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Introduction to Food Science & Food Systems By National Agricultural Institute
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Introduction to Food Science & Systems Science is one in a series of Just the Facts (JTF) textbooks created by the National Agricultural Institute. This is a bold, new approach to textbooks. This... More > textbook presents the essential knowledge in an open easy to use and read format. The knowledge in each the 25 units is identified by a major concept, objectives, key terms, concise topical information, exercises/activities, QR codes for downloadable presentations and reviews. This textbook also includes 26 laboratories to complement learning about the science in the food systems, an informative appendix and a glossary. The textbook is available in print and electronic formats. To purchase electronic copies, inquire at:< Less
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The Perfect Food By John Crawley
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An epidemic is sweeping America and scientists are not sure what is causing it. Thousands are dying. Journalist, Scott Keen, is put on the story and discovers the dark side of American food... More > production and politics.< Less
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The Food of the Gods By H.G. Wells
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Several novels by H.G. Wells have shown his extraordinary power of vividly realizing the most daringly-imagined conditions. "The Food of the Gods" is a surpassing example of these powers;... More > and in it Mr. Wells combines them with a curious but always very telling addition of humor and pathos. Two scientists devise a compound that produces enormous plants, animals — and humans! The chilling results are disastrous.< Less
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The Food of Gods is Jasmuheen’s 18th book on metaphysical matters and her third book in the Divine Nutrition series. It is not necessary to have read the previous books on this subject which... More > cover her personal journey and the solution for world health and world hunger issues as “The Foods of Gods” takes the pranic nourishment discussion to another level and offers simple yet powerful tools to satiate all of our hungers. Jasmuheen writes: The most important difference with our focus with Divine Nutrition is that It has the ability to feed us on all levels and that we can still benefit from increasing Its flow through our bio-system even if we continue to choose to enjoy eating. Allowing this Divinely Nutritional stream to be increased in our system means that we can be fed emotionally, mentally and spiritually and as such the techniques and guidelines shared in this book, will benefit us all by freeing us from our current personal and global emotional, mental and spiritual states of anorexia.< Less
The "People Power" Job Superbook Book 16. Food Jobs, Food Career (Food Science, Food Processing, Food Industry, Waiter, Alcohol Industry, Beverage Industry) By Tony Kelbrat
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The food business goes from food sales to food processing which generally involves making all the processed foods we eat all the way from bread to candy to meats, poultry and fish. It's generally... More > messy work, is learned mostly on the job and generally doesn't require the skills that many other trades do although the pay is generally low. There are fish and poultry workers often working in large processing plants. Join the military, take the cooking trade then after four years get a civilian job. There is a Directory of Food Service Distributors out there. Food service books are at #647.95 or TX911.3 at the library. Food service is much bigger than restaurants. It covers all institutional buildings like hospitals, jails, senior retirement homes, mental institutions, college cafetarias, grade school cafetarias, the military, oil exploration companies, shipboard services, etc. There are many food businesses anyone can start almost immediately. The only problem is government regulations.< Less
Food, 25 Amazing Projects, Investigate the History and Science of What We Eat By Kathleen Reilly
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From the minute life begins, food makes you strong, helps you grow, and gives you energy. But do you take that ham sandwich for granted? You might not give a lot of thought to where your food comes... More > from, how it got to you, what’s really in it, or what it does for you. Food: 25 Amazing Projects Investigate the History and Science of What We Eat gives kids some “food for thought” as they dive into exciting projects about the incredible world of food. They’ll learn about food in ancient times and how certain foods evolved. They’ll see how modern technology plays a part in food production, packaging, and delivery. Kids will have fun learning about all aspects of food in our daily lives—how vegetarians balance their diet, how some cultures rose and fell based on a single food source, the route from farm to market, how eating locally makes an impact, and much more.< Less
The University of Gastronomic Sciences Reader: Works by the Students of the 2008 Master of Food Culture By Catherine Giarrusso, ed.
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This reader contains a variety of works by the students of the 2008 Masters in Food Culture program at the Slow Food supported University of Gastronomic Sciences in Parma, Italy. The program... More > features graduate courses in food technology, history, anthropology, semiotics, branding, journalism and photography, and also includes thematic stages based on products, and regions of Italy and Europe. In the reader you will find articles written for all aspects of the course including examples of editorials, ethnographies of food places, reports on stage experiences, restaurant reviews, and pieces addressing food technology or exploring the semiotic world of popular brands. These collected works will make anyone take another look at the significance of their food choices, and provides an excellent glimpse into the emerging discipline of Food Culture for future students.< Less

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API Security API Security By Lee Brandt et al.
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