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Vitas By Patrick Law
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Commander Seán Ó Conaill left to find habitable planets on Canopus, one of two black-hole lightships to launch in the twenty-sixth century. Finding none, he ordered Gristelda, the... More > ship's computer, "to accelerate us until the Canopus has achieved the maximum she will do." Gristelda complied and he found himself returning to Earth, now called Vitas, 800,000 years in the future. Humankind was governed by the Society of Life, charged with maintaining the Order, in world inhabited by a few hundred million humans and the the Society. Separated from a primordial world by a Wall, after propounding a Slippery Slope Proposition, he was forced to cross over. But he was part of a greater plan set in motion by the Great One. What he did next would profoundly change the future of humankind, the Society, and all the intelligent habitants of the galaxy.< Less
Quinta Essentia - Part 4 (US Letter) By Riccardo Storti
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Principles of mass-energy distribution and similitude by ZPF equilibria are utilised to derive the values of the present Hubble constant "H_0" and CMBR temperature "T_0". It is... More > demonstrated that a mathematical relationship exists between the Hubble constant and CMBR temperature such that "T_0" is derived from "H_0". The values derived are "67.0843(km/s/Mpc)" and "2.7248(K)" respectively. We also derive improved estimates for the solar distance from the Galactic centre "R_0" and total Galactic mass "M_G" as being "8.1072(kpc)" and "6.3142 x10^11(solar-masses)" respectively. The construct herein implies that the observed "accelerated expansion" of the Universe is attributable to the determination of the ZPF energy density threshold "U_ZPF" being "< -2.52 x10^-13(Pa)". Moreover, it is graphically illustrated that the gradient of the Hubble constant in the time domain is presently positive.< Less
The Shining Ones Ambassadors of a New Age of Light By DeAnne Hampton
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The Shining Ones are known throughout the Cosmos as Master Geneticists – they carry the higher octave harmonics of humanity's attunement to a 5D World. Through the New Human Templates of Love,... More > Harmony, Joy, Unity, Co-Creation, Abundance and Sovereignty, these benevolent, wise and unconditional luminous ones are here to mirror the remembrance now activating in the human DNA. This book follows the introduction of The New Human Paradigm in 2008 via author DeAnne Hampton's previous work, The New Human, Understanding Our Humanity, Embracing Our Divinity. The Shining Ones, Ambassadors of a New Age of Light follows the arc of humanity's evolutionary expansion from 2006 through the 12/21/12 gateway and marks the planetary return of this Advanced Light Race to the human species. This manuscript is light-encoded as an attunement toward the highest potentials of human consciousness now awakening to a New Earth.< Less
The Fifth Descendant By Loron-Jon Stokes
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As Humanity faces the uncertainty and conflict of the 7th century in its Galactic Expansion calendar, Pleo awakes on the pleasure planet Lascivia III. With a mind still lost to intoxication he... More > struggles to remember why he's there, only to find a dark truth. Pleo is the last in a line which has waited five generations for the emergence of galactic tycoon Jeremiah Aldrich from cryogenic suspension and now it is time for him to die.< Less
FSpace Roleplaying The Solarians an alien race and variant setting for FSpace v1.1 By Martin Rait & Tony Harris
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SpaceRPG is a science fiction roleplaying game in the classic mould. This module that presents a variant setting and alien race, the Solarians for use with FSpace. It provides an overview of galactic... More > history for this darker universe, along with information pertaining to introducing the Solarians in the context of the normal FSpace time line. Also included is a 2 page scenario concept to help introduce the Solarians into campaign situation. This book is an expansion module suited to the GM wanting to explore alternatives to the mainstream FSpace setting.< Less
A Model of Creation By Hans J Zeunert
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"A Model of Creation" builds up on the "Unified Mind Theory". Here, we take a closer look at the universe and we find It is reborn any given moment in time. With the help of a... More > five dimensional coordinate system we discover recessional velocity v is not absolute meaning everywhere the same, but relative which means being a function of location within the structure of our Galaxy stretching from v = c the speed of light in 4-D and where matter is condensed of Light, to v = -c also known as a "Black Hole". Matter is condensation of Radiation through a process of "Onestonian Energy Transformation" (E = mc squared). This is an ongoing process. It makes no sense measuring a fast expanding "cloud" and then claiming its expansionary rate to be true for us on earth where we enjoy maximum universal expansion at zero velocity, upsetting everyone. "Space-time modulation" is discussed as a means of instant communication between inner-galactic solar and/or planetary systems.< Less

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