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Dolphins By Kensey Folkman
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Dolphins are great animals read this book to find out more about them and their lives. this boook will answer all your questions you have about dolphins.Dolphins are amazing animals! They swim in the... More > water but breathe the air. Why is that? How many teeth do they have? what do they eat? Are they endangered? Why are they so friendly to people? How do dolphins communicate? All these questions and more will be answered in this book. Dolphins are really interesting, read this book to find out all about this beautiful animal!< Less
Dolphin Secret By Hazel Blundell
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Dolphin Secret is a story about a group of brave and adventurous friends who come to the aid of an injured dolphin. A recommended short read for the young at heart.
Dolly the Dolphin By Isabella Kelm
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Aurora is a little girl who loves dolphins and must fight the urge to pet them to keep them safe. She is rewarded with a magical transformation into a mermaid. Unexpectedly she has to make a... More > difficult decision to save her dolphin friends from an oil spill.< Less
Amy and the Dolphins By George Maurice
Paperback: $9.13
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An evil wizard has taken over Elesium!! now only Amy and her friends! the kindwyn faries with Lazybones the dragon and Prince Cai who with the help of Baily the flying horse and the Dolphins of the... More > crystal sea must save their world! but the wizzard has powerful alies! the evil Shadowbats and Rex the great red dragon who wants revenge!! come inside and see!! the quest to save the world of the rainbow bridge is about to begin!< Less
Maile and the Spinner Dolphin By Michael Herr
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Maile had been looking forward to leaving elementary school behind and going into 7th grade with her best friend. She knew they would have it made. But then, on the first day of the new school... More > year, things went wrong. In fact things went from better to worse. And when Maile decided to cut school and go to the beach, they went from worse to absolutely horrible. Now Maile is faced with a hungry shark, and no one around to help her. Except maybe, maybe someone from her past can reach out to her. This is the first book of the Maile series set on the island of Kauai.< Less
Ming Ming the White Dolphin By Ryan Cosgrove
Paperback: $15.38
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A little dolphin tries to find its friends!
Archie and His Dolphin Dream By Heather B. Clark
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A young child makes friends with a dolphin. What will it take to make the dolphin happy?
Emel and the two white dolphins By Julien Tainmont-Pierrat
Paperback: $22.54
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Emel the mermaid has lost her two friends, the white dolphins. She begins a marvelous journey to discover what happenend to them.
Andrew the Dolphin and the Living Fossils By Rusty Trimble
eBook (PDF): $4.95
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Andrew the dolphin goes exploring underwater with his best friend, Ryley the Killer Whale. During their journey they met a species of fish thought long extinct and become good friends in this first... More > story of the Andrew the Dolphin series. I dedicate this book to my son Andrew. My son has Autism and I pledge to donate 50% of any profits to Autism-related causes to help provide funding and research.< Less
The Cruise of the Dolphin (Illustrated) By Thomas Bailey Aldrich
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A classic short story of 4 friends who each buy a share in a small sailboat called the Dolphin. The boys excitedly take one day to have a picnic on Sandpeep Island. What will happen with these boys... More > during their first excursion on their pride and joy, The Dolphin.< Less