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American Scenes: WPA-Era Prints from the 1930s and 1940s By La Salle University Art Museum
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The American Scene was a vibrant artistic movement during the WPA era, a period framed by the crash of the stock market in 1929 and the escalation of American involvement in World War II around 1943.... More > To address the crisis of mass unemployment, the U.S. government instituted a series of public works programs which aimed to put Americans back to work. The exhibition catalogue presents an overview of American Scenes produced by WPA-era graphic artists – the major issues facing American artists during this period, the hardships endured and the opportunities gained through creating artworks which were relevant to, and appreciated by, a new audience of average American people. Featuring 47 artworks from La Salle University Art Museum and the WPA Collection of the Free Library of Philadelphia Print and Picture Department, this catalogue includes scholarly essays, label text and reproductions of all of the artworks included in the exhibition.< Less
An Open Book is a Mind about to Soar: Danielle's Poems and Stories for Young Adults By Danielle Sainte-Marie
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In An Open Book is a Mind about to Soar, Danielle Sainte-Marie offers up poetry and short stories for young adults, primarily ages 8-13. Sharing this book with your loved ones is a great way to... More > introduce them to complex phrasing, challenging words, and metaphorical ideas. This book teaches: 1. The importance of finding your talents and interests and pursuing them. 2. Learning to see life with a renewed interest and wonder. 3. Celebrating love and acknowledging the feelings of one's first teenage 'crush.' 4. How to utilize perspective to see any situation as you wish. 5. The importance of having fun and being a bit silly at times. This is reflected in a 'nonsense' poem I included. 6. The big question of death is dealt with; the book teaches that without death there is no life, and that we are all part of one big ecosystem, and so, it is what it is and we must go on--hopefully, with a smile.< Less
Longer Ago By Spoon Jackson
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Author's Note: I think it is amazing that I have a book out. There was no sign of my being a poet in any of my schooling, especially in the free world. I flunked all of my English and language... More > classes, and did not pick up reading until I lost my physical freedom. I became a student in life, learning whatever I could, seeking out new things to know and do. This led to my meeting some splendid people, and to reading and studying some fascinating books. I gained a love and appreciation for the arts, for language, and for English. One must love and be love to be real – to walk in your own shoes. I offer these poems of realness with an open heart, mind, and soul. I hope this book inspires you to be you, and to walk in your own realness – to stay real, forever glowing and growing.< Less
ACCT 405 WEEK 6 QUIZ LATEST By jon kelly
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ACCT 405 Week 6 Quiz Latest ACCT405 ACCT 405 Week 6 Quiz Latest Question 1 (TCO 4) A U.S. company sells merchandise to a foreign company, denominated in U.S. dollars. Which of the following... More > statements is true? • If the foreign currency appreciates, a foreign exchange gain will result. • If the foreign currency depreciates, a foreign exchange gain will result. • No foreign exchange gain or loss will result. • If the foreign currency appreciates, a foreign exchange loss will result. • If the foreign currency depreciates, a foreign exchange loss will result.< Less
aakaar By Sheil Shukla
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From the introduction: "My inspiration for this book comes from my deep admiration of Gujarati, the language of the western Indian state of Gujarat. This book is a compilation of my paintings of... More > Gujarati consonants, and it focuses simply on the art form that is written Gujarati. While my intention is not for this book to serve a direct pedagogical function, I hope to have its readers, those familiar and unfamiliar with the language, gain an appreciation of the Gujarati letterform."< Less
Bellahon: The Book of War [Falling Leaves Edition] By Daffyd C. Landegge
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When anyone seeks to learn about strategy and tactics they normally gravitate towards “Sun Tzu’s Art of War” and/or Miyamoto Musashi’s “The Book of Five Rings” (Go... More > Rin No Sho). Both books are masterful pieces that deserve every bit of respect and appreciation, but these two classics barely cover an aspect that is present in every form of warfare…the psychological factor. Don’t get me wrong, both works briefly mention the use of psychological application in warfare but do they also include its use in everyday workings? What about how to use such knowledge to gain the kind of enlightenment they both highly promote, “the knowledge of thy self?” Unfortunately neither one goes into detail about how to acquire “knowing oneself.” And that is where the book “Bellakai-Conryaku” comes in. “Toshikai-Conryaku” is the revision of Musashi’s work. When these two books are compiled together they form “Bellahon: The Book of War.”< Less
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An introductory look at acrostics and the Hebrew language leads to an exploration of acrostics in the Bible. How is their existence indicated in Bible translations and can we gain some insight into... More > why they were written and how they exemplified one aspect of the art of the poet? It is not often appreciated that there are fifteen such acrostics in the Old Testament. Their study leads to less frequented parts of the Bible, such as Nahum and Ben Sira (or Ecclesiasticus). The very moving Book of Lamentations is mostly based on the acrostic pattern and this gives useful insights into its interpretation. Nine psalms are acrostics including the most extensive example of Psalm 119. Such an understanding can open up our appreciation of this psalm. The author believes there is a fascination about the Biblical acrostic that is worth preserving and that can shed additional light upon our reading of the scriptures today.< Less
Navigating the Ship of You By Peter Wright
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Navigating the Ship of You is a book about discovery, exploration and sailing the vast oceans of our lives. It is about journeying into the Unknown and returning and making it Known - by drawing maps... More > and charting our experiences. It is about gaining an understanding of the art of self navigation in order to enhance and transform our lives. It is set in two parts. Part One examines the primary phenomena of the art of self navigation, namely the power of Thought and Language. Part Two contains stories of some of the encounters on both my own voyages and the voyages of some of those I have helped, guided and explored with and sailed alongside. Life and its manifold circumstances serves up a vast and varied climate for our voyages and journeys, so our expertise and mastery of the Art of Navigation is of vital importance to our perspective, understanding and appreciation of what life in general, and our life in particular, is all about.< Less
The Complete Practical Distiller By M. La Fayette Byrn M.D.
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FOR a long time the public have been in want of a work on the art of Distillation and Rectification, couched in such language that every one could appreciate it; and of such size and value that the... More > price, and the time required to read it, would prove the least objectionable. From the best information I can gain, no work has appeared on this subject for many years. Owing to this fact, most of the improvements which have been made in the art have proved of little use to the larger class; and thus things have almost remained stationary with regard to this very important matter, particularly in this country ; which is, indeed, greatly to be lamented, as we are in possession of every thing, in the way of fruits, vegetables, etc.,which have hitherto been used in distillation.< Less
Writings of Athenagoras By Apostle Arne Horn
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[A.D. 177.] In placing Athenagoras here, somewhat out of the order usually accepted, I commit no appreciable violence against chronology, and I gain a great advantage for the reader. To some extent... More > we must recognise, in collocation, the principles of affinity and historic growth. Closing up the bright succession of the earlier Apologists, this favourite author affords also a fitting introduction to the great founder of the Alexandrian School, who comes next into view. His work opens the way for Clement’s elaboration of Justin’s claim, that the whole of philosophy is embraced in Christianity. It is charming to find the primal fountains of Christian thought uniting here, to flow on for ever in the widening and deepening channel of Catholic orthodoxy, as it gathers into itself all human culture, and enriches the world with products of regenerated mind, harvested from its overflow into the fields of philosophy and poetry and art and science.< Less

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