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The Mentor: The Cradle of Liberty, Vol. 6, Num. 10, Serial No. 158, July 1, 1918 By Albert Bushnell Hart
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Hint: You can preview this book by clicking on "Preview" which is located under the cover of this book. About the author: Albert Bushnell Hart (July 1, 1854–July 16, 1943), was an... More > American historian based at Harvard, writer, and editor. One of the first generation of professionally trained historians in the United States, a prolific author and editor of historical works, Albert Bushnell Hart became, as Samuel Eliot Morison described him, "The Grand Old Man" of American history, looking the part with his "patriarchal full beard and flowing moustaches. "Hart was born in Clarksville (now Clark), Mercer County, Pennsylvania. He graduated from Harvard University in 1880. He was a member of Phi Beta Kappa and a classmate and friend of future U.S. President Theodore Roosevelt. He studied at Paris, Berlin and Freiburg, and received his doctorate from Freiburg in 1883. Excerpt from:< Less
The History of Mr. Polly By H. G. (Herbert George) Wells
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The History of Mr. Polly is a 1949 British film, based on the 1910 comic novel The History of Mr. Polly by H.G. Wells. It was directed by Anthony Pelissier (who is also credited with the script) and... More > stars John Mills, Betty Ann Davies, Megs Jenkins and Finlay Currie. It was the first adaptation of one of Wells' works to be produced after his death in 1946.Following his dismissal from a draper's shop, where his father had placed him as an apprentice, protagonist Alfred Polly (John Mills) finds it hard to find another position. When a telegram arrives informing him of his father's death, he returns to the family home. With a bequest of £500, Polly starts to consider his future; and a friend of his father's, Mr Johnsen (Edward Chapman), urges him to invest it in a shop - an idea that Polly hates. Excerpt from: Hint: You can preview this book by clicking on "Preview" which is located under the cover of this book.< Less
Dateline: Korea By Brent Kirk
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The year is 1965. At twenty, John Stilwell Jr. holds a Ph.D. in Quantum Physics and Mathematics. His lifelong intention has been to alter the natural course of history that resulted in his... More > father’s death in Korea. In 1953, John Stilwell Sr. was killed just hours after the Korean Conflict ended. John Jr. was six when it happened, and he was never going to accept the events that led to his father’s untimely death. He was convinced that a huge quantum mistake had been made. Now he has found a way to navigate to historical events, but once he tests his ability to change those events, he realizes the universe has in place a very powerful guardian of the time continuum. What will happen to John Jr.’s future after he negates his father’s death is something he is ready to face. But when he returns to 1965, there is something very wrong. He is witness to the chain of events he set in motion,and there is a mysterious entity at work that threatens to erase him from existence.< Less
Good loves Evil By Samantha Tallon
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OK! So I guess I should start with telling you a little about myself? My name is Stacy Carter. I’m 20 years old, with black hair and blue eyes. Eh… College is not a factor in my... More > immediate future. Oh and I have my own little apartment that is also home to Flannagan, my cat, and is just outside the city so I drive my mashed up little car, I lovingly call Roxy, anytime I have to venture that far. Work consists of helping out in a vintage clothing shop… but it’s good, life is… normal, happy. What else, what else? …Music! I hate pop and techno but live for Punk, old school Punk. Speaking of tastes, chocolate is not something I particularly like at all, in fact I would even go as far as to say I hate it…I do love tacos and anything spicy though. Black is my thing, anything coloured black, cat, car, hair (from a bottle so it is black not just dark brown). I love the colour black. Oh! And did I happen to mention my current boyfriend, he’s not your average. His name is Lucifer?? He’s also known as The Devil< Less
Arnie Armadillo and His New Adventure By Bill Blair
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The armadillo’s supply of food and water are now dangerously low. With no way of replenishing them, they look to Arnie to save their future. In Arnie Armadillo and His New Adventure, author... More > Bill Blair has given Arnie and his characters many skills that help Arnie, his friends and his family succeed in their search for survival and a new beginning. Arnie shows preparation, determination, common sense, intelligence, patience and great perseverance to reach Paradise. Arnie also overcomes many fears, doubts and hurdles to reach his ultimate goal. Arnie and his new friends show how much friendship means and what working together as a team can accomplish. Arnie and his family’s love and trust are the driving forces behind Arnie’s Adventure. In fact, Arnie soon realizes that without his family and loved ones, a new beginning would mean very little to him. The over-all message is that nothing worthwhile is ever easy, but if you keep trying and never give up, the end result is worth it.< Less
