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Firefighter War Stories II: More Memories from the Firehouse Years By Lew LeBlanc
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A retired Fire Captain from a Boston suburb shares over 150 stories from his 33-year career. Get a glimpse into a life that few outside of the profession ever see—that of a firefighter—by... More > a man who has lived it. LeBlanc brings you along as he shares his experiences: the camaraderie—and conflict—within the firehouse; the feeling of satisfaction in a job well done (perhaps...saving a life); and the agony of loss. Expect a roller coaster ride. The book continuously transitions from the ridiculous to the sublime; one story will be incredibly amusing, the next will leave you experiencing the same sense of loss as Mr. LeBlanc obviously felt. No matter what size department you work on, people are people and you can't make this stuff up. Perfect for those who dream of a career as firefighter, or those who would like to learn (and be entertained) more about the behind-the-scenes, day-to-day situations encountered by these brave heroes.< Less
War Stories: Some Memories from the Firehouse Years By Lew LeBlanc
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A Captain from a suburban Fire Department shares over 100 stories from his 30-year career in this collection of anecdotes. It’s not all guts and glory and running into burning buildings.... More > There’s also downtime, station life, and side jobs. He has seen people at their best and at their worst and everything in between. Just when you think you’ve seen it all, what looks like a routine call turns out to be anything but routine. Put it all together and you have an interesting study of human nature. Many of these stories will make you laugh, some will make you cry, and others will just make you stop and think. See life through his eyes, that of a career firefighter. This book is not just for firefighters. A glossary ensures that everyone can enjoy the stories, including those who may not be familiar with Fire Department jargon.< Less
The E.R. Loading Dock:Part II By Eric Liddy Sr.
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Installment number 2 of the series: The E.R. Loading Dock. The stories contained within are real life and first person accounts of EMT's and Paramedics. Some are funny, some are sad. These stories... More > show real life EMS humor and horror from the men and women that live it every day that they put on the EMS uniform.< Less
Carver's Mill By H.R. Harvey
Paperback: $16.50
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Harvey’s funny and bittersweet novel follows the sorry life of Bert Emmerling, Carver’s Mill’s one and only veterinarian. Even his cows don’t like him. His one and only... More > friend since childhood, Cubby Dixon is even worse than his enemies. When Channel 89’s new weather woman, Charlotte McKeon, moves to town (having nearly been tarred and feathered out in Tucson) she grates on Bert’s nerves so much, it’s worth moving away. With heart and humanity, Carver’s Mill, puts a lump in your throat on one page, only to make you blow your coffee on the next. Poignant, funny, memorable dialogue, and an unusual philosophy. Settle into your favorite chair and relax for a wonderful ride. Nibble Magazine A great read! Delicious spot-on dialogue. Harvey has the ability to pepper bittersweet scenes with humor, and then turn around and clobber you while you’re laughing. CrossBow Books< Less

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