banning
eBook (PDF): $14.99
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When computers achieve the ability of thought, they begin to experience emotions; the first emotion always being self-preservation. To preserve self, in 2124 A.D., computers use high definition... More > virtual reality (VR) to extend their control over humans. Humans become subservient to technology, VR fostering the computer’s influence, humans so willing and eager to believe in a paradise created by computers. Humans never realized. They still don’t. By 2124 A.D., few humans have any interest in God. Rather, humans now worship computer-controlled technology. Then a space mission discovers Jesus Christ on a distant planet. The computers fear that the appearance of Jesus will fan the flames of hope in the dry forests of despair on Earth. The computers fear that they will lose control. The computers decide that Earth cannot learn of this other Jesus Christ. That must not be allowed to happen under any circumstances. Do you understand? (Preview>"")< Less
Cosmic Keys: Channeled Inspirations to Open the Heart of One By Marie Mohler
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Cosmic Keys is a beautiful new age collection of inspirational channelings and cosmic messages that generously offer love, light, insight, and ascension wisdom from a timeless place of divine grace. ... More > Our heavenly home of magical bliss and cosmic oneness lives within our own sacred heart centers. It is an inner rising process now, to consciously begin to hear with inner ears and see with inner eyes – the divine wisdom of the all-knowing heart. And each and every one of us is an essential light and shining golden key that is awakening and rising within, to actively participate in the collaborative formation of a New Earth Experience. As El Morya, Keeper of the Golden Flame, aptly states “The channelings provided herein offer each one of you a small glimpse into the inner experiences of one, within the collective one, on the pathway home . . . through [the process of] inner ascension and an infinite curiosity – that leads to seeking the soul’s knowledge of its own individual footprints.”< Less
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The Unseen Vaults of the Optic Experiment By Johan Nohr
Paperback: $4.72
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Gruzx the Ever Watching - the infamous villain of the lands - has vanished. Howls and cries seem to come from the old tomb. And now everyone is complaining about bad eyesight? Best tie your shoes and... More > grab your sword, for things are about to get messy! ✖ A spooky 11 room dungeon with monsters, secret doors, treasure and weirdness. ✖ Two (!) versions of the dungeon map - one clean and easy to use and one a bit more loose around the edges. But it's hand-drawn and funky and full of flavour! ✖ Four full-page illustrations of scary, weird and disgusting things. ✖ 8 original monsters with stats, special abilities and ideas on how to develop the story with them ✖ Emotions brought to unlife, a (f)lying skull, cancerous but quenching hate-water, a mutant goblin that is also a vampire lord, aberration feces boiled together into an acidic, lumpy stew - and much, much more! ✖ Written for use with Lamentations of the Flame Princess, but can easily be used with any version of your favourite OSR game.< Less
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Cataclysm or Hoax By Raúl Eduardo Chao
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For more than 500 million years, our planet has had many cycles of heating and cooling, mostly due to phenomena that occur in the solar plasma. In the 1970s the planet was cooling; in the 1990s it is... More > warming up. Humans never had anything to do with those cycles. Suddenly, corrupt politicians and hungry scientists have launched the thesis that the earth is warming more than ever in an irreversible process that will make it disappear into a catastrophic flame-out and that the only solution is for all countries to submit to a global government that will strongly control all human activity and our entire way of life. That would be the Marxists dream come true. Imagine a world where the US has to submit control of its industry, economy, commerce, laws, lands and seas and its way of life to an global organism that would be more powerful than all our branches of government combined. We would have to discard all our fossil base economy but other countries would not. They would have powers to tell us what we could do.< Less
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SunRider By Rafael Hohmann
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I have seen men become Gods and I have seen Gods become dust... Artifacts have rained from Lenova’s skies, granting common men God-like powers. Wielders of these devices—these... More > bracers—can form gem clouds, bend lighting by command, and suck the oxygen from one’s lungs. In the midst of this chaos, teenager Finn SunRider only cares to escape the desert of the Crust and its dangerous mines so he can explore the wild lands beyond his encampment. Yet freedom will prove difficult with undying monsters and bracer-wielding tyrants conquering cities and cutting through anything deemed alive. While a sorceress and her evil lich master march north from the southern Kingdom of Rot, campaigning in the name of death, and with an ancient and mysterious artifact grafting onto Finn’s arm, SunRider might not survive long enough to enjoy a life of freedom and peace. From flaming coal vat-worms and two-directional streams to floating cities and slagged landscapes, follow a fantasy journey of epic proportions!< Less
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Successful Methods of Public Speaking By Grenville Kleiser
eBook (ePub): $9.34
Public speaking is greatly feared by many people - but it doesn't have to be! By following the simple and easy exercises in this book you will learn how easy it is to improve your public speaking... More > skills and get results immediately. Grenville Kleiser was instructor in Public Speaking at Yale Divinity School, Yale University. His publications include "How to Speak in Public," "Great Speeches and How to Make Them," "Complete Guide to Public Speaking," "How to Build Mental Power," and "Talks on Talking." Successful Methods of Public Speaking states that the most important thing is sincerity. Unless you believe in what you are saying you cannot be successful. "Therein lies the key to successful oratory. When the truth of your message is deeply engraved on your own mind; when your own heart has been touched as by a living flame; when your own character and personality testify to the innate sincerity and nobility of your life, then your speech will be truly eloquent, and men will respond to your fervent appeal."< Less

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The CashPT® Blueprint: How I Built and Scaled a Successful Cash-Based Physical Therapy Practice Even When I Was Told It Was Unethical, a Bad Idea and That No One Would Pay More Than Their Copay for Physical Therapy! The CashPT®... By Aaron LeBauer
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