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Solution-Earth: Subconscious By Matthew Underwood
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The second part of Matthew Underwood's Solution-Earth trilogy continues the adventure where Solution-Earth: The Rash, left off. Who is the strange looking man found injured in Arizona? What is the... More > strange discovery that a scuba diver made? What has become of the exiled commander? As Agent Hill returns home and to work at the UKA, why does he seem so different? Why can't he explain where he's been? Can he be trusted? What are the consequences for the friendly Pourians, when a Karlusian fleet appears around their planet? What could it mean, when the enemy seem to be having a civil war? In the mind of one of the most capable of agents, a battle for control is taking place. Can he identify true reality? Can he escape his mental prison and get back to the reality of who he is and what he needs to do? Hidden behind the scenes, the friendly visitors to Earth and their human allies are developing technology to find a way home. But they have no idea that the protection afforded to them may not be quite enough...< Less
B-1 Lancer Bomber Pilot's Flight Operating Instructions By Periscope Film LLC
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Rockwell’s B-1 Lancer serves as the supersonic component of the USAF’s bomber fleet. An outgrowth of the requirement for a heavy bomber to replace the B-52, the Lancer was conceived... More > during the Cold War as a high-speed, radar-penetrating platform. Originally intended to achieve speeds above Mach 2, the operational B-1B normally cruises at Mach .92 and dashes at speeds up to Mach 1.25. The design uses variable-sweep wings to provide high lift during takeoff and landing, and low drag in high-speed flight. Known in the Air Force as the “Bone” (for B-One), the Lancer served from 1986-92 in a strategic bombing role. Reconfigured for conventional support, the B-1 was used in Iraq in 1998, and then in Kosovo, Afghanistan and again Iraq in 2003. It continues to fulfill a vital role. This pilot's flight operating handbook was originally printed during the B-1A test program. Recently declassified, it is presented here in book form. PLEASE NOTE: Not for shipment or sale outside the USA.< Less
Echo, Vol. III (Approaching the Dark Age Series) By Matthew Chivers
eBook (ePub): $3.02
Maledream’s heroic sacrifice has cost him his way home, and now he is stuck within the swirling, chaotic mists of Etherscape's twisted storm. Alone, he is confronted by the sky-scraping Phantom... More > Titans as their dark, bellowing laughs tremble the rocky, forsaken landscape. Trapped, he swings and roars defiantly with his awakened Relic Blades', Aisling and Retrinumun. Meanwhile, Ganzath leads his exiled Anunaki-kin across earth's vast ocean, in the hopes of reaching Meridia to strike an alliance with the humans. However, they are hunted by the chasing Anunaki fleet, under the command of Admiral Jun'Zwu. Quetolox, Lord of the Black Sect, has a promotion in store for Tunzuulizh of the Red Sect for his loyal service. However, although Tunzuulizh is gracious for the promotion, he is emotionally compromised when Quetolox brands the Queen a traitor of the state. Both a patriot and a royalist, he must cope with his conflicted inner-struggle and cold-blooded empathy, all in the name of loyalty.< Less
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MacManus wants command of the first true starship, a craft that will leave the familiar spaceways behind and go “out there!” Instead he gets stuck in command of the Transport... More > STARBENDER. And while his recent actions have whipped up a hornets nest in the form of an attacking Vircon Armada, and Star Command scrambles to deal with this new threat, they want nothing more from Starbender than to have it return to its normal duties, but MacManus knows this enemy, and using all his available resources he turns his simple Ferry craft into one of the most powerful warships in the fleet. But while his methods and the MacManus Doctrine hold the key to victory, Command is more interested in ending the conflict peacefully. Not that it matters, even as one crisis abates the threat of Space Pirates loom large on the horizon, and as always MacManus seems on a collision course for that one too. By the end of these 7 episodes our characters will have shown they’re capable of so much more, and that’s always dangerous…< Less
Baalbeck: The Anunnaki’s City and Afrit Undergound By Maximillien De Lafayette
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Numerous historians believe that the site of Baalbeck dates back 4,000 years, B.C., when the Canaanites built a temple to worship "Baal" the Semitic God of thunders and storms. But the real... More > history of Baalbeck dates back 7,000 years B.C. According to an ancient Arabic manuscript found at Baalbeck, Nimrod sent a fleet of giants to rebuild Baalbeck, three months after the Flood. Another Arab myth tells us that Nimrod rebelled against his God and decided to build the Tower of Babel at Baalbeck. According to a third legend, Cain, the son of Adam, built Baalbeck as his last refuge after his God Yahweh put a curse on him. According to Ulema literature, Baalbeck is one of the oldest habitats on earth, built by the early Phoenicians and the Anunnaki during their first and second landings on Earth. The booklet discusses Baalbeck as the city of gods, Biblical figures, and the Djinns. Gilgamesh, Al Arz, Baalbeck and immortality. And a most unusual visit to the underground city of the Djinn and Afrit.< Less
