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The Sinovial Gaze - The Art of Alessandro Fantini By Alessandro Fantini
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The Sinovial Gaze-The Art of Alessandro Fantini embodies the first attempt at gathering more than a decade of creative and hallucinative experiences lived by the “multimedianic” artist... More > Alessandro Fantini in a unique visual ride along more than one hundred luxuriant color illustrations. The book depicts the progression of Fantini's quest for the medianic rendition of his most inner pulsions and visions. Since the early 90s, with the discovery of the oil painting and the surrealist concepts, his artworks highlight a turbulent tension towards the cinematic and narrative syntaxes that will soon led him to deal with shortmovies, novels, comics, videoart and music languages. The book is structured into three sections which explore chronologically the pictorial and graphic dimensions of his visionary craftsmanship. Comments and notes by the artist himself, Jean Michel Jarre, Charles de Lauzirika, Claudio Castellini, Lorenzo Fantini.< Less
Dragon Lore IX - Gazing into the Fire By Martina Leslie
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Short stories and artwork by Saginaw Arts and Sciences Academy 8th grade students.
Icon Gazing and Sacred Image Meditation By John Stangle & Jeanine Kavanaugh
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Enter into an ancient method of meditation and prayer using sacred icons and sacred images as has been done since the beginning of the Christian Church. Icons and sacred images are said to... More > be,"windows into heaven".< Less
Deeper Prayer Through Sacred Image and Icon Gazing By John Stangle
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Enter the, "window into heaven" by using sacred images and icons for centering prayer and focusing on the Divine.
Madding Mission "Foucault Liked To Gaze" Jotter Book By DESMOND KON
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“Foucault Liked To Gaze” is a Madding Mission Jotter Book. Created by Desmond Kon Zhicheng-Mingdé, the Madding Mission Series encourages hypergraphia. It thinks Plath writes... More > awesome poems. Plath should have met Dickinson. Dylan Thomas too. Shelley. Poe. Lord Byron. Artaud and Baudelaire. Who can forget Hart Crane? Versus Eliot. John Berryman and Robert Lowell, who knew they joined these ranks? And of course, Celan. Whitman, whose “right hand points to landscapes of continents, and a plain public road…. Perhaps it is everywhere on water and on land.” Together they would write great things, Plath thinks out loud, to no one in particular. She has brought her pen to paper. There is madness in the method, and sometimes a little bit or a whole lot of genius too.< Less
REM Gaze:Mindscapes - Photography & Words By Saulo Aroca
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An experiment on visual narrative. Combining the perks of creative writing (from common narrative to poetry) and original photographs taken on several parts of the world, in order to create an... More > experience of a different kind.< Less
Practical Psychomancy and Crystal Gazing: A Course of Lessons on 
the Psychic Phenomena of Distant Sensing, Clairvoyance, Psychometry, Crystal Gazing, Etc. By William Walker Atkinson
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"New Thought" adherents at the turn of the 20th century vehemently believed they could tap into latent and mysterious mental powers, and one of the most influential thinkers of this early... More > "New Age" philosophy offers here, in this delightfully weird 1908 work, a crash course in this benign and useful magic. You'll discover.. how to see through solid objects. how to diagnose hidden disease. how to peek into a person's secret history. how to travel by astral projection. how to see into the past. and more.< Less
Practical Psychic Training: Psychometry, Intuition, Clairvoyance, Psychomancy, and Crystal Gazing Revealed By William Atkinson
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Practical Instructions for: Sensing objects by the Astral Senses. The Astral Tube. Projection of the Astral Body. The Dawn of the Psychic Faculties. Auric Colors. Visions. Development Methods. The... More > Magic Mirror. How to use the Crystal and Mirror. Simple and Space Psychomancy and their differences. Sensitivity to Impressions. “Feeling” the Thought of Others. Seeing Through Solid Objects. Fundamental principle of Psychic Communication. Locating persons by a lock of hair, etc. Reading a person’s characteristics, past history, etc. Describing distant scenes from flowers, etc. Describing mines from bits of minerals, etc. Reading the past associations of an object. Directions of “How to Do It,” Reading the Future. Future events cast their shadows before. Destiny and Fate. Premonitions, Pervisions and Second Sight... and more - inside.< Less
Materia: Solide, Lichide, Gaze, Plasma - Fenomenologie By Nicolae Sfetcu
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O perspectivă contemporană asupra materiei, care ia în considerare toate entităţile ştiinţifice observabile, cu accent pe fenomene. În principiu,... More > definiţia materiei se limitează la astfel de entităţi explorate de fizică. În funcţie de condiţiile termodinamice diferite, cum ar fi temperatura şi presiunea, materia poate exista în diferite “faze”, cele mai familiare fiind cele de solid, lichid, şi gaz. Alte faze pot fi cele de plasmă, superfluid, şi condensat Bose-Einstein. Atunci când materia trece dintr-o fază în alta, este supusă la ceea ce este cunoscut ca tranziţie de fază, un fenomen studiat în termodinamică.< Less
The Musée du Quai Branly: A real change of gaze over non-Western arts? By Walace Rodrigues
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This is my MA Thesis submitted to the Department of Art History of the Leiden University in partial fulfilment of the requirements for the degree Master of Arts in Art History. It investigates if the... More > Musée du Quai Branly has contributed to change the way people gaze at non-Western art objects.< Less