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Touring the Lactation Lab (Forced Milking Erotica) By Sage Reamen
eBook (ePub): $2.99
Take a tour of the Lactation Laboratory, where women are administered a potent serum that causes their breasts to expand with milk while simultaneously becoming super-sensitive to all stimulation!... More > When a woman arrives to inspect the production facility, she finds herself subject to the mysterious concoction. Now she's next in line to be milked!< Less
Forced and Milked by the Vikings (Lactation Gangbang Erotica) By Sage Reamen
eBook (ePub): $2.99
Magnus Ulfson and his band of vikings ride into the icy mountains to defeat an ancient witch coven. When the witches weave a twisted spell to seduce the mighty warriors, Magnus uses ancient magics to... More > reflect it back upon the coven-sisters. Now their breasts and bodies scream to be milked as the witches lust uncontrollably. It's time for the vikings to conquer their foes and claim their spoils. --- A swirl of white smoke curled upwards from the pit and swirled around the frozen forms of the men. Magnus gritted his teeth as he waited and prayed. He felt his skin prickle as though tiny hands were roving over his body. His nipples hardened as the smoke tickled through his armor and cloth and teased at his manhood. He felt himself growing unwillingly hard. Magnus whispered the words the skald had taught him. Suddenly, the smoke wavered. It slowed, then stopped, then snapped back to the pit. The witch's eyes flared wide in shock as the smoke enveloped her and her sisters.< Less
Infiltrating the Lactation Lab (Forced Milking Erotica) By Sage Reamen
eBook (PDF): $2.99
Dive back into the Lactation Laboratory, where women are administered a potent serum that causes their breasts to expand with milk while simultaneously becoming super-sensitive to all stimulation!... More > When a riot among the human cows threatens to turn into a full-blown orgy, Dr. Veers finds himself face-to-face with a Femme Fatale determined to steal the secret of his lactation formula! Warning: this 7,300 word story contains intense nipple play, breast worship, rough sex, reluctant gangbangs, dominance and submission, and gallons and gallons of warm, delicious milk!< Less
Maid Milk By John Silver
Paperback: $11.61
Prints in 3-5 business days
(2 Ratings)
More excellent tales of men feminised, put into maid-service, by those to whom they trust their care. In the title story, smallholder ‘Susan’ loved being a milkmaid, but had no idea what... More > else Lucy planned for her! Son plays a parlour-maid in school play, mum has him practise at home, puts him into service for life as a maid. He arranged to be sold into service, to fulfil a fantasy, in a very elaborate and realistic way, but was it just a fantasy for the buyer and seller too? A maid for his wife: then cuckolded, divorced and bequeathed to her mum to maid, as coMabel. Hitch-hiking from Scotland to London, he is kidnapped, forced to suck and take cock, then sold on as a whore. Inherits a dress shop from aunt, but is enslaved by the black lady manageress and her husband. Retires to become a maid for his former business partners and their teenage girls.< Less
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Forced Lactation Bundle: Four Stories of Erotic Milking Adventures By Sage Reamen
eBook (ePub): $6.99
This bubbling-hot bundle contains four delectable stories of erotic milking, seduction, mind and body control, gangbangs, reluctant sex, and double penetration. This raunchy collection of lactation... More > fantasies features twisted scientists, sorority sisters, viking warriors, and, of course, milk! Contains over 19,000 words of the following stories: 1. Touring the Lactation Lab 2. Infiltrating the Lactation Lab 3. Lactation Sorority Rush 4. Forced and Milked by the Vikings< Less
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The Terrible Fate of Miss Marvellous By John Gallagher & Markus
Paperback: $11.70
Prints in 3-5 business days
(1 Ratings)
(A work of dark fantasy) Seven exciting full page graphic illustrations by well-known cartoonist John Gallagher, in comic-book style. Superheroine Miss Marvellous prepares for action with a sensuous... More > self-pleasuring and then puts on her figure-flattering costume ready for the fray. Ambushed and robbed of her superpowers early on in a cat-fight with her arch-foe, Cleopatra Midnight, she is overpowered and secured in chains to await her fate at the hands of the evil sadist. Cleopatra has had years in jail, thanks to Miss Midnight’s super powers, time to carefully plan her revenge in bizarre detail. She hooks her up to a fiendish forced milking machine, the Milkatron, to extract every last drop of milk and substance from her magnificent breasts, leaving only empty sacs of skin. Then she force-feeds her poor victim, formerly Miss Marvellous, foul fat, over days, to inflate the initially toned athletic body to a shapeless mass of blubber, before stealing her car.< Less
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Daddy, Can I Borrow Your Purse? By Steven Hodges
eBook (PDF): $5.00
Two 1950s Mississippi families struggle with gay issues. Sid Hodges and JB Day were forced to flee the Deep South almost at gun point, and under threat of lynching. Eventually, they end up in San... More > Franciso, living through the Stonewall riots and other great social upheavals of the 1960s. Later, Sid's son, Steven, who comes out of the closet at that very time, joins them. "Daddy, Can I Borrow Your Purse?" is a funny, evocative, and touching story told in fine old South tradition with a West Coast Zing! It is populated by a cast of real characters that you'll never forget.< Less

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