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Frack By chris andrew
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Maya Times and The Fracking Mystery By Kililani Rhein
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A girl named Maya saves her community from an illegal fracking company while juggling her love life. Written by 12-year-old Kililani Rhein
Oil Fracking In Pennsylvania and Ohio By Haley Faust
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This student-written graphic novel tells the story of two cities, one in Pennsylvania, one in Ohio, as oil fracking companies come to town. The original story is written and illustrated by a 10th... More > grade student who studied ecology, social systems, activism, and storytelling in her high school science, social studies, and language arts classes in Muscatine, Iowa.< Less
Fracking Goats - A5 edition By Gerald Lucas
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Is the Karoo, with its delicately poised ecosystem and giant life-sustaining aquifer, perched atop a major gas field? Can the contentious ‘fracking’ method of extraction bring a... More > turnaround to the fortunes of Martinus Grobbelaar and the other Angora goat farmers of the fictitious town of Kinloch? In this, his debut novel, Gerald Lucas combines the techniques of traditional fireside storytelling and latter-day soap opera scripting to look beyond the merely theoretical implications of this hot issue. Through his capable characterisation he sketches the effect that the race to be the first oil company to prove that there is gas under the aquifer and its extractable viability has on the local community. Should something go wrong, will it be the end of the Karoo ecosystem or will the inhabitants reap rich rewards?< Less
Balcombe and Beyond: The UK's Frack Free Movement By James Bolam, Sue Jameson, Martin D Dale
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Ever since the massive community protests at the West Sussex village of Balcombe in 2013, Hydraulic Fracturing (or 'Fracking') has become a household phrase throughout the UK. Invented in the USA in... More > 1998, High Volume-High Pressure-Slickwater Hydraulic Fracturing has birthed a new light for the American oil and gas industry. But at what cost? This book covers all sides of the debate from political involvements, financial implications and environmental and health risks through to UK action groups, policing and the campaign to prevent unconventional oil and gas extraction from coming to the UK. Whether you are new to the subject or simply have not formed an opinion, this book will help you to understand how the various drilling methods work, the arguments used by the pro- and anti- lobbies and the reason why tens of thousands of people from across the country are taking to the streets in an unprecedented act of unity to oppose the industry.< Less
And We All Get Fracked: 1,000,000,000,000 Gallons of Water and Toxic Chemicals Go in the Ground By Gregory Gebhart
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Over 1,000,000,000,000 gallons of water and toxic chemicals have been pumped into the ground around the United States in order to hydraulic fracture (frack) 145,000 oil and natural gas wells. This... More > gains access to new untapped oil and natural gas, but appears to poisioning our land, our water and our air.< Less
Crushed Peppercorn: A Dozen Stories, Give or Take By Daniel DiPrinzio
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Crushed Peppercorn takes a look at some of the most important issues in America, including fracking, the Stand Your Ground law, immigration, plastic surgery, debt, anthropomorphism, racism,... More > spontaneous combustion, and Dick Cheney and Antonin Scalia speaking like thugged-out gangsters while duck hunting. The short story collection also meets the requirement to include at least one story about sex.< Less
Trust in Technology - But Not Blindly By Jack Eden
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Science and technology improved our life significantly. No-one would want to change today’s life against living in the middle-ages with its high death rate and low life-quality. But it seems... More > that every new technology is causing new problems. Progress only seems to be replacing one problem with another. The reason simply is that we can’t know for sure the consequences of a new technology. And in many cases we don’t even bother to find out, although our technologies are powerful enough to change the world – for good and for bad. You can find more information here: /< Less
Little Green Poetry By Andrew Walton
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This collection of poems – some playful, others serious - is intended to highlight the destruction of our environment at the hands of capitalism. I have also put forward the alternative, a... More > society where wealth is shared, rather than hoarded, and used for the common good. A planet where the vast majority of its citizens – the 99% - are in control, not a tiny elite, to allow us to plan our economy to solve environmental threats.< Less
Salford Trenches 2014 By Mike Scantlebury
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Melia has been given a difficult assignment - working undercover with a bunch of homeless hippies and indigent travellers. Meanwhile Micky, her on-off boyfriend, is working another part of the same... More > operation, on the other side of the fence, with the police! They are on opposite sides, and it merely reflects the stress that their relationship has recently been under. Melia, looking for support, finds that her cousin Liv is on the verge of a breakdown and no help at all. Her boss, Captain Gibson, is in the throes of being ousted from his role, and the anti-fracking camp includes a rather attractive young singer-songwriter, who tempts Meia to more than a passing interest. Of course, the government is now committed to allowing fracking in Britain, and has made it quite clear that the demonstrators must not win. Something's gotta give, but will it be Melia or the drill-bit that cracks first?< Less