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Ultimate Canning & Preserving Food Guide for Beginners By Claire Daniels
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As we all know, our everyday foods have their respective “life spans.” While some may last a little bit longer than others, there are also some that can’t last for more than a week... More > or even for a couple of days. More often than not, we are also not able to consume the food within its given shelf life. So, we just wish we are can prolong its freshness. If you face the same problem, here is good news for you: you no longer have to worry about wasting food because you can always can and preserve them! Food canning and preservation is the way that will help us prolong the shelf life of our food. If you are one of those people who have always been planning to do canning and preserving yet still haven’t started because they do not know anything about this, then it is about time that you learn the basic how-to’s of canning and preserving. Don’t worry; this book will definitely be your best guide when it comes to canning and preserving.< Less
Life - its foundation and preservation By John Schacher, Dr. Julius Hensel
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This work was the first book to attack Von Liebig’s salt fertilizer thesis, and it stands as valid today as when first written over 120 years ago. Translated from the German writings of Julius... More > Hensel, the book was designed to introduce the people of the U.S. to the idea that plants require healthy food in order to flourish, just as a human being does. It describes a then new and rational system for fertilization which has become science today — fertilizing with stone dust. Hensel went searching for food for plants and found it in the primeval rocks. Fed on such foods, plants will yield healthy, wholesome and life sustaining food that escapes disease and parasites. In the second part of the book "Makrobiotik" Hensel give us a wide range of receipes an cures. The third part opens the chemical wonderworld offering a deep view in the core of all matter.< Less
Encyclopedia of Foods By Elizabeth Dlugosz
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Ibelieve that knowledge is power. You can put the power of nutrition knowledge to work for you. This is the most important thing you can do to preserve and improve your mind and body. Good health is... More > the key to longevity and provides the foundation that enables you to enjoy life. The Encyclopedia of Foods: A Guide to Healthy Nutrition imparts the knowledge that eating a healthy diet can provide the various nutrients needed to maintain fitness and prevent the many common diseases that affect our health and longevity. Experts at Mayo Clinic and the UCLA Center for Human Nutrition have contributed their knowledge and experience to this book to improve the quality of life through proper nutrition. This book is a 4-year collaborative effort by a large team of experts from the medical profession and the field of nutrition.< Less
Keep Bloomfield Farming: A Farmland Preservation Plan for Bloomfield, Connecticut By Genevieve Lawlor, Jan Wirth, John C. Lepore
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Prepared for the Town of Bloomfield and the Wintonbury Land Trust. The specific objectives of the study are to identify and map Bloomfield’s remaining farms; develop criteria for prioritizing... More > farmland for preservation; provide resources that encourage and assist the preservation of farmland and working farms.< Less
Introduction to Food Systems Science By National Agricultural Institute
eBook (PDF): $12.50
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Introduction to Food Systems Science is one in a series of Just the Facts (JTF) textbooks created by the National Agricultural Institute. This is a bold, new approach to textbooks. This textbook... More > presents the essential knowledge in an open easy to use and read format. The essential knowledge is identified by a main concepts, outline topics, tables, exercises and reviews. This textbook also includes laboratories to complement learning about the science in the food systems. The textbook is available in print and electronic formats.< Less
Canning Food for Beginners By Paul Zara
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Before refrigeration was common, people evened out the ebbs and flow of harvests by preserving excess for later use. One of the ways that food was preserved was through canning. While most food can... More > only be canned safely under high temperature and high pressure conditions that will require a pressure canner, acidic foods (pH less than 4.6) can be preserved in jars by using a boiling water bath... Scroll up... and click on "Buy Now" to deliver almost instantly to your iPad or other reading device.< Less
Art of Food Care By Berat Arda Dedekoca
eBook (ePub): $4.00
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This is a practical guide for food producers, consumers, logistics centres, and even for the ones dealing with food biotechnology. In this book you will also find details on food and safety... More > inspections along with HACCP plans. Food spoilage, various alternative methods of food preservation, refrigeration, issues of thermodynamics and modern refrigeration systems are thoroughly discussed in this manual guide of food care.< Less
Fantastic Organic Food Facts By Zahid Ameer
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Organic foods are extremely popular because of their offered health benefits. Unfortunately, not all are aware of this as some are used to eating conventional foods. Others don't like to eat organic... More > foods because of its cost. But, what they don't know is that these foods can offer them more health benefits, which can help them fight diseases and other health risks that may cause death. In this book, you will know everything about organic foods and why you should consider this kind of foods in your daily meal. This book will show you how to buy organic foods, how to grow your own, and what benefits you could get from these foods. Below are some of the information that you will immediately get: + Organic Foods Basics + Why Should You Eat Organic + How to Know If You Are Getting Organic Food + Buying Foods in Their Raw Form + Cook From Scratch + Buy In Bulk and Preserve + Buy In Season + Buy From Local Farmers + Grow Your Own Food + The Things to Avoid + And so much more...< Less
Seed Saving: Beginners Guide to Learning How to Preserve Store and Start Heirloom and Organic Seeds By Filo Lemos
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I bet you're sick of tasteless vegetables. I bet you're tired of paying top dollar for them at the grocery store. Stick it to em' and grow your own fruits and veggies. Avoid the pesticides and enjoy... More > a fresh healthy non GMO harvest. Handed down from generation to generation heirloom seeds pass they unique and incredibly diverse characteristics producing only the finest food! Seeds are antiques which are handed down to us by our elders. Today I'd like to share my strategies about seed saving. This guide will give you great results. Learn how to save and grow the best food which will naturally adapt to surrounding climate conditions without the use of pesticides or synthetic fertilizer. Don't hesitate. Grab your copy today.< Less
Homemade Pet Food Secrets - Secrets of Making Pet Food At Home By Lucifer Heart
eBook (ePub): $2.99
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Pets need natural healthy food just as humans do. If you own a pet but do not know how to prepare simple and wholesome food for them then you are at the right place. Your pet requires balanced diet... More > for choicest nutrition. The commercially made pet food is sometimes toxic, contains preservatives and chemicals, so you have a just reason to become paranoid. Making simple yet healthy homemade pet food is not a cumbrous task, but this e book is the best solution. What You'll Learn In this eBook : 1. Homemade Pet Food – Why it is so beneficial. 2. Making Pet Food for First Time – What Precautions to Take. 3. Natural Pet Food Making Techniques. 4. Home made Pet Food for Dogs. 5. Homemade Pet Food for Cat. 6. Making Homemade Dry Pet Food. 7. Great Way to Save Money Spent on Pet Food. 8. What Kind of Food Animals Love. 9. Nutrients to Supply Pets with Food Made at Homes. 10. Tips to Make Excellent Quality food..< Less

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