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2014 Fashion and Fantasy By On The Fly Photography
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Here it is, the 2014 Fashion and Fantasy Calendar from On The Fly Photography. Packed with tasty photographs right out of my twisted and demented mind. Along with some help from my models of course... More > who are the best a photographer could ever ask for. Get it while you can - there are no reprints for the fashion and fantasy calendars.< Less
Fly By 星晴 黎
Paperback: $15.96
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Dear reader,I am a Cinese author.My name is Xingqing Li.My English name is Cindy Lee.You can call me Cindy.I hope you may love my this book and keep support me. Yours,Cindy.
fly By Dillan Noory
Hardcover: $12.50
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Flying By Peter S. Quinn
eBook (PDF): $3.00
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A music score of my song, Flying.
ON THE FLY By Jillian Brookes-Ward
Paperback: $9.99
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Brian MacDonald is a professional angling instructor and a bit of a loveable rogue. He has twin passions in his life - fishing and sex, although not necessarily in that order. He begins each new... More > season with a clean slate, a charming smile and a fresh supply of condoms. His life takes an unexpected twist when he meets the enigmatic Lily. Could there be more to this woman than meets the eye?< Less
ON THE FLY By Amy King
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“Not many are as scrupulous as King is in steering their poems through the meanders in which feeling and observation push and pull at each other... King is a lyric poet who can pack enormous... More > surprises into concentrated doses... these poems contain single lines so capacious you almost want to stretch out in them and spend the night.” —Barry Schwabsky< Less
Brampton Flying Club 1946 - 1986 By Brampton Flying Club
Paperback: $15.28
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A reproduction of the Limited Edition 1986 History of the Brampton Flying Club. This special Issue was published to mark the Fourtieth Anniversary of the founding of the Brampton Flying Club.... More > ( Excellent reference for schools and history buffs.< Less
Scatter Brain! - By Fly Ty Unchained By Fly Ty Unchained
Paperback: $10.50
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Prepare to be amazed and entertained. You would be surprised how beautiful words can be when put together the right way in the proper sequence. In my opinion, anyone can write poetry if they focused... More > on it, we just don’t have confidence in our imaginations. I say let your mind go, let your mind be free, and watch where it takes you….< Less
Fly Boys Book of Poetry Vol. 1 By Fly TY Unchained
Paperback: $11.00
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This is a short book of poetry that ive accumulated over the years that ive decided to put in book form. A lot of my close friends and a lot of people ive met through the years online have encouraged... More > me to publish my own writings. this is Volume 1 of hopefully more publications to come.< Less
Fly Ty's Famous Fruit Smoothies and Juice Recipes By Fly Ty Unchained
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I took the time to study and learn for myself what is in different foods that we choose to consume from meats to dairy products to fast foods etc... The end result was very alarming. It made me... More > really sit back and think about what I was feeding my body; and a lot of it wasn't healthy at all. As I began to cut those poisonous food choices out, my body began to feel better. I began juicing fresh fruits and vegetables and learning of the benefits each one provides. I would recommend you look into a raw vegetable or fruit juice diet if you're in search of a healthier lifestyle. I know it has benefited me immensely. You won't be sorry you did. Peace< Less