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As Fingers Seek the Harp By I. D. Perry
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As Fingers Seek the Harp is a collection of poems by I. D. Perry, a poet and teacher ‎active in Los Angeles in the early to mid twentieth century. It will appeal to readers who ‎enjoy... More > traditional metrical, rhymed verse.‎ Nature is the most frequent theme; topics such as hiking, gardening, changes of season in ‎California, and the sea appear in almost half the poems. Mr. Perry’s appreciation of ‎classical mythology and the works of Virgil and Horace, along with French and English ‎literature of later centuries, inspired a number of poems. Other compositions deal with ‎love, teaching, American history, patriotism, religion, and a variety of additional themes. ‎ Mr. Perry had the poems privately printed in 1947. This 2018 edition was edited by ‎David J. Perry, I. D. Perry’s great-nephew. It includes one additional poem plus a ‎postscript with information about I. D. Perry’s life, explanatory notes, three appendices, ‎and references.‎< Less
Schoenstein & Co. Organs By Orpha Ochse
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Paperback Edition: The latest publication in OHS Press’s Monographs in American Organ History is Orpha Ochse’s definitive study, Schoenstein & Co. Organs. This work takes up where... More > Louis Schoenstein’s Memoirs of a San Francisco Organ Builder leaves off: with the sale of the firm to Jack Bethards in 1977, and documents the last 30 years of the company known for overseeing the renovation of the Mormon Tabernacle organ and building the130-rank organ for the Latter-Day Saints Conference Center in Salt Lake City. A testament to the imagination and foresight of the company’s president, Jack Bethards, Dr. Ochse’s book describes in detail his many special designs for special situations including his tonal concept of symphonic organs, double expression, the French Choir Organ, and the “multum in parvo.” An easy read for organ enthusiasts as well as organbuilders, Schoenstein & Co. Organs includes 41 high quality illustrations and the stoplists of 23 organs< Less
WORKMAN STREET: Wretched Lives In A Land Of Plenty By Jean Ovide Bourdeau
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Although highlighted by a premeditated murder this is nevertheless the story of a people living a life without expectations during the Thirties, Forties and Fifties in urban ghettos of... More > Montréal, condemned by circumstances to live a life of misery without history and future. Observed by a boy, caught up in the same poverty trap and wounded intellectually for a few years with a massive indoctrination program of servile obedience and enforced acceptance without question to a dogmatic belief system – in this case the French-Canadian medieval version of Roman Catholicism of olden days. In the end, it brings out a ray of hope by suggesting that, similar to the first group of entrepreneurs of the Beauce region – those original and inspiring ‘can do’ people of Québec – a generalized underground movement has at last begun an original creativity and economic development, bypassing the previous limits of language, stifling religion, and the ideological self-imposed traditional barriers to entrepreneurship and business.< Less
Nicolas Poussin: Paintings By Daniel Coenn
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Nicolas Poussin was the foremost painter of the classical French Baroque. His paintings are characterized by clarity, logic, and order, and favours line over color. Until the 20th century he remained... More > a major inspiration for such classically oriented artists as Jacques-Louis David, Jean-Auguste-Dominique Ingres and Paul Cézanne. He worked in Rome, except for a short time when Cardinal Richelieu ordered him back to France to serve as First Painter to the King. Most of his works are history paintings of religious or mythological subjects that very often have a large landscape element. In his works a survival of the impulses of the Renaissance is coupled with conscious reference to the art of classical antiquity as the standard of excellence. He believed in reason as the guiding principle of art, yet his figures are never just cold or motionless.< Less
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The Prisoner of Migration is an autobiographical novel, informed by the author’s expertise on Mauritian migration. The author’s researches have trawled deep into the oasis of the... More > respondents’ varied colonial cultural heritages striving to explore the factors that have contributed to their paralysis of indecision. This pursuit has unavoidably led him to find clarification by delving into the history of Mauritius, beginning from the Dutch occupation in 1598 to the French colonisation in 1715 and the surrender of Île de France to Britain in 1810. The analytical approach is eclectic, supported by colonial documents and studies as well as information from books and news media. The exposure of African slaves and Indian indentured labourers and their successors to the crucible of the melting pot of the varied cultural legacies seems to have resulted in a Mauritian population that V.S. Naipaul has defined as a ‘manufactured people’.< Less
