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Just Floating Around By George Mindling
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A collection of memoirs and short stories. My reminiscing about pleasure cruising in the Caribbean and how it has changed in thirty years
Summary & Study Guide: Float By
eBook (ePub): $9.99
This study guide includes the following sections: Plot Summary, Chapter Summaries & Analysis, Characters, Objects/Places, Themes, Style, Quotes, and Topics for Discussion.
The Floating Light Bulb By John Gaspard
Hardcover: $29.22
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MURDER AT THE MALL OF AMERICA When a magician is murdered in the midst of his act at the Mall of America, Eli Marks is asked to step in and take over the daily shows--while also keeping his eyes and... More > ears open for clues about this bizarre homicide. As Eli combs the maze-like corridors beneath the Mall of America's massive amusement park looking for leads, he also struggles to learn and perform an entirely new magic act. Meanwhile, the long-time watering hole for Uncle Harry and his Mystics pals is closing. So in addition to the murder investigation and the new act, Eli must help the grumpy (and picky) seniors find a suitable new hang out.< Less
Float yer Boat Piano & Voice By Peter Whittle
Paperback: $18.42
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Songs for piano and voice from a musical comedy called Float yer Boat following the fortunes of a group of friends in their middle years who decide to brighten up their lives by venturing into the... More > world of personal adverts to search for a soulmate. Songs are light-hearted and humorous. Two of them include references to adult themes but remain in a comical vein.< Less
Floating Towel and a Dozen Short Stories By Gautam Maitra
eBook (ePub): $0.99
An accident in a swimming pool, a Town that holds a celebration of human speech, a date with the heroes and villains of human history far up in the heaven, a nerve-wracking examination hall, a life... More > that could have been, the land of Sun-worshippers and Moon-landers, a hopeful job-interview, the pursuit of happiness ,an encounter with God’s own accountant. Life-changing words flowing away from lost wet pages in the rain. Each and every story differs so vastly from the other - in terms of whether it be the scale, the settings or the tone. A middle-class person’s intensely personal view of life. Life as it is and life as it should be. One such common thread across some of the stories can be found in the character of Budhu. The character is nothing more but an epitome of normalcy - a person so deeply rooted in the attitudes, customs and feelings of a middle-class man.< Less
Floating Through France (revised and updated) By Brenda Davison
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This is the story of a trip from England to the south of France via the French canals. It deals with day to day living as the couple, Brenda & John Davison, make their journey, often in company... More > with other boats that they meet along the way. The book has a simple charm as it deals with their adventures in locks, encounters with the locals, what they did well and what they did badly. The whole trip was a positive experience, as they overcame preconceptions regarding the French, and built confidence in themselves and their craft. The book is a re-publication of Brenda's earlier version with an additional chapter describing their return journey 4 years later and changes they found. It also includes new photographs. Floating Through France is definately worth buying if you are contemplating a similar journey. It is not a pilot book but may save you a few blunders along the way, and provide you with a delightful read.< Less
Walking and Floats saved from the Water By Marcellous Lovelace
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Walking and Floats saved from the Water is the story of the Revolutionary willing to sacrifice and fight for his liberation. This is a story of the nomad lover of life and his indigenous culture... More > worldwide. Name Means: Musa Obi (Saved from the Water / Heart). Musa Obi a man a warrior a truth seeker whose life is based on stopping colonial racist oppression against indigenous people of the planet earth worldwide. The stories take the reader on a variety of thought provoking journeys to escapism. The end of oppression starts inside your mind, so until you see yourself of value you will always look to others opposite of you as an equal or greater than yourself. Love yourself and your Diaspora untainted!< Less
Floating Through Holland (and Belgium) By Brenda Davison
Paperback: $10.73
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When Brenda met her second husband John, she had never sailed before. John introduced her to the sailing life. She says she was like Mole in "Wind in the Willows" and soon came to agree... More > that there was nothing half so much worth doing as simply messing about in boats. In this, Brenda's second book about the sailing life, they take possession of a new boat in Holland and sail through Holland and Belgium to France. The book describes their journey as they begin to get used to a new boat in a new country, and gives a fascinating insight into the the places they pass through, describing their feelings as they develop, from the early nervous excitement through trepidation to confidence and even aplomb.< Less
Floating in Space (Easy Piano Solo) By Michelle Ayler
eBook (PDF): $2.50
Easy sheet music for pianists. Skill Level: Elementary. An audio preview is available here:
When Angels Float Into Your Heart By Janine Abbott
Paperback: $22.95
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This story is about hope, faith, generosity, and how connections ease our journeys through an uncertain world. Rose and her parents, Emily and Lucas, leave their farm in the country to travel toward... More > a distant city to escape impending war. En route, Lucas suffers an injury and is separated from his family. Rose and Emily travel on to the city alone, where they gather a circle of friends and construct a new life while they wait for word of him. Meanwhile, Lucas has been rescued by two kindhearted people who need his assistance. Lucas is ultimately reunited with his family with the help of Mr. Gabriel, the baker of magical angel food cakes.< Less

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