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The Myth of Gender Equality By Drake Shelton
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This book is my diatribe against The Sexual Revolution which was a development but also a reaction to traditional Christian Anthropology. American Feminism began in the Church among Pelagian... More > Christians as a development of the influence of Arminianism in the early 19th Century North. But as Liberalism began to blossom in the early 20th Century with the school of German Rationalism and Higher Criticism of the Bible, the American Feminist movement basically became a wing of International Communism in its efforts to supplant and ultimately annihilate the White Anglo Protestant Male. The errors of Christian asceticism also provided great justification for the Atheist movement. Turn the clock fifty years since The Sexual Revolution, American society is in chaos, the family is a thing of the past, over fifty-five million children have been aborted for mere convenience, Nihilism is rampant and the age of the bitter single mom is here.< Less
Book 15 Bible Translations PB By Kurt Jurgensmeier
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What is the best Bible? Because of the myriad of Bible translations, Christians have wondered which one is best. This question has become especially controversial because the publisher of the most... More > popular translation in the world, the NIV, decided to create a “gender-inclusive” text. Against much popular opinion, we defend the following: • Dynamic “thought-for-thought” translations (NIV, NLT) are superior to more literal “word-for-word” translations (NASB, ESV). • More “literal” Bible translations often fail in a critical part of accurate translation: producing good contemporary English. • The criticisms against dynamic Bible translations are either exaggerations, errors, and/or even slanderous against the word of God. • Gender inclusive language is an improvement in most cases. We also provide a chapter offering some suggestions and commentary regarding the best tools for studying and interpreting Scripture.< Less
Amazons (Book 1): Nadine's Bible By T Lindsey-Billingsley
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There's a popular saying that men are from Mars and women are from Venus. In this pseudo-science fiction reimagining of the Anunnaki myth, nothing could be farther from the truth. The Great... More > Mother created the perfect woman in Her image on Venus, and the Great Father created a perfect man in His image on Mars. When the Great Father and Mother began feuding over their creations... a Gender War began that would alter the galaxy, and all life within it, forever! Regardless of who won the war, the new generation of Gods and Goddesses, led by the Adam and the Eve, would eventually separate themselves, taking rule of Venus and Mars- biding their time to conquer the Earth and it's new lifeforms in the name of their mighty Creator Parents. In the meantime, both sides are forming alliances with that of savage, cold-blooded extraterrestrial species, and desperate human factions, that are power hungry and starving to join the Intergalactic Council.< Less
The Big Issue: Homosexuality and the Bible from a Christian Perspective By Rev. Dr. Stan G. Duncan
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In 2003, the Superior Court of the state of Massachusetts ruled that same-gender marriage was compatible with the state constitution. That decision was earth shattering, especially for churches that... More > traditionally oppose equal rights for gays and lesbians. This collection of articles, essays, and commentaries was written by the Rev. Dr. Stan Duncan following that ruling in an attempt to respond to the many questions raised by parishioners and others about the "biblical" attitude toward homosexuality and same gender marriage. Together they comprise a faithful response to an issue that is bitterly debated within the Christian church today.< Less
The World, the Church or the Bible? - The Position and Purpose for a Woman By Ibiloye Abiodun Christian
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Psychologists say that most women receive their self-image and self-worth from their Father and also their Husband. The affirmations they receive builds them up or tears them down. That is... More > O.K!✔ I have being watching the gender discrimination and the abuse meted out on Women and Womanhood. I was inspired to write on this theme because I am persuaded God wants you to discover His Mind: your purpose and position as a Woman. ☆Who would you believe? God or Man? You are in your World which was created by God not in a Man’s World simply because the Bible says Man was created first and you are to be a helpmate! We are both working for God’s purpose, complete in Him - being a Man and being a Woman. "The brain of a human is not located in the muscles; so women don't need to be muscular like men, in order to be wise, be a leader or to be professionally competent." ▶A Man should be manly, a Woman should be Womanly!< Less
The Female Preacher By Peculiar Medinus
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This book declares towering and timeless truths in a fluid manner not common with other books on women. This writing does not only celebrate the past achievements and nobility of women in bible days... More > and our time, it also provides an in-depth exposition of the challenges and barriers that afflict the feminine gender all over the world today. It provides several solutions and great hope for tomorrow. I wholeheartedly recommend this book to all, especially to women in ministry, in the business world, and those in politics because they play significant roles as change catalysts. Welcome to Peculiar's world of wonderful women and make your womb the king's domain!< Less
Women and Evangelism By Meme Spearman
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Women learning the components of gender specific evangelism.
In The Image of God By Jenny Baker
eBook (PDF): $3.92
Eight sessions for a group to explore what the bible says about men and women.
In The Image of God By Jenny Baker
Paperback: $8.82
Prints in 3-5 business days
Eight sessions for a group to explore what the bible says about men and women.
Conversation Magazine Issue 5 By iServe Africa
eBook (PDF): $3.04
Starting Conversations. Getting back to the Bible. Rethinking life and ministry in light of the gospel. Issue 5: "Gaining the world, losing the soul: How the prosperity gospel compromises... More > missions< Less

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