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Revelation's Hidden Concordance Mysteries Revealed [Chapter 12] The Woman And The Dragon By Robin Fox
eBook (PDF): $0.00 1. DRAGON# 2. SERPENT# 3. DEVIL# 4. SATAN# 5. ANCIENT# 6. SIGN# 7. WOMAN# 8. APPEARED# 9. CLOTHED# 10. THE GREAT# 11. HEAVEN# 12. SUN# 13. MOON# 14. UNDER# 15.... More > HER FEET# 16. CROWNS# / CROWN# 17. TWELVE# 18. STARSHER HEAD# 20. PREGNANT# 21. CRIED# 22. PAIN# 23. GIVE BIRTH# 24. ENORMOUS# 25. RED# 26. SEVEN HEADS# 27. SEVEN# 28. HEADS# 29. TEN HORNS# 30. TAIL# 31. SWEPT# 32. THIRD# 33. SKY# 34. FLUNG# 35. EARTH# 36. STOOD# 37. IN FRONT# 38. DEVOUR#OVERCAME# / OVERCOME# 100. DWELL# 101. IN THEM# 102. PURSUED# 103. SPEWED# / VOMITED# / VOMIT# 104. SWALLOWING# / SWALLOW# 105. OVERTAKE# 106. SWEEP# 107. TORRENT# / FLOOD# 108. HELPED# 109. OPENING# 110. ENRAGED# 111. WENT OFF# 112. OFFSPRING# 113. THOSE WHO OBEY# / OBEY# 114. GOD‘S COMMANDMENTS# 115. HOLD# 116. LOVE# 117. FEET# 118. HEARD# 119. TEN# 120. LIVES# 121. WHOLE# 122. TAKEN# 122 WORDS TOTAL< Less
Climate Change, Incorporated: A New Environmental Thriller By Darcy S. Law
eBook (ePub): $3.99
When Petra Sands takes a job with Climate Change, Incorporated, she assumes it will be low stress, low responsibility - just what she wants after being let go from a stressful job. After all, how... More > hard can it be to give weather reports when the weather has already been planned? Soon she will find herself having the most responsibility of anyone in modern society - if it lasts. As the multi-national company releases a device between the earth and sun to regulate climate, all seems to be running perfectly: global temperatures cool, tornados and hurricanes are un-wound before they can form into destructive storms, droughts and flooding become things of the past - Technology has successfully taken over climate control from Mother Nature, or so it seems. This short thriller has a long reach. Whether you are a firm believer in climate change, or if you believe it is all a hoax, this smart, thought-provoking fast read of a novel will give you a new perspective.< Less
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When Prophecy Fails: A Social and Psychological Study of a Modern Group That Predicted the Destruction of the World By Leon Festinger et al.
eBook (ePub): $5.99
In 1954, just as the “Flying Saucer Contactee” movement was taking off in America, a housewife named Dorothy Martin (here renamed “Mrs. Keech”) began receiving messages from... More > the Space Brothers. They told her a flood would occur on Dec. 21st that would cleave the United States in two, and kill millions. She and her circle of disciples were commissioned to warn the world, and to prepare themselves to be whisked away to safety in flying saucers. Psychologist Leon Festinger and several colleagues infiltrated the group to study the effects of failed prophecy on believers. If the world was still standing on Dec. 22nd, would they abandon their beliefs? “When Prophecy Fails” is a fascinating, hour by hour, inside account of the days leading up to, and following, December 21st, 1954. The New Paradigm Press edition of this classic of both UFOlogy and psychology includes a bonus image gallery, “The Truth Seekers In Context: Famous Flying Saucer/Space Brother Contactee Narratives of the 1950s.”< Less
eBook (PDF): $11.20
“I look up at the Sphinx and ponder over the enigma it bears. Suddenly, I fear all the mystery that floods in and overwhelms me. I stand up and walk to the horse that awaits me. The cold wind... More > blows from the desert, and the silence of the night sets in. I hear the hoarse barking of a desert jackal and see bats flying by like shadows. Clouds of perfume engulf me as I approach the bridge over the Nile. The marvelous Giza gardens of acacias and orange trees are in full bloom. I watch the canoes in the Nile rocking back and forth at the edge of the river, and I remember my ride here. I was so sure of myself. I wanted to dig, explore, and find remains of dead kings… And now? I listen to the murmur of the sacred Nile and feel the painful vibrations of my soul… Why did my heart quiver when I contemplated the Sphinx…? Where did the halo of eternity that surrounds these magnificent works come from? Who knows the answer?”< Less
The Path To Discovery Book IV of The Collection Archangel Michael Speaks By Carolyn Ann O'Riley
eBook (PDF): $14.99
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A collection of messages, meditations and exercises from Archangel Michael. “We turn back into ourselves to open the door. Now you are ready to ask “Who Am I”? “ "My... More > Beautiful Beings of Light as the Pink Love Light Waves, from The Creator, waft around you forming a tiny whirlwind vortex, let the memories of HOME flood your remembrance. If tears come My Beautiful Beings of Light let them flow for you are receiving a Spiritual Hug from The Creator, Welcome HOME." "You ask how can one be HOME if one is sitting reading this book? The answer My Beloveds is, this is your up link, your connection if you will. Every time you pick up this book to begin your work it sends a signal to all of your Guardian Angels, Spiritual Guides, Spiritual Families and The Creator so that you are well supported and guided during every word you read and every exercise that you complete. Your Spiritual Support System is waiting, are you ready?"< Less
