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Building Regional Security Cooperation In The Western Hemisphere: Issues And Recommendations By Max G. Manwaring et al.
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Often, when a conference is over―it is over. More often than not, attendees and presenters return to their normal duties thinking good or ambivalent thoughts about what they heard and learned.... More > At the same time, there might be a fleeting moment―or two or three―when one wonders how a particular set of ideas expressed at that conference might be implemented. But, again, “the fat lady has sung her song,” and everyone has resumed normal routines. In the case of the conference co-sponsored by the U.S. Army War College, U.S. Southern Command, and University of Miami North- South Center held last March, entitled “Building Regional Security in the Western Hemisphere,” we have generated a substantive set of issues and recommendations. Dr. Max Manwaring and his team of conference rapporteurs have reviewed hours of tapes and reams of notes to clarify the issues and develop actionable recommendations.< Less
Hybrid Moments By Caitlin Elizabeth Currin
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Hybrid Moments: a 106 page/full color zine of fleeting encounters and feelings represented through images from the past 3 years or so of my life. Originally, I had started this project under the... More > working title of “Quarter Life Crisis” to present a visual study of the chaotic array of circumstance, stress, depression, laughter, worry, apathy, drama and wild bewilderment that my early twenties brought on in collaboration with the similar trauma of those around me, yet I eventually found my crisis to be less of a problem and more of a bittersweet jumping off point for a new perspective on life. Thus, with Hybrid Moments I wish to impress upon you a selection of the very moments that startled my awareness and provoked an emotional response- one that you may relate with or reject- either way it is for you. Naturally, this collection is somewhat random and disorderly, which I created with the intention to help the viewer experience the story of each and every photograph as I did.< Less
Morogoro Boy: Seven Safaris Through Life V By Brian Temple-Brown
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Before being called up for National Service, I took it upon myself to join the RNVR Fleet Air Arm as a Junior Naval Airman, aiming to become a fighter- pilot. Having failed my maths test, I then... More > transferred to 48 Commando City of London RMFVR as a Boy Royal Marine. Following my initial training as National Service Royal Marine, 1st Class, I was sent to Officer Cadet School and later was commissioned into the Royal Inniskilling Fusiliers and served the rest of my National Service as a 2nd Lieutenant at the training depot in Omagh, Northern Ireland. I then volunteered for a secondment to The Royal West African Frontier Force, with the Second Battalion, The Gold Coast Regiment, stationed initially in Accra, having been promoted to 1st Lieutenant, after having completed a course at the Army School of Transport. The Regiment changed its name to The Ghana Regiment of Infantry shortly after the country gained independence, just before I arrived in West Africa.< Less
360 Preludes, Op. 47 By Johann Wilhelm Hässler & Vitlaus von Horn (editor)
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The monumental cycle of 360 Preludes in all keys Op. 47 (1817) by J.W. Hässler (1747–1822) is an astonishing work; this opus is among his best compositions. This is the first modern... More > edition of the 360 Preludes—200 years after its publication in Moscow. Ranging from non-discrete chord progressions to fleeting masterpieces prescient of Schumann (the shortest prelude was timed at 3.4 seconds!), interspersed with Haydnesque humor, the preludes are nothing less than the creation of a genius of a very peculiar type. Hässler intended the preludes to fulfill primarily a pedagogical task. Even though the cycle is a true “cycle,” rather than a mere collection of unrelated pieces, the individual preludes, especially from the middle, are well suited for individual performance. Another way of performance, sure to delight any audience, is to play them in groups of 15, a key or two at a time. The preludes, together with three additional sonatas, are recorded by Vitlaus von Horn on the Grand Piano label (GP686-87).< Less
CHRISTINE CONNELLY By GaleriaZero - contemporary art - 2011
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Of Irish origin, Christine Connelly lives and works in Paris .Born in England where she studied Fine Art , she went on to live successively in Spain, South Africa, France and once again in England.... More > In the early 90s she settled with her family in Paris. Inspired above all by the human experience, Christine Connelly presents us her unique interpretation of those universal fleeting moments of grace, exuberance, joie de vivre, pensiveness, longing – the intimate glance, the subtle gesture. In her Paris studio, she explores these themes with verve and delicacy with a vibrant palette and rich texture all her own. In 2002 she won the gold medal at her very first competition : Le Salon du XVème arrondissement in Paris Since then she has won various awards and has had solo and collective shows in Paris, Barcelona, London and New York. Her artworks are to be found in private collections in several countries. You can discover her work by visiting:< Less
