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The Fortune Teller By Maria Stanley
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This is a journey through a tarot card reading. Magdalena is the gyspy fortune teller who reads the cards and predicts the future. Something unexpected happens along the way and it twists and turns... More > from there.< Less
The Fortune Teller's Guide To Success By Valentina Burton
Paperback: $17.00
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The Fortune Teller's Guide To Success is an amusing and informative handbook on creating a terrific career as a professional psychic.
The Fortune-Teller By James Henry Taylor
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(Flash fiction.) A middle-aged man sees his future in a series of small, chance encounters.
The Even Compleater Fortune-Teller By John Riggs
Paperback: $40.00
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Mentalism routines by award-winning performer John Riggs.
The Further Adventures of The Compleat Fortune-Teller By John Riggs
Paperback: $40.00
Prints in 3-5 business days
Mentalism, magic and psychic entertainment discussion by award winning professional mentalist John Riggs.
Finding Gay Love in a Foreign Land – Part 3. The Fortune Tellers Story: Sex in Hong Kong By Mack Thomas
eBook (PDF): $2.99
Over 18’s - Asian, European and mixed race erotica: horny, frustrated and ready to play sexual fantasy games with his French client. Highly recommended tail of gay sex and sensuality- Twinks... More > and Studs on heat! Yours Free: As a ‘thank you’ for showing interest in this eBook please accept a FREE BONUS eBook which is waiting for you at: WWW.FREEGAYBOOKS.COM Love Twinks, Studs and Foreign Lovers? Some useful sites you might want to check out: ,< Less
Gypsy Sorcery and Fortune-Telling By Charles Godfrey Leland
eBook (ePub): $2.99
The Gypsies, who call themselves Rom or Romany, are a nomadic culture which originated in India during the Middle Ages. They migrated widely, particularly to Europe, where they worked as farm... More > laborers, metalworkers, scrapdealers, and horsetraders. They also made a living as entertainers, fortune tellers, and grifters. Persecuted by the Nazis, and discriminated against to this day, the Rom have a long tradition of magic and shamanism. As Leland points out, these practices have parallels with those of other traditional pagan cultures around the world. This book discusses spells, incantations and talismans used within Rom culture, as well as the more practical magic they use in their interaction with the Gorgios--the non-Gypsies. It is this latter topic which provides some of the most interesting and instructional reading. Leland gives some generalized methods of fortune-telling which any prospective psychic would do well to study.< Less
Cartomancy - The Art of Fortune Telling With Playing Cards By Sophia Buckland
eBook (PDF): $3.99
This excellent beginner's guidebook instructs the aspiring fortune teller in the art of Cartomancy - telling fortunes with playing cards. Those knowledgeable about fortune telling can confirm that... More > ordinary playing cards can more than satisfy the requirements for concise accuracy which of course underpins all good fortune telling. While it is tempting to choose instead Tarot, with its rich and varied imagery, there needn’t be the complexity when a simpler, more accessible and less arcane means of fortune telling accomplishes the task of predicting the future excellently. Written by veteran fortune teller of more than two decades experience Sophia Buckland, this book stands proudly alongside a companion volume on the predictive powers of tea leaves. When you conclude reading Cartomancy - The Art of Fortune Telling with Playing Cards, you will depart enlightened and capable of telling fortunes with simple, ordinary playing cards.< Less
THE GAME OF DESTINY - Fortune Telling with Lenormand Cards By Mario dos Ventos
Paperback: $35.95
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Mlle Lenormand was beyond any doubt one of the most famous and most talented fortune tellers of all times. Her life is also surrounded with stories of amazement and mystery – and so are her... More > cards! The most comprehensive book ever published on the Fortune Telling Cards of Mlle Lenormand, The Game of Destiny contains the meanings of all 36 cards, card combinations, special meanings and several different spreads of this unique divination system. This is the first book to reveal precisely how these cards work, and explain how this system of divination can provide amazingly accurate answers to questions about love, friendships, family, career, health and spirituality. An extra chapter on how to invoke the aid of the Gypsy Spirits in card divination as well as ideas and recipes to aid clients and readers alike make this book an exceptionally valuable guide for beginners and professional readers alike.< Less
Fortune Telling With Tea Leaves - A Beginner's Guide By Sophia Buckland
eBook (ePub): $3.99
This introductory guide to tasseography - reading tea leaves - is perfect for you to begin telling fortunes. The ancient practice of divining fortunes with tea is one which is frequently overlooked... More > by those having heard of Tarot as a method richest in authenticity. Those truly informed however can confirm that simple tea leaves, when read correctly, can more than satisfy divination requirements. Within this guidebook are listed a huge number of tasseographic terms. The meaning of symbols as they appear in the bottom of your cup are discussed – both a long alphabetical glossary and twenty illustrated examples aid in your interpretations of the results. Author Sophia Buckland is a fortune teller and diviner of more than twenty years experience, having told thousands of fortunes through the use of tea leaves, playing cards and palms.< Less