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She nursed through her nose. She spit up at (and hit bugs). And as infant Judy grew up, ohmygod!!! Exlax in the communion juice, cooking Barbie, a pet turdle,discovering her gender, etc. ... More > Creativity! Where does it come from? How do the parents, teachers, even scientific professionals deal with it so that potentials aren't suppressed. But also so those dealing with the ultra-creatives aren't driven up the wall by the off-the-deep-end things their kids do. There's serious subject matter in this tome (especially the final "speeches"). But the plain preposterousness prior presented should be beneficial. Laughter is not only good medicine -- but also great therapy!!< Less
Reading and Berks Hispanic Center and Latino Community Study By Lillian Escobar-Haskins & George F. Haskins
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This document is a study of the Hispanic Center of Reading and Berks County, PA and the role it serves. It presents a profile of the Latino community in Berks County, a historical overview, and... More > analyses of its major issues and concerns. However, it is primarily a study that focuses on the Hispanic Center of Reading and Berks and how this organization can best serve the Latino community. The study was commissioned by the Wyomissing Foundation of Berks County, Inc.< Less
The Kybalion: A Study of the Hermetic Philosophy of Ancient Egypt and Greece By Three Initiates
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This concise work on 'The Hermetic Philosophy' outlines seven universal principles: Mentalism, Correspondence, Vibration, Polarity, Rhythm, Cause and Effect, and Gender. Rather than the actual... More > Kybalion, this is purportedly an exegesis on that text. While this was probably one of the books which William Walker Atikinson wrote for the Yogi Publication Society under a pseudonym, it probably bears a closer read than most.< Less
African International Journal of Contemporary Studies in Humanities and Social Science By GMT EMEZUE & MAURICE P. KANGEL
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AIJCSHSS Journals are special-focus book editions that challenge scholars to address current issues in Africa in new innovative ways. In this edition entitled “Gender and Governance,”... More > the journal boasts of two subsections “Gender” and “Governance” where many scholarly papers from Humanities and Social Sciences address contemporary issues in Africa from this foci. Thus all the selected essays in this edition interrogate ideas, issues and practices that address issues of “Gender” and “Governance” in Africa and African Diaspora from various field of scholarship especially the Humanities and Social Sciences.< Less
Stereotypes in Organizations: A Study of African American Women in Organizational Leadership and the Glass Ceiling By Dr. Natalie Montague
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Inquiry implies that although women have evolved in their depiction in organizational and leadership management positions and roles, especially in three different North Carolina State governmental... More > agencies, they are still subject to gender inequality (Cohen & Huffman, 2003; Gazso, 2004;). For African American women, they are further imperiled to race and class inequalities. The purported research is envisioned to investigate and distinguish the distinctive individual and professional interpretations and occurrences of 18 African American women that are in managerial or leadership roles in North Carolina state government working in a White, male-dominated culture. The study will broaden and engage conversations about gender inequality and ascertain whether these African American, working in such an environment and culture, agree in their perceptions of inequalities and how it correlates to the low representation in managerial and leadership positions within their respective organizations.< Less
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Kurdish Studies, Volume 6, Issue 1 - May 2018 By Transnational Press London
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Volume 6 No 1, May 2018. SPECIAL ISSUE: Theorising women and war in Kurdistan Edited by Nazand Begikhani, Wendelmoet Hamelink, Nerina Weiss Editorial Martin van Bruinessen Theorising women and... More > war in Kurdistan: A feminist and critical perspective Nazand Begikhani, Wendelmoet Hamelink, Nerina Weiss The representation of post-conflict gender violence in Iraqi Kurdish novelistic discourse in Bahdinan Lolav M. Hassan Alhamid Reading and feeling gender in perpetrator graffiti and photography in Turkey Beja Protner Saving the survivors: Yezidi women, Islamic State and the German Admissions Programme Thomas McGee Building brand Kurdistan: Helly Luv, the gender of nationhood, and the War on Terror Nicholas S. Glastonbury Mother-activism before the European Court of Human Rights: Gender sensitivity towards Kurdish mothers and wives in enforced disappearance cases Maja Davidovic< Less
Kurdish Studies, Volume 2, Issue 2 - October 2014 By Transnational Press London
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Kurdish Studies seeks to advance knowledge and contribute to the debates in Kurdish Studies. Kurdish Studies is an interdisciplinary and peer-reviewed journal dedicated to publishing high quality... More > research and scholarship. The Kurdish Studies journal is initiated by members of the Kurdish Studies Network (KSN) and supported by a large group of academics from different disciplines. The journal aims to revitalise and reorient research, scholarship and debates in the field of Kurdish studies in a multidisciplinary fashion covering a wide range of topics including, but not limited to, economics, history, society, gender, minorities, politics, health, law, environment, language, media, culture, arts, and education.< Less
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At the time of independence in 1947, India inherited an educational system which was not only quantitatively small but was also characterized by striking regional, ethical and structural imbalances.... More > Only very small population was literate and a child out of three had been enrolled in primary school. The levels of enrolment and extent of literacy were compounded by acute regional and gender disparities. Recognizing that education is being vitall component in a personality development process, the reform and restructuring of the educational system was needed as an important area of state intervention. Accordingly universal education for all children in the age group 6-14 was provided with a precisely defined and delineated frame work in the Indian constitution as well as in successive five year plans.< Less
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The present study is intended to find out the difference in level of adjustment, if between the people practicing love marriage and arrange marriage. The people practicing love marriage and the one... More > who chooses their partner they while the people practicing arrange marriage are the one who chooses their partner by accepting the parental and societal opinion. The major objective of the study was to know the level of adjustment among the people practicing love marriage and arrange marriage and to know the level of adjustment among them respective to their gender. The sample for the study comprises of 240 male and female residing in PANCHMAHALS district which involves 120 male and 120 female where 120 male and female falls under the category of those practicing love marriage. While the other 120 male and female falls under the category of those practicing arrange marriage.< Less

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