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Panjian Galactic History By Alan McGowan
Paperback: $17.00
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A paper back version of my first published novel, Panjian Galactic History. A false history detailing the trials and tribulations of the "Panjians". They are forced off their home world and... More > slowly rebuild their civilization on a new world. Where they break up into a handful of feuding nation states. As they reform a world government and begin space travel once again, a new foe emerges. The "Drawphi" are a pseudo-religious, dictatorship with dreams of galactic conquest. The Panjians form an alliance against them and put a halt to the Drawphi Empires manifest destiny. Other than the cover text and author comments and bio this is the same book as the e-book I also sell.< Less
Vitas By Patrick Law
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Commander Seán Ó Conaill left to find habitable planets on Canopus, one of two black-hole lightships to launch in the twenty-sixth century. Finding none, he ordered Gristelda, the... More > ship's computer, "to accelerate us until the Canopus has achieved the maximum she will do." Gristelda complied and he found himself returning to Earth, now called Vitas, 800,000 years in the future. Humankind was governed by the Society of Life, charged with maintaining the Order, in world inhabited by a few hundred million humans and the the Society. Separated from a primordial world by a Wall, after propounding a Slippery Slope Proposition, he was forced to cross over. But he was part of a greater plan set in motion by the Great One. What he did next would profoundly change the future of humankind, the Society, and all the intelligent habitants of the galaxy.< Less
Relic - The Bounty Hunter Chronicles: Revolution By Leslie MacDonald
Paperback: $8.00
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Revolution- Relic the bounty hunter and his crew usually were neutral to planetary conflicts. That would change when Andrina Dovan, Princess of Kardova, seeks refuge on his ship when her planet is... More > conquered. Up against a man intent on galactic conquest, how would Relic protect the Princess? How would this small crew of five manage to take back the galaxy? Would they succeed or would they fall to the revolution?< Less
Dimension Lapse By Nicholas Davis
Hardcover: List Price: $27.44 $26.07 | You Save: 5%
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After being attacked by an unseen force, Major Jeff Walker, a Martian colonist is trapped in another universe via wormhole, and lands on an earth-like planet. Befriended by amphibious beings, they... More > live in peace until an outside force threatens their way of life. They must join an intergalactic war against an evil race called the Tolarions, and a warmonger who calls himself Balta. On a nearby planet, they meet a telepathic arthropod named Zarcon, who is a representative of the opposing Galactic Republic of Peaceful Civilizations. When his superior, Riona, double crosses the Republic and steals a weapon of mass destruction for unknown purposes, Walker and a band of misfits must stop him before he exterminates every race in the galaxy. Meanwhile, the Tolarions have plans of domination and conquest. Walker is unaware, however, that the key to their survival lies deeply rooted in the human's own historical past, and a man his grandfather once knew.< Less
Another Dimension Worlds Collide 2 By Margaret Newmeli
Paperback: $10.73
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This is the continuation of Another Dimension Worlds Collide Book 1 Family. After the defeat of Firelord Zota, the Supreme Fighter attacks Rezes and commences his conquest of galaxy Brave. The... More > securities of planets go on to initiate the Galactic Force, a commando of fighters from all worlds of the galaxy. The Earthlings Ryan, Noah, Alan and Zach are part of this project. The most distinguished heroes from Nootra, Aegels, Medon, Orpes come together to combat the Ablom menace. Superman, Son Goku, Broly, Naruto, Captain Nootra are the champions of the Galaxy. The Supreme Fighter, however, marshalled some notorious personalities, including the Shinigami Sosuke Aizen and the cofounder of the Shinobi World, Uchiha Madara. Another Dimension Worlds Collide Book 1 Family Another Dimension continues with the Tales of Captain Nootra. Get all copies and don't miss the fascinating journey of Alan and his peers to cartoon world.< Less

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