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“Perfect code for those of us with short term memory loss“ - Ed Mellon. “Is it possible for a trick to be too easy?” - J. G. Reed “Now I have an excuse for going... More > to the bar.” - Eddie Joseph. Code and Flu Season is the kind of easy to learn two person code system that you can go out and try tonight if you wanted to. You ask your mark for the name of a famous person, or just a friend’s name, or even have them select a card in their mind. You then call over your partner who has been out of ear-shot, and after placing her in a quick trance, she reveals the celb., the friend or the card. It’s not meant for stage work, but this is a real worker in the bars. Norris used it for years in bar gigs in Boston. You also get the bar bet That’s A Corker, where you seem to defy physics and as an added bonus, the essay The Name Game. All for less than the price of a cup of coffee!< Less
The Ultimate Swine Flu Survival Guide By Vincent M. Pedre III, MD
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The Ultimate Swine Flu Survival Guide is the guide to your most pressing questions about the swine flu. Learn where the swine flu came from, whether it really is going to be a pandemic, and what to... More > do to prepare. Written by a doctor with an integrative, holistic approach to medicine, The Ultimate Swine Flu Survival Guide will answer those questions that your own doctor may not know the answer to about the swine flu and the swine flu vaccine. Is the vaccine for the swine flu safe? Who should get it, if at all? How many shots will you need? The Ultimate Swine Flu Survival Guide weaves through what the media is telling us to decipher what to really expect, how to prepare, and holistic remedies that you can use to protect yourself and your family from the swine flu, and what to do to if you get the swine flu.< Less
Protecting Yourself Against the Swine Flu Naturally By Mario Carini
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Lately the H1N1 Flu virus has been in the news. With the flu season fast approaching, many people are in a needless panic, ready to line up for their annual shot. But will the flu really protect you,... More > or is it some marketing hype designed to make the flu manufacturer rich? Can the shot really help you get the flu or can it make you even sicker? Find out the truth in this report.< Less
Thyroid Newsletter -- November/December 2005 By Mary Shomon
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Sticking Out Our Necks: The Thyroid Disease Newsletter (November/December 2005 Issue) -- This issue includes the following articles and news stories: The Twelve Ways of Winter: How to Winterize You... More > and Your Thyroid | Seasonal Affective Disorder: Promise for Winter Depression | Flu Is a Serious Health Threat | Should Thyroid Patients Get a Flu Shot? | Exercise Is the Best Protection Against Catching a Cold | Are Over-the-Counter Cold Medicines Safe for Thyroid Patients? | My TSH Test Test Results Are Normal, But I Still Have Symptoms | Medicine Cabinet Makeovers A Must | Help for Chronic Headaches and Migraines | Study Finds Thyroid Drug Cuts Colon Cancer Risk by 50% | CLA — Fatty Acid Found in Milk — May Help Control Inflammatory Diseases | Put on a Happy Face — for a Longer Life | How to Get Help Paying For Your Medicines! | HOLIDAY SPECIAL! Enjoying The Holidays Without Overindulging, Merry Myth Busters: A Guide To Holiday Eating, Avoiding Holiday Weight Gain< Less
Calculation of Deadweight Loss in Health Insurance By Homework Help Classof1
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Let’s say there’s a world-wide influenza pandemic. Assume that the marginal cost (supply) of influenza vaccinations is constant at $40. Assume that everyone in society has health... More > insurance that pays 80% of all medical services, including flu shots. Draw a market demand for flu shots and show graphically what the socially optimal number of flu shots is (not considering lives saved). Show how many flu shots will be provided in this market given the insurance. Show the deadweight loss caused by the health insurance.< Less
Medical Journal of By Leo Weiland
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You add your name to the book's title and you write your medical history. This journal doesn't give medical advice, recommend medical procedures or medications. It is a history of your medical events... More > and use of medications. When did you last get a Tetnus shot? Flu shot? What medications did you take in the past and what were the results? This information will assist you to answer questions in the future when seeing a new doctor, or going to a hospital. As time goes by our memory fades and you may omit important information. Medical Journal of (your name)consists of: Six page checklist of medical history. Topic pages to record doctor, dentist visits, hopital stays, medicines, blood tests, medical shots,personal characerists. Instructions to make a medical wallet card. Patient Advocate discription with a sample form. Blank pages for a continuous log of medical events described in detail and cross referenced to the topic pages.< Less
Dissention From Above By David Michael Zink
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*Sexually explicit content* After winning a cruise on The Wheel of Fortune show, Janet Sessions met a young ship's doctor named Brent Francis. Now with both trapped in a love affair he has to find a... More > way to tell her he’s a married man with two children. Meanwhile being a nurse and all, Janet tends to a comatose patient in her hospital they named Paul due to his Paul Bunion enormous appearance. When Paul finally awakens it seems that he is curse by amnesia, where regardless, is discharged into society to fend for his self. As a volunteer nurse, Janet eventually comes across Paul in a homeless shelter as she administers flu shots. Tucking Paul under her wings she fights two elements. One, to find someone to help Paul regain his memory, and two, get Brent out of her heart, or her mind.< Less