Memoirs of The Real Lori Lyn Aronson By Lori Aronson
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This is an abbreviated version of my life since there were questions. My education, philosophy, prayers, experiences, and excerpts of one of the many books I've written. The back picture is of me... More > storytelling by acting the Elven Queen in a short family film! Know the authors daughters impersonated her, and the author has been impersonated on the internet, in print, and almost everyway so this book is to try to bring a little of the truth to you unless it has been impersonated too at times! Lori Lyn Aronson is, also, known as L.A. Lori worked for K.I.R.M.I. multi-tasking in a variety of areas, and for I.N.K.C.H.A. with pacifist Biblical solutions, multi-tasked, also, musician/singer,etc. until retirement though Lori can and does come out of retirement almost all the time, and Lori always has security teams and fleets! More information about The Real Lori Aronson at these two websites: (author) (Retired Inkchuan Diplomatics)< Less
A Life in Waiting By Katryna Benson
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I dare not sit, and I dared not speak. With so much time alone, I had all the time in the world to think. My mind was developing at it’s own pace. With little outside influence and learning,... More > paired with being so young, I had no real experiences to give me a basis of normal. There was no foundation for my mind to grow upon. In isolation, my young mind developed as it may have in a more primitive time. Three years were taken from me by Maria as I was broken down. I wish that I could say I knew there was a chance for a good life waiting for me around some corner. Maybe a fighting chance for the rest of my childhood to be redeemed. Instead, over time, as my emotion and fear drifted away, so did that fleeting hope. "Pain by itself is merely pain, but the experience of pain coupled with the understanding that pain serves a worthy purpose is suffering. Suffering can be endured because there is a reason for it that is worth the effort. What is more worthy of your pain than the evolution of your soul?"< Less
Elizabethan Sonnet-Cycles: Delia - Diana By Henry Constable
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Hint: You can preview this book by clicking on "Preview" which is located under the cover of this book. About the author: Henry Constable (1562 – 9 October 1613) was an English... More > poet, known particularly for Diana, one of the first English sonnet sequences. In 1591 he converted to Catholicism, and lived in exile on the continent for some years. He returned to England at the accession of King James, but was soon a prisoner in the Tower and in the Fleet. He died an exile at Liege in 1613.Henry Constable, born in Newark-on-Trent in 1562, was the only child of Sir Robert Constable (d. 12 November 1591) and Christiana Dabridgecourt, widow of Anthony Forster, and daughter of John Dabridgecourt of Langdon Hall, Warwickshire. His paternal grandparents were Sir Robert Constable (before 1495 – 29 October 1558) and Katherine Manners, the daughter of George Manners, 11th Baron de Ros, and sister of Thomas Manners, 1st Earl of Rutland. Excerpt from:< Less
HUN PILOT By Victor Vizcarra
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Hun Pilot examines the first of the Century Series of new fighters of the mid-'50s from a young fighter pilot's perspective. The North American Aviation F-100 Super Sabre was the first U.S. fighter... More > capable of exceeding the speed of sound in level flight. Designed as a day superiority fighter, it quickly morphed into the Air Force's mainstay fighter-bomber. The F-100 design and its Pratt and Whitney J-57 engine were a quantum leap in aerodynamics and engine technology that expanded the day-to-day operational flight envelope. Pioneering supersonic operations discovered a previously unknown aeronautical phenomenon that challenged new piloting skills. Over its quarter of a century operational career, the F-100 suffered one of the highest accident rates in the fighter inventory, with 38.75% of the fleet destroyed in aircraft accidents. With properly trained pilots, the aircraft fulfilled the USAF requirement for a worldwide deterrent against the nuclear Communist threat.< Less
War Posting By Gwilym D. Williams
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War Posting Royal Mail Lines 1939 - 1946 Royal Mail Lines entered the Second World War in 1939 with a fleet of 34 vessels. By the close of hostilities 21 of those ships had been lost to enemy action... More > and 1,550 personnel had laid down their lives. 1939 was also a momentous year for Gwilym D. Williams; it was the year in which he joined Royal Mail Lines as Third Officer. The ensuing years would see Gwilym facing action in many theatres of the War, from the North Atlantic convoys, being sunk by torpedo, experiencing personal tragedy, taking the war to North Africa, and the Italian landings, surviving huge explosions in Algiers and Bombay. Finally, following VE Day, bringing the survivors back from the Far East and the Mediterranean. Gwilym recounts his war years with a keen grasp of detail but as ever the serious and the tragic is combined with lighter moments, meetings with film stars and literary luminaries and amusing runs ashore; a fascinating insight into one man’s war posting.< Less

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