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In the Fog By Richard Harding Davis
eBook (ePub): $1.99
During the night of the great fog of 1897, five members of London’s The Grill club listen to the telling of three interconnected stories. An American gentleman begins by relating how he had... More > gotten lost in the fog and stumbled upon a house where a double murder had just been committed. The victims of the slayings were a young nobleman and a Russian princess… This atmospheric mystery by Richard Harding Davis unfolds from three different perspectives and ends with a surprise twist.< Less
The Fog By chris andrew
eBook (PDF): $2.50
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The Fog By Gerrard Wilson
eBook (ePub): $0.00
It was a cold November evening, so cold the weak, autumnal sun made no inroad into the heavy frost that had descended the previous night. As I approached my friends’ house, I looked forward to... More > the warmth of their fire, the congenial atmosphere, and a glass of warm Madeira wine...< Less
Fog By Michael Wombat
eBook (ePub): $3.06
You know how it is. We’ve all experienced it while driving. You suddenly realise that you have no idea where you are, or what your destination is. After a few seconds light dawns and you... More > remember where you are going. But what if light didn’t dawn? What if you continued to know nothing before that moment? You have no idea where you are, who you are, or why a bunch of nutters is trying to kill you. The only thing you know is that you have to run for your life... Sexy, funny, violent and thrilling, Fog is not so much a Whodunnit as a Whatthehellsgoingon. “Very clever. Funny and genuinely shocking at times.” “A joy to read. A rattling good yarn.” “A pretty damned amazing ride.”< Less
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The Fog By John Newell
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Buried in debt, Simon Semple goes to enroll in college and drives the faculty nuts by goofing off, getting confused, or making them look foolish. This wacky comedy, based in part on Aristophanes'... More > Clouds, quietly slips in some insightful thoughts while providing a wealth of wit and loads of laughs.< Less
In the Fog By Richard Harding Davis
eBook (ePub): $2.99
The Grill is the club most difficult of access in the world. To be placed on its rolls distinguishes the new member as greatly as though he had received a vacant Garter or had been caricatured in... More > "Vanity Fair." Men who belong to the Grill Club never mention that fact. If you were to ask one of them which clubs he frequents, he will name all save that particular one. He is afraid if he told you he belonged to the Grill, that it would sound like boasting. The Grill Club dates back to the days when Shakespeare's Theatre stood on the present site of the "Times" office. It has a golden Grill which Charles the Second presented to the Club, and the original manuscript of "Tom and Jerry in London," which was bequeathed to it by Pierce Egan himself. The members, when they write letters at the Club, still use sand to blot the ink.< Less
Fog By Mike Marty
eBook (PDF): $0.99
Sustainable, necessary rejuvenation is correlated to living frustrating nothing.
Fogli By Matteo Rubbini
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Matteo Rubbini, nato tra le nebbie della provincia ferrarese, a sei anni inizia la lettura dei piccoli volumi del Battello a Vapore, tramutatisi poi, col trascorrere del tempo, nei volumi di... More > Hemingway, Bukowsky, Tolkien, Bassani e nelle poesie di Eugenio Montale. Fin dai primi passi inizia a trascorrere molto tempo nel negozio dei nonni materni, maturando un profondo senso di attaccamento per quel luogo prossimo alla mitizzazione: è qui infatti che passa il tempo a leggere e a osservare le persone che entrano ed escono. Unita alla passione per questo luogo c'è l'amore per la campagna, i piccoli borghi e il mutare delle stagioni. Inizia precocemente a interessarsi alla scrittura attiva, facendo pratica con poesie e racconti. Affiancate alle lettura e alla composizione, trovano posto le canzoni di Guccini e De Andrè che fanno da colonna sonora alla sua formazione.< Less
The Euro is to Blame. Economics for Spanish people. By Luke Fog
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When the Spanish joined the Euro it was never explained to them that this meant an end to the mechanism of devaluing the exchange rate as an instrument for competitive adjustment of... More > the country’s economy during times of crisis. Greek and Spanish citizens should have received more information from their politicians about the risks involved in joining the Euro. Because once you are in, getting out is very traumatic and generates too many problems. Germany has financed itself with money from the peripheral countries and has had a currency which is much more devalued than the Deutschmark would have been. If Germany had been outside the Euro, it would have levels of exports as a percentage of its GDP which are much lower than those it currently has, and during the crisis its exports would have suffered more.< Less

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