Catherine And The Cane By Cathie
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Three short stories of submissive single women falling under the spell of mysterious and charismatic strangers. Meeting people for real, via Internet can be dangerous. Catherine keeps her nerve.... More > Effortlessly, Charles puts her at ease, she reveals her true self to him, goes to his hotel room, tastes his discipline with snooping chambermaid. The Disciplinarian: on eve of holiday; bored librarian Stephanie takes mysterious phone call, the dominant, well-spoken, voice tells her to expect a further call at home, she should be angry at this invasion of privacy but is captivated, already in the palm of a hand of someone she has yet to meet. The Biker: a slave gives fleeting hospitality to tall leather clad figure, who asserts complete and utter control, he needn’t even speak. Gestures alone have her jumping to her feet to serve him, be collared, receive his discipline. He then leaves just as quickly and mysteriously as he came.< Less
Seaman Tricks By Sarah Smith
eBook (PDF): $3.99
“Just relax. I’m going to show you something I learned while traveling. Don’t ask how, in fact don’t ask anything yet. Just enjoy.” Mike said with a big, mischievous... More > smile. He gently guided Kayla towards the big hotel bed. After a few kisses and a few cups on her tits, he started undressing her. He didn’t stop kissing Kayla all over. The neck, the shoulders, her back, her hands, tits, stomach, even her ass wasn’t spared. The long days spent on the water away from him was catching up now. The marvel that was Kayla had kept him alive all those trying times, especially the times that they had been boarded by pirates. Lucky enough they were near the next port and a distress signal was sent already way before they even got to the ship. A small fleet plus air support thundered from afar and closed in on them fast – the pirates scrambled barely able to loot anything. Kayla had been bugging him about that since he arrived. He had been successful enough in dodging it so far.< Less
U-9: A Damned Un - English Weapon By Jim Thesing
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Merriam Press Historical Fiction Series. One morning in September 1914, a new and terrible weapon changed naval warfare forever. A single German submarine sank 3 British armored cruisers, killing... More > nearly 1500 men. Up to that moment, few people knew submarines even existed. Overnight, terror swept England. At the beginning of the First World War, England's Royal Navy had the greatest fleet of warships the world had ever seen. Suddenly, because of one submarine's successful attack, the Royal Navy's supremacy was in question. Savage criticism rained down on the First Lord of the Admiralty, a young Winston Churchill. People are interested in events that changed the world, but few people know of this incident. It is a story that deserves to be told. With the centennial of World War I, now is the time to tell this story. Although this book is a work of fiction, it hews closely to historical events. Many of the people and most of the action described are based on memoirs written by participants in the 1920s. Map.< Less
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In Styria, we, though by no means magnificent people, inhabit a castle, or schloss. A small income, in that part of the world, goes a great way. Eight or nine hundred a year does wonders. Scantily... More > enough ours would have answered among wealthy people at home. My father is English, and I bear an English name, although I never saw England. But here, in this lonely and primitive place, where everything is so marvelously cheap, I really don't see how ever so much more money would at all materially add to our comforts, or even luxuries. My father was in the Austrian service, and retired upon a pension and his patrimony, and purchased this feudal residence, and the small estate on which it stands, a bargain. Nothing can be more picturesque or solitary. It stands on a slight eminence in a forest. The road, very old and narrow, passes in front of its drawbridge, never raised in my time, and its moat, stocked with perch, and sailed over by many swans, and floating on its surface white fleets of water lilies.< Less
With Drake on the Spanish Main By Herbert Strang
eBook (ePub): $1.49
The romancer, in choosing as the setting for a tale the period of a man who looms large in history, finds himself on the horns of a dilemma. He cannot place his fictional near his historical hero... More > without either dwarfing the former until the young reader ceases to find him interesting, or robbing the latter of some of the glamour with which history invests him. In the following pages I have tried to meet the difficulty by making Francis Drake the presiding genius of the story. The deeds of Dennis Hazelrig are akin to those of Drake; the same spirit of adventure dominates them: and when, in the course of the story, the real and the fictitious personages meet, it is, I trust, without loss of dignity to either. It was 1572 when Drake, at the age of twenty-seven, sailed out of Plymouth on the Nombre de Dios expedition that brought him into fame. He led a Lilliputian fleet: the "Pascha" and the "Swan", a hundred tons between them, with seventy-three men, all ranks and ratings, aboard of them.< Less

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