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Primordial Strength Training Marine Functional Force Training Volume 1 By Steven Helmicki
Paperback: $19.95
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Prescribes the initial 20 weeks of training explosive power endurance for Marine Combat Athletes. Enhancing survival and missions outcomes through systemized advanced training.
Fitness Blender’s 8 Week Boot Camp – Functional Strength Training Program By Kelli Segars, Daniel Segars
eBook (PDF): $9.99
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Please note: This is our printable workout program (see our Fat Loss Programs for our plans that use our free workout videos). Fitness Blender’s 8-week dynamic workout program combines... More > functional strength training exercises, Pilates, plyometrics, high intensity interval training, and strategically placed cardio sessions in order to drastically improve your body’s shape, tone, endurance, and physical abilities in as little time as possible. If you follow this workout program diligently, you will most definitely see changes in your body composition, shape, and weight. Most of these routines are roughly 60 minutes in length. They all burn a high number of calories and use a comprehensive approach to fitness that builds balance, flexibility, and control over one’s body.< Less
Primordial Strength Systems Basic Geriatric Strength Training By Steven Helmicki
Paperback: $14.95
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Primordial strength adapted to the senior group who wants to preserve as much strength and function as possible throughout the end of life.
Optimal Strength Training and Conditioning for Military, Law Enforcement and Fire Fighters By Scott Shetler and Steven Mosley
Paperback: $34.95
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This book presents the optimal methods of strength training and conditioning for those in the military, law enforcement, and fire fighting professions. All aspects of training are covered including... More > strength, strength-endurance, conditioning, program design, testing and much more! Whether you are a professional in one of these services or someone who wants to get in fighting shape this book is for you!< Less
Primordial Strength Systems Middle Age Explosive Power Endurance Training Volume One By Steven Helmicki
Paperback: $12.95
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Primordial's beginning Middle Age strength training programming that develops athletic, functionally strong people who want to live without limits. Train to Live Well. Period.
Power Clubs - Better Mobility, Greater Strength By Shane Nicoletti
Paperback: $28.59
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This book serves as a manual for the Function & Fitness Ireland FFI power club s&c course. Learn the oldest method of strength & conditioning from Irelands best school.Power club training... More > will shape your body and burn unwanted body fat. Power club training will help you mobilise stiff joints and strengthen your whole body.< Less
Circuit Training Programs and Posters By Marina Aagaard
eBook (PDF): $8.99
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Circuit training Programs and posters is a handbook on circuit training with a complete guide to circuit training programming and execution of motivating and effective circuit workouts. The book... More > covers exercise recommendations for cardiovascular fitness, coordination (motor skills), strength and flexibility related to circuit workout design. The main focus of the book is circuit training for groups, small or large groups, with bodyweight or basic equipment. All of the models and programs can be adapted for different target groups and various settings, indoors and outdoors. The book provides numerous tips and ideas for state-of-the-art circuit workouts as well as 100 general circuit schemes and 10 complete circuit programs. As a special feature the book has 100 circuit posters ready-for-print. Circuit training is an essential handbook with programs and posters for fun and functional circuit training workouts, a handy guide for personal trainers, instructors, physiotherapists, PE teachers and PE students.< Less
Kettlebells - Train a Little, Gain a Lot By Shane Nicoletti
Paperback: $28.51
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Kettlebell Training is a full body training system that incorporates all the muscles of the body in a functional capacity. It is the ultimate fat burning method of training suitable for most people.... More > It will change the way you train forever. Each movement uses the core and abdominal area in conjunction with major muscles of the body. As well as working your neuromuscular system it will challenge your cardiorespiratory system (heart/lungs) too. Kettlebell training will shorten your training time and double your gains. Because of the nature of kettlebell training it will speed up your metabolism increasing your calorie burn. This manual will help you discover the benefits of Pavel Tsatsouline's unique method of hardstyle kettlebell training. This type of training is ideal for the person with little time on their hands. Hardstyle kettlebell training is a form of strength and conditioning that promotes power production over power conservation, which is ideal for all sports.< Less
Kettlebells Training Level 2 - Train a Little, Gain a Lot By Shane Nicoletti
Paperback: $28.74
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The methods used by Function & Fitness Ireland (FFI™) in this Kettlebells Training Level 2 manual are a progression from the Level 1 course. The methods that are used in FFI™ level 2... More > kettlebell strength and conditioning training course will give the participant a greater knowledge in using kettlebells, to help them and their clients to get stronger. The focus is on safe teaching and efficient training methods which are paramount at FFI™ courses.< Less
Cross Fit: Interval Training for Beginners By Cathy Wilson
eBook (ePub): $3.99
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Cross-Fit: Interval Training for Beginners by Award Winning Exercise and Nutrition author Cathy Wilson, introduces the health benefits of finding just a few hours a week to COMMIT to train CrossFit.... More > Benefits Include: *Improving Energy *Fat Loss for Eternity *Strengthening Your Cognitive and Physical Capacity *Preventing Serious Disease, like Diabetes, Heart Disease, Stroke, and Alzheimer's *Fantabulous Overall Quality of Life *Increased Resilience to Body Breakdown *Battle Aging and Win *Stronger Immune System Function *Exciting Interval Training *Decreased Stress *Rock-Your-World Sex Cathy Wilson cleverly uses her newly revised CrossFit guide, to hand you the tools to take action toward optimal health. Making CrossFit workouts something permanent in your life that will forever benefit you positively mentally, physically, and socially. Evolution says your body was designed for intense daily interval training; muscle building, cardiovascular exercise, strength training, and stretching.< Less

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