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The Food Entrepreneur's Business Planning Workbook By The Cookery Incubator Series
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The Cookery Incubator Series was launched with one goal in mind - to propel your business to the next level. There are hundreds of business development books out there, and most are filled with... More > general concepts that leave small business owners with questions unanswered.< Less
Entrepreneurs for Eternity By Ann Musico
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Our children are our future and the future of our world. Teaching them how to live healthy, God-centered, Spirit-led lives must be our first priority. I strongly believe that we, particularly women... More > and moms, are creating the next generation, not only by giving birth, but by how we care for our families. It’s an awesome privilege and a huge responsibility. I want to offer some much needed encouragement and what I hope is practical, valuable information and resources for nourishing our children - spirit, soul and body. I believe nutrition, food and diet, are the cornerstones of true health and making the best choices available to us is critical, today more than ever.< Less
Entrepreneurs of British Shimla By Hari Sud
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This is an historical account of the British Summer Capital of Shimla from 1832 to 1932. It describes the lives of a few men who were grain traders and commission agents who kept the British as well... More > as the local population supplied with their food and other needs. In the process over one hundred years they grew extremely wealthy and influential. The British showered them titles and respected them for great skill and hard work. Today Sud or Sood as they are known around the town hold the strings of the pursue of present day Himachal Pradesh economy.< Less
eBook on Adsense Cash Crave - Be a successful entrepreneur (eBook 4u) By eBook Shelf Adsense Cash Crave
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As a successful web publisher looking to get to the next level, you are probably thinking about trying a number of different approaches to increasing revenue – especially your passive revenue,... More > the money that just “shows up” from time to time while you focus on other things. You may be considering various forms of internet advertising. And you should. Internet advertising has exceeded all expectations. The technology keeps advancing, and the popularity and ubiquity of the medium is incredible. Most companies can benefit from the Internet because it allows the chance to reach a global audience at never-before-possible speeds, with many kinds of filters to make sure the right audience sees the right message, and costs that are often surprisingly low. But many businesses make money online in ways that have very little to do with their own actual business, but with systems that connect various companies and offerings together.< Less
Open a Restaurant: 44 Foodservice Professionals Share Their Keys to Success in the Exciting Food Business By Bob Oros
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If you ever thought of opening a restaurant reading this is a must! Dozens of restaurant owners and food entrepreneurs share their keys to success in the food business. Plus 20 industry secrets... More > from one of the most successful restaurant consultants in the business.< Less
Swedish-American Currents - The 2010 Edition By Hans Sandberg
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Swedish-American Currents is a collection of Hans Sandberg's articles and interviews for Currents magazine. The book covers many aspects of Swedish-American business: Sweden's music export, banking... More > and finance, food and retail, science and technology, innovation and diversity, industrial design, alternative energy and environmental technology, women in business, advertising, PR and nation branding, cross-cultural legal issues, business software, computer gaming, logistics, and the security industry. It features a number of movers and shakers in the Swedish-American business community, as well as academic experts and business consultants.< Less
Setting the Scene for Success, ebook edition By Lauri Havia
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Ebook edition of the Setting the Scene for Success. Being the first book of the series the book is, like the name implies, helping you to set the framework and basic strategies forth for becoming... More > successfull in corporate world. The book is intended to provide you food for thought and some easy-to-apply basic techniques which will enable you to reshape your capabilities of being successful. At the same time it leaves some aspects partially uncovered to facilitate your mind-boggling journey. The book is more of a discussion than scientific description and is intentionally put in light and easily readable language, just perfect in lenght and style for in-flight entertainment between DFW and NY.< Less
The Economy Is Messed Up!! This Is The Shit That You Need To Know! By Ronnell "Chewy" Coombs
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You just want to get by. It’s going to get rougher. Rent, transportation, gas, health-care, unemployment, food cost, etc are all rising rapidly. The credit-card companies are all working... More > overtime to tighten lending standards. Ford and GM are busting their asses to tighten up lending standards on auto-loans. They are trying to bring the zero-down financing game/no credit check era to a close. The economy is too tight. It is more important than ever for you to rise to power at your job, find a side hustle, or pursue a lucrative opportunity.< Less
Potemkin, Inc. By Philippe Joly
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Entrepreneurs always seem hungry for success, don’t they? But what if many, were also just hungry, literally, as they struggle in their quest for success? Philippe Joly shares his true,... More > entertaining, and funny stories and anecdotes, to show a controversial reality behind many Start-Ups, and takes the reader on a guided-tour backstage to see what is really going on. POTEMKIN, Inc. is a personal visit behind the scenes, which provides a fascinating insight into the Samson and Goliath battles that many one-man bands, and small businesses, fight and win, every day, by inventing their own rules, and finding creative ways in order to seize opportunities. An eye-opening first book that offers every small business owner some serious food for thought, and a must-read for anyone embarking on the rollercoaster ride of starting a business. Forget about what you learned in business school and discover that the only 80/20 rule that matters is the 20 you show and the 80 you don't.< Less
Breadwinner: The Life of Leo Poulos By Leo Poulos
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In this frankly narrated memoir, Leo Poulos tells incredible stories of survival and ingenuity, from escaping Communists in a small Greek village to the financial gamble of restaurant and property... More > ownership in Vancouver, Canada. What does it take to become a hugely successful entrepreneur in a brand new world? The recipe, as Poulos discovered, requires equal parts insight and ethics served on a platter of plain hard work. It helps to have supportive family and friends, a hard-earned appreciation of food, and a bit of luck dodging death.< Less