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Google Docs for Editors By Karin Horler
Paperback: $5.99
Prints in 3-5 business days
Although Microsoft Word has been the editor’s standard tool for decades, some clients have begun to turn away from it. When clients ask for editing to be done in the Google Docs web-based word... More > processing program, freelance editors have many questions. Can you track changes? How do you handle the workflow when the client can change the document at any time? If you convert between Google Docs and Word or other file types, will the formatting be preserved? What about Word macros and add-ins—are there equivalents in Google Docs? Based on the author’s experience and the results of a survey of editors, this booklet discusses the pros and cons of converting files to and from Word, addresses file management and collaboration, reviews built-in features and third-party add-ons that could be useful to editors working in Google Docs, and offers helpful tips and advice for editors working in Google Docs.< Less
Hearts over Diamonds By Bob Marshall
Paperback: $20.46
Prints in 3-5 business days
To my knowledge, this is the first book ever written about Organisational Psychotherapy. Thanks for taking the time to have a look. This is a short book. And intentionally so. It’s not that... More > Organisational Psychotherapy is a shallow domain. But this book just lays down the basics. This book aims to inform three distinct groups of people: Senior managers and executives who might find advantage in hiring and engaging with an Organisational Psychotherapist. Folks who might have an interest in becoming Organisational Psychotherapists themselves, either within their organisations or as e.g. freelancers. Folks within organisations who might find themselves involved in some way in their organisation’s engagement with one or more organisational psychotherapists. We’re all busy people, so I guess you may be curious, or even a little concerned, as to whether this book will provide a good return on the time you might spend reading it. I’ve tried to arrange things so that you can quickly answer that question.< Less
Creepers: The burglars who come while you're sleeping By Paul Warwick
Paperback: $5.95
Prints in 3-5 business days
Will is addicted to crack and taking ecstasy at raves. To fund his habit he does aggravated burglaries, robbing rich people. Peter is an ex-prisoner who’s going straight and studying... More > filmmaking at college, hoping to become a music video director. Will asks Peter to commit a crime with him and Peter reluctantly agrees. They break into a mansion in Richmond in the early hours of the morning. Then a series of events happen that will change their lives forever. About the author Paul Warwick is a 51-year-old Christian who suffers from schizophrenia. He became ill after spending many years of his youth in prison. 'Creepers' is Paul’s fourth book to be published. He is also a freelance journalist whose work has appeared in many national newspapers and magazines. And he’s an award-winning short film maker. Paul is married and has two grown up step-children and two daughters. You can see more of his work at< Less
Fantastic Realities By Kurt Griffith
Hardcover: $54.99
Prints in 3-5 business days
A selective retrospective of a thirty five plus year career in Graphic Design, Illustration and Photography. Spanning a career from an Illustration and Design Student at Pratt Institute in NYC, to... More > being a Art Director in NYC, to running a Freelance Design Studio in the mountains of West Virginia. “Like most people engaged in trying to make a career as a Creative Pro, as a certain iconic band of my youth had to say, ‘what a long, strange trip it's been.’ ”if you have the desire to make beautiful things, go for it. The world surely needs good Design, and I certainly appreciate the work of good Designers in every field. If you’re good, study and work hard, and truly love this, you can still make a mark as a creative, whether as an amateur, or maybe even make your way as a pro. Sanity? Not required.” Join a Creative Pro on his very personal trip down memory lane, and let the work itself do his talking for him.< Less
The Lost American: From Exile to Freedom By Michael Lee Johnson
eBook (PDF): $5.00
Michael Lee Johnson is a freelance writer and poet from Itasca Illinois. He has been published in 300 plus journals and online publications in 21 different countries to date. He is a member of... More > Poets & Writers, Inc and Directory of American Poets & Fictions Writers: His brand new chapbook, From Which Place the Morning Rises is now available at and can be purchased at or The Lost American, with many descriptive pictures, is about one man's journey into exile over the Vietnam War many years ago, his struggle, his survival, his road to recovery and strength manifesting itself through his prose and poems. His first chapbook of poems and prose is available for purchase and download at: Author's email:< Less
deez-commentary82 By Michael House
eBook (PDF): $3.00
I was in the wrong. I was 16. I was immature. Promised I'd be getting a truck for my 16th birthday, i didn't think I'd be getting anything different. Then when i was told it was all a dream i pulled... More > out all the stops.  I had promised not to drink. So i started drinking. Boy, did i ever. It got to where a weekend absolutely never passed without alcohol. Highs got higher. Lows got lower. On the way home from Ol' Malley's night club, i unbuckled & prayed for death. The driver dozed. I was  slung all over the car, out the rear window. On EMT, my football coach 5 years hence picked me up & put me in the ambulance. Then came the hospital, countless surgeries, nerve damage, paralyzed palate, limp, decade rehab, lost all my friends, dirty rehab manager Marian Hope led me to dirty Dr. Callahan & dirty TMC College. Then i moved home & became a freelance writer "DEEZ-COMMENTARY" at Now I have reached my calling. I need my driver's license & Independence. I've< Less
Article Writing Workbook By Clare Allison
eBook (ePub): $4.61
Your complete step-by-step formula to writing articles for magazines, freelance nonfiction writing, blogs and the internet. Crammed full of valuable information with practical activities and writing... More > exercises to help you develop your first articles. All aspects of article writing are covered from your first steps to completing your articles and getting them published, we show you how to: - • Find ideas • Work with words • Build your article step-by-step, creating the opening, body and ending • Analyse and find your market • Submit your work (includes sample submission letters) • Pitch your ideas to a magazine editor • Write cover letters (includes templates) • Layout and present your work for publication Also included are ideas for article genres for those moments when inspiration is hard to come by and where to offer your finished work for publication. Shows how you can earn money from writing articles, as well as how to recycle and reuse your articles to maximise your income.< Less
They Shot Bob Marley Outside The Dakota By mikel k
eBook (PDF): $12.50
They shot Bob Marley outside The Dakota the day that John Lennon rose from the dead. Jimi Hendrix sat at the head of the table while Jim Morrison read the prayer. Mikel K was once dubbed,... More > "The Poet Laureate of Urban Decay," by someone who ought to know. K has written as the ultimate free-lancer, briefly, for the biggest paper in the Southeast, but was, at the time, more interested in wandering around bars with napkins and a pen in his hand, way too often winding up in jail cells wondering what, and or who had hit him the night before. Then, one day,he woke up, a dad and the game plan of being a Poet Rockstar completely changed. Follow K on his long, strange trip. This man should be dead, but he's not and he shares his secrets to life with you in his poetry. When they finished the final supper, Janis Joplin began to sing. Kurt Cobain started to cry, while he walked on water. Charles Bukowski looked up from a game of poker that he was playing with angels, lit his cigar and smiled.< Less