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The Whispering Geek By Peter Hulme
eBook (PDF): $1.66
Will sid survive his story or will he be another victim.
Geek Monsters By michael simmons
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I know you wondering as you read the title, what the hell is a geek monster? Well a geek monster is a person who is addicted to drugs, such as crack, cocaine and other man made substance and will do... More > any and everything to get that next hit. As I wonder through this world I have came across many geek monsters and came to realize that everyone of them are different. This story is about five geek monsters in particular, Bill, Cook, Ms B, Sam and Mike. These five folks in my opinion represent the true meaning of Geek Monsters in every aspect. This will be a short story but will stay stuck in your mind forever! So sit back and let me amaze your mind with their stories, this going to be fun and entertaining and perhaps sad to some but insightful to others, enjoy reading or press play< Less
DEAD: The Geeks By TW Brown
Hardcover: $29.95
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This is a compilation of the first three books in the DEAD series: DEAD: The Ugly Beginning, DEAD: Revelations, and DEAD: Fortunes & Failures. Each book also contains close to 10,000 words of... More > additional material requested by YOU...the readers! This special edition allows you to sink into a DEAD world with your favorite people and not be "distracted" by those long absences as other stories intrude and get in the way.< Less
GEEK STORY By Hugo Rozenberg
Paperback: $11.25
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recueil des meilleurs dessins d'humour geek de Hugo Rozenberg, fan entre autres de Star Wars, pour le site SF Unification. Star Wars, Star Trek, Alien, Godzilla, Jurassic Park et nombre d'autres... More > blockbusters sont passés à la moulinette impitoyablement humoristique de Hugo. 99 dessins d'humour pour revisiter la Science-Fiction en se tordant...< Less
Caster's Blog: A Geek Love Story By Marcus Alexander Hart
Paperback: $15.95
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Ray Caster is a regular guy who drew the short stick on life. He works in a miserable office doing a miserable job. He gets no respect from his co-workers. For that matter, he gets no respect from... More > his friends. Caster's existence is one pathetic downward spiral of TiVo and fast food until the day his life is turned upside-down by a goddess from an auto parts store. With its snappy, conversational writing style, Caster's Blog captures the comedy and tragedy of geek life from a first-hand perspective. To learn more about Caster's Blog, or to download the entire book as a free PDF, visit< Less
Murloc Soup For The Geek Soul By Mandy Osipenko
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Inspired by a post online, Mandy decided to make a book with submissions from other geeks, as well as her own tales, to help inspire geeks to accept who they are and be awesome. Check out the eBook... More > at and like the Facebook page< Less
Writing Geeks and Doodlebugs By Mrs. Jamison-Wells' 2011-12 Writing Club
Hardcover: $22.68
Prints in 3-5 business days
A book of short stories written by 6th graders in a writing club. The stories range from fantasy to realistic fiction.
Geeks Gone Greek! By Mrs. Jayne's Class, 2011-2012
Paperback: $17.30
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Geeks Gone Greek! Our 4th grade class has been working hard on writing our own narratives using Greek mythological gods, goddesses, and ancient Greek places as our characters and settings. We would... More > like to share these stories with you.< Less
Geeks' Guide to Girls By Kai Davis
Paperback: $8.36
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Kai has always been different. But it was only a couple of years ago that he fully embraced his difference as a true geek. As a 13 year old, Kai started to become interested in girls and then... More > analysed what changes he needed to make as a geek. Geeks' Guide to Girls follows his journey and insights to understanding and talking to the girls in his life. Recognising and appreciating his own AVATAR is the biggest part of his acceptance. The journey to find his AVATAR is both humorous and captivating. Totally surrounded by a non-geek family, Kai shares his real life stories that will help any budding geek cope with the pressures of friendship. May Kai’s force be with you!< Less
Geeks Bearing Gifts By Ted Nelson
Paperback: $19.96
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THE PERFECT GIFT – Whether you love the computer world the way it is, or consider it a nightmare honkytonk prison, you'll giggle and rage at Ted Nelson's telling of computer history, its... More > personalities and infights. Computer movies, music, 3D; the eternal fight between Jobs and Gates; the tangled stories of the Internet and the World Wide Web; all these and more are punchily told in brief chapters on many topics such as The Web Browser Salad, Voting Machines, Google, Web 2.0 and much more. These short stories make great reading – it's a book to dip in and out of. You'll find answers to such questions as "Why do alphabets have upper case, why not numbers?""Why does everything have to be hierarchical on computers? That's not how *my* projects are organized!" "Where did WYSIWYG come from?" The answer will surprise you. Plus, you'll find out why the author, a well-known computer veteran, hopes it can all become much better.< Less