A GAME OF TITANS : Vol. I Perseus Pictorial Edition By M.T. Boulton
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M. T. BOULTON is proud to introduce A GAME OF TITANS : Vol. I Perseus Pictorial Edition An illustrated companion book to A GAME OF TITANS: Perseus series Including Perseus and the Titan's Lightning... More > Book 1 in The Last Lightning series ... with visual mapping references, chronicling the high fantastical beasts, mythological creatures and potted pictorial references that underpin M. T. Boulton's work, plus hidden illustrated clues to the future Perseus books! Join Perseus and his trusty friend Aloysius as he bravely faces all manner of grotesque foes. The very familiar myth retold in a way that is neither gruesome nor over-bearing. A tossed bolt of lightning, from a Titan's fury, makes things go downhill from there. Join Perseus and his trusty friend Aloysius as he bravely faces all manner of grotesque foes. Can Perseus survive A Game of Titans? Fear Demodrad! A GAME OF TITANS : Vol. I Perseus Pictorial Edition< Less
30 Quick Tips to help your Child SUCCEED By AYNIT SHAH
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30 Quick Tips to help raising successful children. In this brief guide, you'll find 30 useful tips that could transform your child's chances of success at school, at home and in life. Aynit Shah,... More > the Award Winning Educator has put together a very quick and easy to read guide of 30 tips that can truly transform the way you raise your child. Having developed a 4 step process, here are 30 quick tips that you'll find invaluable when it comes to setting your child up to succeed. Once you've understood what motivates your child, you'll see what habits and behaviours will work best to increase your child's confidence. From here you will be able to PLAN the best way to implement these HABITS, and how best to reinforce them. Having been involved in teaching, training and coaching for over 15 years, Aynit Shah brings his wealth of knowledge into a quickfire 30 tips. All parents will find something that will help them raise their child in a way that will positively shape their future!< Less
A Clean Sweep By Maxwell Grantly
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Isaac Little was a chimney sweep apprentice who worked for the cruel Mr. Grubber. It was a difficult and dangerous life sweeping chimneys, especially as Isaac was forced to crawl within the flues.... More > It was his awful task to climb up the brickwork and loosen the soot with a brush by hand. Each evening Mr. Grubber would spend the day’s takings on drink at the local pub, leaving Isaac to clean the yard and pack the soot into sacks, for sale to farmers as a fertiliser for their fields. The only consolation that Isaac had for this miserable existence was an anonymous handwritten letter that he kept hidden away in his jacket pocket. Isaac couldn’t recall how he had found this note but he knew that it was his, for his name was included in full within the last sentence of the letter. The mysterious note promised Isaac that his life would improve and that he should trust its unknown author. Who wrote the prediction for Isaac’s life and how did the writer know what the future held for the wretched chimney sweep?< Less
The Triplet's Curse - Hope's Story By Marsha Black
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What would you do if you began seeing things once you turn 16? What if you aren't able to see things that will happen to your loved ones? Read Hope's story to see how she handles it. When the moon... More > is full High above the Earth Three daughters shall be born On their 16th birthday, their destiny will begin One daughter, born with the knowledge of the future, yet blind of those closest to her As Hope’s 16th birthday nears, weird things begin to happen. Then on the night of her 16th birthday, she awakens with a scream. An unbelievable nightmare becomes her reality, and she begins to question her sanity. As she learns about the curse, she must open herself up to the fact that her life will never be the same. Bryce, a new guy in town, arrives to help. In order to survive, three must work as one, or all is lost. Will Hope learn to use her ability in time?< Less
No Brother of Mine By Matt Holmes
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When Mitchell James answers his doorbell on a quiet Monday evening, he's not expecting to find two detectives standing on his porch. And he's certainly not expecting the pair to begin asking him... More > questions about his brother, Ray, who he hasn't seen or spoken to in 20 years. But when the detectives go on to tell him that they believe Ray's dead body may be lying in the morgue, Mitch's comfortable little world is rocked. As the shock of that news forces Mitch to re-examine memories from a painful childhood, he begins a journey to discover the truth about what has actually happened to Ray since their falling out so long ago. Will the secret the two brothers share come to light now, after being buried for all those years? What part did it play in setting up the events of the present? And after working so hard to keep that secret from ever coming out, will Mitch have no choice but to watch its discovery destroy his own future?< Less

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