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The Ultimate Guide to Becoming a Successful Freelance Translator By Oleg Semerikov
eBook (ePub): $19.99
The Ultimate Guide To Becoming A Successful Freelance Translator is the definitive source for new translators, experienced professionals and anyone considering getting started on this exciting,... More > fulfilling career path. Designed to be entertaining and engaging as well as helpful and thought-provoking, it covers a wide range of subjects, including: • The initial stages: key qualifications and skills, setting up at home, winning your first jobs • Growing your business: making contact with new clients, building your reputation • Linguistic techniques: solving some of the trickiest practical problems in translation • Branching out: developing additional skills to add value to your translation services This Ultimate Guide also features an appendix with an extensive list of resources for translators, from online resources and recommended software tools to professional associations, conferences and translation agencies all over the world.< Less
Management & Marketing Secrets for 3D Freelancers By Patrick Nakajima
Paperback: List Price: $39.49 $35.54 | You Save: 10%
Prints in 3-5 business days
This eBook is an essential toolkit for ALL 3D freelancer (existing or newly startup alike). In this eBook, I will touch on the other knowledge and tips not included with your skills as a professional... More > 3D artist. This eBook is specifically designed to assist freelancers to prepare, manage their projects, and market yourself as a professional freelancer. If you have just left an animation studio and does not know where to start, you should read this. If you are an existing professional but wondering if you would be able to make it as a freelancer, you should also read this. If you are an existing freelancer, you should also read this to figure out how to improve your performance and probably double or triple your existing income.< Less
Finding Work: Marketing Mantras for the Freelance Writer By Colin Moorhouse
eBook (PDF): $5.00
Whether you are an old hand at marketing your freelance writing services, or just starting out - there are certain actions you must take to sell yourself effectively. The mantras contained in this... More > manual are ones I use myself, and if you follow them you can't help but find work. There difference between a successful non-fiction writer and one who has to go back to the dark side of full time work - is not the matter of writing expertise, but business acumen. This booklet will help you get to the latter.< Less
Freelancing for Beginners---the Blue Print By AMOS OBI
eBook (ePub): $8.00
You can become a freelancer and earn a decent living if you know how. This blueprint on freelancing for beginners is a masterpiece that could empower any youth, woman, and adult globally to work from... More > home and earn legitimate income globally. Your skills could be digitally traded for a decent and full-time income from the comfort of your home. I have outlined the skills, strategies, and platform with the how-to in the self-help made an easy booklet. Just follow the step-by-step processes as contained therein to land fabulous paying digital jobs and thank me later.< Less
How to Find Unpublished Freelance Writing Jobs By Yuwanda Black
eBook (PDF): $19.95
7 ways to market for freelance writing jobs most freelancers have never heard of – you’ll decrease the competition and increase your chance of landing more... More > gigs! ****************** Unsolicited Testimonial Yuwanda, I just purchased your ebook on 7 ways to market your freelance writing business. I’m only on page 19 – the second idea – and I must say that my writing business will never be the same again! (emphasis added) After reading only 2 of the 7 ideas you mention, I can’t believe I didn’t think of these before! Nobody mentions them in freelance writing discussions, and it’s no wonder that so many are hurting for clients. I am truly blown away! Thank you for revolutionizing my business with this information. -JL ****************** Get more details at< Less
The Lance in Freelancing:: clients, clients, where are you? By marsha maung
eBook (PDF): $0.00
(1 Ratings)
Hard, fast, humurous and reeking of a coffee-addict's sleepy humor, Marsha tells it like it is in "The Lance in Freelancing". Think you want to work from home and earn money without working... More > hard, she tells it all in this book. This book reveals all hidden secrets about making a three-meals-a-day income with a computer, a phone line and Internet connection. There are fun stories and anecdotes on begging, groveling, marketing, advertising, promoting, guzzling beer to sleep and downing caffeine to keep awake. And yet, it is laced with useful information and power-packed ideas on how to make it in this god-eat-dog world of homepreneurship. This book deals with everyday necessities of finding clients, discipline in marketing and doing sales, learning how to do your own accounts and make your own tea. They are absolutely essential, as she says, in her winning book, "The Lance in Freelancing"< Less
How to Earn Money as an Online, Freelance Writer By Robin Wilding
eBook (ePub): $9.99
(1 Ratings)
If you’re one of the almost 10,000 Entrepreneurial types a year, want to become an Online Freelance Writer—You’ve come to the right place ! This likely wasn’t your first... More > stop in learning about the field. But if you’re as tired of generic advice, like “create a great portfolio”, as everyone else is—then pay attention. I have discussed the following topics in my e-book in detail to make sure you start earning as quick as possible :- A list of Trending & High-Paying niche writing markets and how to land those gigs. My nearly-patented 7-step process to building a profile that WILL get you work. The biggest scams that catch All the Newbies, including their web addresses and outline of their scam. 19 legit job sites 19 agencies that regularly hire writers< Less
Start Earning With Simple Freelance Jobs Online By Jocelyn Soriano
eBook (PDF): $19.77
I wrote this book because I have found many people who needed extra money (myself included) but did not know where they could possibly find it. I have also encountered many people who thought that... More > making money through the internet is too complicated for them. On the other hand, I’ve discovered that there are many things that are simple enough to do such as copying data or transcribing audio which needs skills as simple as being able to read and write and being able to listen to an audio recording. That is why I have ordered the contents of this book from the simplest to the more complicated ways of earning money online. This book is for people who are in crisis and need to make some decent money online This book is for people who want to leave their jobs but can’t because they could find no means by which to temporarily support themselves. This book is for people who want to find the freedom to finally follow their passion.< Less
Freelancers Tax Deductions 2018: Made Easy By Dale Michelson
eBook (ePub): $3.99
A freelancer is a person that is a self-employed individual that will work freely for different individuals and not one single employer for an extended period of time. At times they may align... More > themselves with a company that may speak for them at times. Many freelancers search for contract work through websites that connect them with clients. Freelancing can go across many genres such as writing, music, acting, computer programming, translation and web design. Freelancers should be concerned with tax obligations that will relate to their work. If they are not aware of the various obligations and deductions they should seek professional advice to help with these matters. They should want to ensure that they are fully compliant with the IRS. This book will look at many deductions that freelancers will have to pay attention to when they are preparing for tax time in the US.< Less
Freelance Good Guys Book 1: The Calling By Alex Greys
Paperback: $7.99
Prints in 3-5 business days
(1 Ratings)
The magical world of Looming Gaia holds many wonders. But it holds just as many horrors, and only the Freelance Good Guys are brave (or foolish) enough to take on this world's most challenging... More > contracts. (Content intended for readers teen and up. Read at your own discretion.)< Less

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