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Atlantis Pyramids Floods By Dennis Brooks
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Plato’s Atlantis is a true story! Now you can learn where it was located, how it was destroyed, and when it happened. This book also shows the connection between the pyramids in Mexico and... More > those in Egypt. It shows that Noah’s Great Flood is a periodic event where the Atlantic Ocean floods the Mediterranean Basin. This periodic flooding kills off most of the brown skinned population in the area leaving mostly blacks in Africa and whites in Europe. Before the next major flood comes along, it takes only a few hundred years for all of Europe to turn white again and all of Africa to turn black again. Then it takes thousands of years before the population of the Mediterranean Basin turns brown again. The last flood is also the one that destroyed Atlantis. This book also shows how Edgar Cayce’s predicted, that the island of Atlantis would rise again, has come true. The island rose during the time Cayce predicted it would happen, but no one knew it was happening. Now it holds a prestigious gated community.< Less
The Boy Scouts in the Great Flood By Robert Shaler
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Atlantis Pyramids Floods By Dennis Brooks
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Mexico City was the city of Atlantis. The continent of Atlantis was North America; Tampa Florida was the first city and a small island in Tampa was the island of Atlantis. This is based on Plato and... More > other storytellers. We have decoded and translated several excerpts from Plato and others and published them in “Atlantis Pyramids Floods.” Download and read a pdf copy for free, for a limited time.< Less
Poems for the Flood (Volume II) By Julian Wright
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Continuing on from the first volume’s strong debut, this edition demonstrates the power of the author’s control over words, phrases, and emotions.
Poems for the Flood (Volume I) By Julian Wright
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Containing a selection of verse that varies from the macabre to the whimsical, this collection invites you to join the author and follow his first tentative steps into a darkly merry world.
The Indian Story of the Creation and Flood By Louise M. Smith
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This transcribed & newly illustrated version of the original, 1906 edition, pertains to an American Indian myth of the creation of mankind.
Retaining and Flood Walls By U.S. Army Corps of Engineers
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This book presents information on the design of retaining walls and inland and coastal flood walls. Retaining walls are defined as any wall that restrains material to maintain a difference in... More > elevation. A floodwall is defined as any wall having as its principal function the prevention of loading of adjacent land. Not specifically covered in this book are seawalls which are defined as structures separating land and water areas, primarily designed to prevent erosion and other damage due to wave action. They are frequently built at the edge of the water, but can be built inland to withstand periods of high water. This book also describes procedures for the design of retaining and flood walls on shallow foundations, i.e., those bearing directly on rock or soil.< Less
Genesis...flooding the earth By David M. Steimle
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This book is the Second in the Genesis series. It is a resource for biblical students, history buffs or those who like to read. In this single volume grouped together is a Interlinear [Hebrew... More > accompanied by an English equivalent], a translation with notes on the discussion of each verse, and ancient related texts from Egyptian, Sumerian, Akkadian, Chaldean, Ugaritic, Greek and other biblical verses that related to the chapters 4-10 of Genesis. It was our hope to introduce the world, text and discussion on Genesis chapters four through ten to any reader. We have taken into consideration Jewish, Christians and Secular Scholarship in this production. We address issues of the valuing Genesis, life out of the Garden of Eden, genealogies, the table of nations, and Noah’s flood.< Less
Traffic Flood Coach By Udo Ginczek
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Are you ready to take charge and build explosive traffic to your website? Inside you'll learn: The main thing to concentrate on when it comes to Search Engine Optimization (SEO). How to get started... More > with Facebook marketing. How to generate traffic with Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, LinkedIn, Google+, including getting your first followers and some of the most common mistakes to avoid. Getting traffic from blogs and forums (Note: Both of these strategies can be VERY effective). An introduction to Solo Ads (Solo ads can bring almost instant traffic to your offer) and much more.< Less
Foundation, Fall and Flood By Glenn R. Morton
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Science and the Bible do not contradict one another. The author shows that the plain and literal text of the Bible is in perfect harmony with even the latest findings of mainstream science. You need... More > not compromise either your faith or your intellect.< Less

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