The Grammar of Romance By Joshua Rudder
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This guide introduces you to the basic grammar of Vulgar Latin and the Romance languages. Compare related languages to understand how nouns, verbs, pronouns, adjectives, words, phrases and sentences... More > work throughout this language family. Challenge yourself to see commonalities among a range of Romance languages and to understand their shared history from Vulgar Latin. View examples from major Romance languages like Portuguese, French and Romanian, as well as many regional languages like Catalan, Sardinian and Romansh. Extra materials include comparative grammar tables with notes, a brief tour of Vulgar Latin grammar, a chapter on the pronunciation of Romance, helpful maps and a glossary of language names. Balanced explanations and examples, a thorough index and a clear table of contents make this the ideal reference guide for students and enthusiasts of the Romance languages.< Less
Alfred Sisley: Drawings By Daniel Coenn
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Alfred Sisley was French impressionist landscape painter, born in Paris to English parents. He was a founding member of the Impressionist group. In his early education years he took the opportunity... More > to study the works of John Constable and William Turner. His father supported him and decided to send him to the École des Beaux-Arts in the atelier of Charles-Gabriel Gleyre. Fellow students of Gleyre included Pierre-Auguste Renoir, Claude Monet and Frédéric Bazille. Their friendship was to revolutionize painting and radically change the history of art. Influenced by his friends Renoir and Monet in his selection of colours, Sisley was less daring than Monet in his use of the "rainbow palette" and closer to the Barbizon School tradition. He never move away from figure painting and, unlike Renoir and Pissarro, never found that Impressionism did not fulfill his artistic needs.< Less
William Bougeureau: Drawings By Daniel Coenn
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William-Adolphe Bouguereau used ancient themes, making new readings of classical myths. He settled his abundant fantasy space with a romanticized selection of angels, women and children. A skilled... More > draftsman and expert of human anatomy, he sensitively captured nuances of character and mood, lively depicting the spirit and body of his subjects. His unusual awareness to detail was made achievable by his skill to sketch-out his visions. Many of his drawings are works of arts in their own. It is just Bouguereau that opened the French academies to women, and it was he who was perhaps the greatest painter of the human figure in all of 19th century art history. His sketches come to life like no previous contemporary draftsman has ever before or ever since realized. Bouguereau wasn't just the most excellent ever at drawing human anatomy, more importantly - he captured the warm and delicates nuances of character and mood.< Less
The Occult Mentors of Maria de Naglowska By Robert North
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The Occult Mentors of Maria de Naglowska by Robert North This is the ultimate study of Maria de Naglowska and her relationship to the history of French Catholic Gnosticism, from the Cathars at... More > Monsegur to Palaprat in Paris and the reformulation of many magico-masonic orders under the directorship of Papus and FUDOSI. North presents the teachings of the mysterious Groupe Polaires which Maria belonged to. The Group of UR was founded by Maria’s primary mentor, Julius Evola. The group was funded by Mussolini’s war council to experiment with Tibetan methods of soul transmigration and use of the Vril force. Maria’s rituals in 1930’s Paris may have been part of this plan. Occult scholar and author, Robert North also traces the true origin of western European sex magick. His section on Spiritualism and Free Love in the 19th Century points to the hitherto unknown origins of the sex magick doctrines of the O.T.O., the H.B. of L. and other similar groups.< Less
Protestant Resistance, the Huguenot tradition in Southern France By Richard MALTBY
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As soon as the Reformation started, the South of France gave it an enthusiastic welcome in many of the town and villages and it soon swept most of the Southern half of France. In many of these... More > villages, the descendants of the Cathars and the Vaudois had been living quietly and were among the first to join the new churches. But challenging the spiritual, and in some cases the secular, power of Rome wasn’t without danger; soon the “heretics” were being persecuted, harassed and burned with their seditious books. As the French Kings sided with the Pope, a culture of resistance developed and has remained to these days. Richard Maltby, Professor of History at King’s School in Canterbury shows the clear link and shared ideas between the Huguenots who fought Louis XIVth and their descendants who hid Jewish children and fought nazi occupation forces. His well illustrated book guides us through the villages, towns and hideouts of the Huguenots.< Less

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