New Human - New Earth: Living in the 5th Dimension By Nicolya Christi
Paperback: $16.62
Prints in 3-5 business days
This book is offered as a guide for all those who are aligned, or are aligning with the reality of New Earth and the New Human. It contains new information regarding the 5th Dimension and 5th... More > Dimensional consciousness. On New Year's Eve 2011, Nicolya unexpectedly entered into a comatose state for two days during which time a massive "download" of information streamed into her consciousness. This download proved unlike any she had received in the past. Immediately following this, Nicolya fell into a six-week "creative void" during which the direction her Work was taking was lost. Instead, she found herself spinning in an infinite midnight void, whilst at the same time continually being flooded with Light. She emerged from this state as suddenly as she had entered it, with a vast outpouring of information which heralded a crystal clear reorientation for the path her Work was to take, including the content for several books, and the New Human - New Earth: Living in the 5th Dimension workshops and trainings.< Less
Galina, All About Love By Youssef Khalim
Paperback: List Price: $18.31 $17.39 | You Save: 5%
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Galina, All About Love is the third in a series of eight books by Youssef Khalim, begun in 2002. Four were inspired by ladies encountered overseas. Galina is one of the four overseas encounters. ... More > It begins, you gave me your body and, you gave us the world! Then, you are the Perfect Woman. Not only are you the Perfect Woman, but you are the Perfect Woman for me. Another favorite: You Take My Breath Away! When I look into your eyes, and see the halo ‘round your head, and taste your mouth, and sample heaven, and touch your skin, caressing celestial softness, And see you walk, and watch the magic of the universe, And hold you, love you, TOTALLY, completely, and listen to your lovely voice, and take you, just as nature takes its course, (On mountain peaks, and grassy plains and valleys, flooding lakes and streams; and bringing life, & love), I take you. And stars twinkle endlessly, and take my breath away!< Less
25 Keys of Wisdom By evg..Osazee Osifo
Hardcover: List Price: $34.28 $20.57 | You Save: 40%
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25 keys of wisdom the first book of evg... Osazee Osifo. In this book true God grace evg...Osifo gives out 25 powerful keys of the definitions of Gods, wisdom: and how you can apply it to your own... More > life. Know this that wisdom is the power of creativity, so God want you to beautify your life with is awesonme wisdom so for that of your love ones, and with your world, because it's the factor of wisdom action to make things better. Friends know this that God always love to feed those that seek after is wisdom knowledge and righteousness: Blessed are they which do hunger and thirst after righteousness, for they shall be filled. Matthew 5:6: In the book of Isaiah the lord promise to pour out Water on him that is thirsty and floods upon the dry ground, and is spirit upon your seed and is blessing upon your offspring: isaiah 44:1:3:5. So try to have the desire of hearen God's word, so that you and your loves ones can receive the out pouring of Gods goodness.< Less
The Gathering Apocalypse And World Judgement: What It Brings - Even Now - And Why! By Charles S. Brown
Paperback: $19.97
Prints in 3-5 business days
Earthquakes, floods and other natural disasters could kill millions in the world’s mega-cities and time is running out to prevent such catastrophes, the United Nations warns... In Kobe, the... More > Japanese city still nursing wounds from a deadly earthquake that struck a decade ago, UN emergency relief director Jan Egeland painted an apocalyptic picture. “Perhaps the most frightening prospect would be to have a truly mega-disaster in a mega-city… Then we could have not only a tsunami-style casualty rate as we saw on Boxing Day, but one that’s one hundred times that.” (from "UN Warns of Apocalypse Now") This book, the fruit of many years of inner seeking and deep delving, offers all serious seekers of the Truth a comprehensive understanding of the intrinsic processes comprising the World Judgement. It explains the cosmological and most natural processes that unite in perfect harmony to result in the long-since prophesied Apocalypse and World Judgment!< Less

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API Security API Security By Lee Brandt et al.
Paperback: $19.00