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Forex Trading for Beginners By Owen Jones
eBook (ePub): $7.99
I hope that you will find the information herein informative, useful and profitable. The information in this ebook on FOREX trading and related subjects is organised into 15 chapters of about... More > 500-600 words each. It will help you work out trading strategies and it may even help you venture out into a new profitable hobby. The least that it will do is save you hundreds on professional advice, but as an added bonus: I am granting you permission to use the content on your own website or in your own blogs and newsletter, although it is better if you rewrite them in your own words first. You may also split the book up and resell the articles. In fact, the only right that you do not have is to resell or give away the book as it was delivered to you.< Less
Forex Mastery - A Child's Play By Jayendra Lakhani
Paperback: $77.88
Prints in 3-5 business days
(4 Ratings)
An experienced Currency Trader shares his vast knowledge Forex Mastery a Child’s Play is a practical, hands–on, step by step guide on how to be a Master Trader following simple... More > techniques, which even a 12 year old can use to trade. This book is designed to build an aspiring trader′s knowledge base, giving you simple strategies, a winning trading plan, and above all techniques on how you can strengthen your mental fitness, how you can control emotions and how you can take control of your trading life. Forex Mastery a Child’s Play will prepare readers for the realities of currency trading, and help them evolve and achieve success in this dynamic market. Author Jayendra Lakhani helps clients around the world excel in currency trading, helping them execute a trading plan with military precision. Focus is not on the outside world, but within YOU. You are least interested in what others are doing; with this book you are trying to master the self. Once this is achieved, the battle is won.< Less
Splitting Pennies - Understanding Forex By Joseph Gelet
Hardcover: $35.25
Prints in 3-5 business days
Forex is all around you, even now, as you read this webpage. You have had a feeling all your life, something is wrong with our world. Something about our economic system just doesn't add up. Where... More > does all the money go? The government? What do "They" do with it? Every minute, our money is worth less and less. We are forced to work more, and more; to compensate for this discrepancy. Who is to blame? How does this system function? Is there a way to profit from it? Is there a way to protect ourselves from this financial Matrix? What does the future hold? Splitting Pennies answers all this and more. Splitting Pennies is the defining doctrine describing our global financial system through the prism of its mechanism: Forex. Increase your Forex IQ or enjoy a story of modern finance.< Less
Easy Forex trading manual By Sandip Dey
eBook (PDF): $2.99
The complete guide to online currency adventure in the worlds most volatile market Forex.
Robotic Forex Trading Strategies By Laremy Wade
eBook (PDF): $25.00
This manual is of great use to both manual and robotic (expert advisor) traders alike. Each chapter covers key fundamentals that will give you a winning edge in the global foreign exchange... More > marketplace. Included are helpful hints and links that are priceless in value and may prove to be your key out of the rat race.< Less
Introduction to FOREX Markets By Ramu Murugesan
Paperback: $15.65
Prints in 3-5 business days
A Very Basic Overview of the Financial Markets & The 12 Golden rules for successful FOREX Trading.
Forex Scalping Retirement Plan By V. T.
eBook (ePub): $3.99
Want to earn fast money every day? Scalping is one of the ways, but let me say in advance, it's not easy! However, tons and tons of traders are doing day scalping, and they are making lots of money.... More > Normal traders will not do it as they believe it's very risky. But if you know the methods, stick to your strategy, you'll earn over long term. This ebook compiles lots of tips from REAL scalpers, sharing with you their experiences and failures. Learn hard, follow their tips and practice small. In no time, you can increase your daily trades and making big profits right from your home! Plan your retirement early. Start scalping, and you can retire tomorrow!< Less
The Forex Training Guide By Perry Xu
eBook (PDF): $8.99
Expand your investment strategy with forex trading by learning from the pros how to maximize your return on investment. There is sometimes over $4 trillion in average daily trading on the... More > international foreign exchange market and you can get in on the action. Unlike the Nasdaq, Dow and other trading markets, the FOREX market is open 24 hours a day with a consistent flow of steady trading from around the world. It is a great opportunity for those who like to invest and earn in a market that never sleeps. But as a volatile market with a lot of options for investment gain or loss, learning the ropes is crucial.< Less
The Forex Training Guide By RENATA MAZIAK
eBook (ePub): $3.21
Any time you are going to be putting your money into a fund; it is a good idea to start by understanding what you are buying into. The stock market is a complicated entity, and doing minimal business... More > in trading requires a fair amount of basic knowledge, as well as the understanding and acceptance of the high risk factor. The more you know in advance regarding the functionality of the system, the less likely it is that you will take a heavy hit, ending in devastating loss.< Less
English for Forex Experts 2 By Fevzi Karsili
eBook (ePub): $9.99
1000 English tests for foreign exchange experts with free dynamic online class. Some topics are: Worst investments, Penny stock, Stale inventory, 2007 market decline, Lost horizons, Platinum blonde,... More > Odd auction, Taking delivery, Listed for destruction, The best valuator, Science and marketing (1), Science and marketing (2), Science and marketing (3), Group influences on the consumer, Fixed annuities, The street goes nuts, Unethical investment, Phone rules, Compensation, Last increment bidding, Statistical modeling for decision-making, A very brief history of management theories, Contemporary theories in management, The entrepreneurial life cycle (1), The 'Book', A Rounding Bottom, Largest Vendor, Currency Trading, Price Fixing, Asset Allocation, Asset Backed Securities< Less

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Paperback: $19.99